Pine Creek Camp - Mini Camp - July 5-7 (2017)

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End of the Week Video!

We can't believe it's the last day of Mini Camp! We started off this morning with a pancake breakfast! The campers then had morning worship, where they learned about Jesus' story of the wise man and the foolish man who each built a house, but chose differently on where to build it. The wise man chose to build his foundation on the rock, and his house remained strong. Likewise, if we build the foundation of our lives on the Lord and His teachings, we will remain strong even when storms rage around us.

Afterwards, campers went back to their cabins to pack up and tidy up.

We had our morning rotation again: half at archery and the other half at the rock wall. We had several campers make it to the top today!

Next we had lunch, which was a chicken patty sandwich with potato chips and grapes! Rumor is we're having pizza for supper...

After lunch, campers did some final packing/clean up, and then headed to the pool for some much needed swimming!

We've now started afternoon rotations: horseback riding and zorbing! Crazy to think - only a few more hours left of camp! We've had a really good time, but we're also excited to see you at the celebration tonight!

Hello family and friends! Our second day of Mini Camp has gone great so far! We started our day with a tasty breakfast of eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns. After that, the campers went to morning worship at the Ark, where they talked about the fruits of the spirit and how it's so important for us as believers to be connected with other believers.

After worship, we had our first rotation of the day. Half of our campers went to Jacob's Ladder, our climbing wall, to attempt to make it to the top!

The other half went to archery!

Next we had some free time in the Rec Zone before heading into the dining hall for chicken nuggets, carrots, and french fries!

After lunch we had BOB time: Body On Bunk! Everybody had pool time, and then the campers split up to do rotations of horseback riding and zorbing, otherwise known as playing with giant hamster balls!

For dinner, we had baked ziti (similar to lasagna), salad, garlic bread, and chocolate pudding!

After dinner, the staff lead Cabin Olympics, where each cabin took part in a footrace, Gaga ball game, and volleyball game! Boulder Bluff 2 was the winning cabin!

After a little bit of free time, the campers went to worship, and then they went back to their cabins for snack (pretzels) and showers. They are now snuggled in for the night, resting for another busy day tomorrow!

Due to technological difficulties, we don't have any more photos to post tonight, but please know that your kiddos are safe, happy, healthy, tired, and excited to see you tomorrow! We can't wait to show you more of what we've been up to!


Our awesome campers rolled in from 3-4 today, and we are so happy they are here! They hung out in the Ark after check-in and got acquainted with each other and their counselors, then moved into their cabins.

Next on the schedule was dinner! We had our cookout tonight, where we roasted hot dogs and s'mores over the fire! Yummy!

Next we changed and got ready for pool time, where we did our swim tests and hung out.

Afterwards, we took a quick group photo, which we'll post on our photo gallery shortly, and then went to worship. Tonight we talked about earthly treasures vs. heavenly treasures and referred to Colossians 3:2:

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

To emphasize the lesson, the campers participated in a treasure hunt for play money and chocolate, and then later decorated a treasure chest.

Afterwards, campers split up into their cabins for devotionals, then had snack and headed back to their cabins for the night!

We have such a fun day planned for tomorrow; we can't wait to see what God has in store for this week! Check back later for more updates!