As you consider the spiritual journey you lead your children on, you've no doubt at one time or another considered a camp or retreat experience. These are some of the key components that create the meaningful encounters in the lives of the 3,000 chilren who come to one of our camps.

There is one singular focus that stands over everything else that happens at camp. Your child will have dedicated time that focuses on discovering the story of God's love for them revealed through the sacrifice and life of Jesus Christ. That focus is revealed in obvious places like worship and devotions but also in activities, meal times, walks and more as our team makes use of every imaginable moment.

Camp provides intentional times and places for students to discuss the difficult questions they encounter today; questions of faith, morality, hectic social encounters and the struggles of growing up today. Camp could never take the place of a meaningful conversation with a parent, but it can provide processing opportunities and can model for campers how to engage in healthy relationships, encounters and experiences.

By the time you add sports, a job and relationships to the 7.5 hours of media, there’s not much time left in a day. At camp, students get a break from it all and can look past the fog of a very busy world to pause, listen and discover what God has to say. Even more, they can see that what God says, when applied, gives a way to live their life to its fullest.

At camp, children and youth discover what it means to be known and loved by God. It is in this, that a key sense of self-worth springs forth; this can come to fruit as they discover God’s passion and longing for all of God’s children. Our camps lead and prepare students to live an outward focused life on mission. We are each created with a calling and purpose to be sent into our communities for the transformation of the world.

Our camping model is hinged on a critical relationship to the local church. We exist to serve the church and the people within it. Our campers often experience camp with someone from their local community who is invested in the child for more than the week of camp. What starts at camp is not intended to stay there. The volunteers provide a key link for next steps in their local faith community.

The devoted volunteers and staff who make camp great, are watching out for the kids in every way they can. They prepare activities where safe risks can be taken challenging kids to overcome their limitations. This team stands for the children, ensuring safe social environments that protect the unique way God made each child. Encouraging and affirming approaches surround the spiritual decisions every child makes; we understand that God has a timeline for each person’s life and sometimes we only serve to sow seeds.

Paintball, Zip Lines, Giant Swings, Ga-Ga Pits, Blobs, High Ropes Courses, Climbing Walls, Obstacle Courses and more... These features help get kids to camp, but that’s not their design. Every activity fills a programmatic purpose in a camper’s journey. Some activities strengthen community, others empower students to break their barriers, some teach physical skills and others uncover and strengthen character. Some spaces even exist to remind children that they are just; we encourage free and spirited play. In short, it is about more than just fun.

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