Pine Creek Camp - Primary Mini - June 21-23 (2015)

Camp Photo Gallery

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End of Week Video

Thank you parents for letting us entertain your kids for a couple days! We had so much fun and learned a lot. Here is the video showcasing what all went on this week at Pine Creek! Enjoy!

###Splash & Sing This afternoon at the pool the campers sang songs as they swam! What a fun time it was! ###Climb Away! This morning a group of our campers took on the climbing wall. They did great! See more photos [here](! ![](/content/images/2015/06/_MG_1520.jpg)

Just a Head's Up

Today the Indiana Sheriff's Association Youth Leadership Camp is arriving to Pine Creek. We are so excited for them to be using our camp for this event! This event means, though, that there will be lots of police and emergency vehicles on site. We are letting you know this so that there are no concerns when you arrive this evening to pick up your campers!

Big Things

This morning at worship, the campers heard the story of David and Goliath. David was the youngest and smallest in his family, but had the largest amount of courage. David faced the giant by himself and was victorious.
The campers were challenged to come up with a time when they thought there was something they couldn't do, but accomplished anyway.
"Dear God, thank you for helping us do big things and accomplish big tasks. Amen."

This morning campers sang some new songs and some favorites:
The Butterfly Song
Happy All the Time
Hallelujah, Praise He the Lord
Awesome God

Godly Service

This evening at worship, we continued our theme of Godly service.
A couple of the songs we sang this evening were:
"Father, I Adore You"
"The Butterfly Song"

We reflected back to David and his harp. Saul was struggling when David came to play his harp for him. David's playing was calming to Saul because David had the Lord with him, just as we have the Lord with us. God wants to be with all of us and help us to use our gifts to help Him.

Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

After our dinner cookout, the kids got to play a fun and exciting game of Duck, Duck, Goose! Everyone seemed to love this classic camp game!


This morning two of our girl cabins got to trudge through the muddy creek hike. They came out filthy! No worries, though, they slipped on down the slip n' slide afterwards to rinse off before heading back to their cabins for showers! See more photos here!

Morning Worship

This morning the kids were introduced to their theme of the day, Godly service.
The campers sang more fun worship songs:
"I will Dance"
"This is the Day the Lord has Made"
"I've got a River of Life Flowing out of Me"
"Thank you for making me, me!"

Our theme of Godly service challenged the campers to think of what their gifts are. God has given all of us lots of special gifts, it is our job to figure out how we can use them for the benefit of others. In the story this morning, David used his talent of playing the harp to benefit the king, Saul.
Bible Verse:
"He will bless those who fear the Lord- small and great alike." (Psalm 115:13)

Hello, Parents!

Here's a little update from Ryan Gernand about what your campers are learning about today.

![](/content/images/2015/06/sunday-monday-3.png) ###A Message to Parents! We are sorry that some of your gallery codes are not working. It seems some of them were written incorrectly. If you are having trouble logging in try using the number "2" instead of the letter "Z". If you are still having trouble give us a call! Check out our gallery [here.]( ![](/content/images/2015/06/_MG_1155.jpg) ###Worship This evening at worship the campers gathered around to sing some silly songs to praise Jesus. Throughout the next couple days the campers will learn about the book of Samuel. Tonight we talked a little bit about David and our spiritual gifts. ###Evening Activities After a delicious dinner of corn dogs and fries, the campers headed off to their first official camp activity: swim tests. The campers did great! Many of them tried even though they were afraid and ALL of them got in the water! After the campers dry off they will head to worship. Click [here]( to see more photos!! ![](/content/images/2015/06/_MG_1123.jpg) ##Welcome Campers! The campers are all here and settling in with their cabin groups! We are so excited to have them with us the next couple of days. Keep checking back for updates on what is going on here at Pine Creek Camp!