Review - Ghost (not the movie)

You may or may not have noticed, depends how long you've been hanging around here or how long it's been since you last visited the BestPartOf.Camp, that we've switched our design. Well we've switched a lot more than just design.

Welcome to our Ghost blog.

Previously we were using Wordpress to host the camp journals. It was functional but occasionally caused our server to crash. Under high load times, it was a daily failure point. This fall we spent some time digging around for a new solution.

  • Stable
  • Simplistic but elegant (think google)
  • Functional without being burdensome (light)
  • User Friendly
  • Author Friendly (pro's & beginners)

I think we found everything we needed right here.

  • I love markdown as opposed to short codes or html
  • The writing space is very clean and I feel more confident about the WYSIWIG preview than in Wordpress.
  • The theme we integrated from Sunflower Theme was great. There was a brief learning curve on that implementation but I set it up in just a few hours.
  • Ghost's support info was really helpful moving everything over from Wordpress.

I would completely recommend Ghost if you're looking for a new blogging platform. I feel like it really allows us to focus on content and the user instead of the platform.

Final thought, when I hit a glitch in my process, their email support was great and responsive.