Pine Creek Camp - Primary Express - June 5-7 (2016)

Camp Photo Gallery

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Horses galore

Today all our campers get to experience the thrill of riding a horse. We will show them how to groom, saddle, lead, and ride all in one day! They are all really excited!

Other then horses today the boys get to go on Jacobs ladder and the girls are taking a trip down the muddy creek...who will come out the cleanest!

Morning routine

After another wonderful meal we went off to worship again, and this time we were a bit early... So we got to play games!!

Then we got to hear about how God is not the only one who can be a superhero. Everyday people are superheros, and you can be one too!

After Dinner

Everyday after our wonderfully prepared meal our counselors get a break and our staff get to play games with the campers. Today we broke our the shaving cream!

For evening worship today we continued the theme of God being our superhero, and told the story of the blind man.

What happens after nap time...

Following or daily scheduled BOB time (body on bunk) everyone takes a trip to the pool for some swim time.

Then comes afternoon rotation! Today it was "Redneck Paintball". Where our campers will have a baggie full of cotton balls mikes with paint and get to throw them at each other. We get to play games like capture the flag and save the president.

Morning fun

For our first rotation of the day our "Supergirls" faced Jacob's Ladder, the towering rock wall. While our "Superfriends" (the boys) took a trip down the muddy creek.

During our in-between times, the campers go to what we call Rec Zone. It is a collections of different games they can play together including GaGa Ball and 9 square.

Words from our Director

Evening Worship

For our first worship together we learned all about how God is a superhero and protects us. The kids are now off to their evening cabin devotions as they begin to uncover who God is in their life.

Fun and Games

Today has been a busy day for your campers. We played games and made crafts in the Ark had a wonderful dinner and completed our swim tests for the week.

Welcome to Camp!

We are so excited for all that is going to happen this week! We have so many fun activities planned. There will be some great worship times. Your kids will have such an excellent experience here!