Why You Will Want to Send Your Child To Camp This Summer

Many parents would agree that one of the most important things they can give their child is the support to develop a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Evangelism is most effective among kids…2/3 of born again Christians made that commitment to Christ before their 18th birthday. People who become Christian before their teen years are more likely than those who converted at an older age to remain absolutely committed to their faith.
-Barna Group

Recent history has shown us that simply waiting for our kids to become excited about faith could have an adverse impact. As in the rest of the day to day duties of parenting, we must actively and diligently lead them.

A camp experience is a great opportunity for you child to be excited by the activities and environment they will be exploring faith in. This, can help lead them to becoming excited about the faith they are discovering.

A Christian camp affiliated with the local church is the most commonly identified denominator in a youth making a faith commitment.
-National Protestant youth Survey

Impact 2818 is more than just an activity for kids; it is an encounter based ministry that helps your child discover God as well as build their self-esteem and confidence. Help your child make significant first steps in their relationship with Jesus Christ at camp this summer.