Sharing Christ With Young Campers

Counselors at Camp Lakewood use their personal talents to minister to campers

Camp Lakewood - Megan Blessinger is dreading the day she can’t spend a week of her summer at Camp Lakewood. For eight years, Lakewood has been her place to disconnect from the world and reconnect with God, all while intentionally serving everyone around her. After one year on staff and seven years as a counselor, 23-year-old Megan cherishes being a part of the ministry at Lakewood.

“I have always felt that camp gives you an opportunity that you have nowhere else in the world,” Megan said. “I love the atmosphere, and I’m able to devote time out of my summer to serve at camp.”

[![DSC01457](,w_300/v1423286627/DSC01457_zfcpcj.jpg)]( (far left) with a group of campers at Camp Lakewood.
Megan loves kids and is able to use her strengths as a behavioral therapist to reach out to the children most in need at camp. Normally, the counselor spends the week with ten or so campers, taking care of the cabin group. Last summer, however, Megan was a “floating” counselor, and spent time with campers who needed one-on-one attention.

“I’ve had to rely on God to show me where I need to be placed, when someone needs me in a specific spot,” Megan said. “If I see someone crying, even if I don’t know what cabin they’re in, I’m going to go hang out with them.”

Camp provides a safe place for young campers to interact and learn some of their first lessons about Christ’s love. Megan and many other returning counselors know the importance of these camp experiences, and spend the week showing campers what Christ’s love looks like.

“It’s all about the seeds. It’s continually brought up that we’re planting seeds in these campers,” Megan said. “You can see the seeds planted around, and you just have to have faith in God that when they go home, those seeds will foster into something greater.”

Megan knows she gains as much from the camping experience as the campers do, and is encouraged by the Christ-centered atmosphere just as they are.

[![IMG_0237](,w_300/v1423286628/IMG_0237_rths5r.jpg)]( (front, center) with a group of counselors at Camp Lakewood.
“It’s such a safe atmosphere and they’re continually being poured into,” Megan said. “I think that’s what draws me back, too, because I feel poured into just as much as the kids feel poured into.”

Camp has grown Megan’s faith in many ways, the most notable being her ability to trust fully in the Lord. As she teaches the campers to trust in God, she’s continually reminding herself of His goodness and the perfection of His plan for her life.

“It all comes back to trusting Him and I think it’s that break down that has made me trust in Him more,” Megan said. “My faith is continually being pulled and flexed and different things in order to perfect it to be what He wants it to be.”

As Megan serves at Camp Lakewood, she sees over and over again the way Christ is moving in the campers’ lives. Each summer, it’s obvious to her that camp holds a special place in the hearts of many people.

“It’s contagious,” Megan said. “It’s the rippling affect, and it reaches those who need to be reached most.”