Pine Creek Camp - Middle School - June 7-12 (2015)

Camp Photo Gallery

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Bye, Campers!

It was such a fun week with your campers here! We are sad to see them go, but are hoping the rest of their summers are great! It was encouraging to see Jesus working in their lives and we pray that continues on throughout the year.

###Packing up! After a scrumptious meal of corn dogs, baked beans, and fruit loop treats, the campers headed to their cabins to clean up and pack up. Then it's off to the pool one last time! ### One Big Family! It is the campers' last day here at Pine Creek and we are sad to see them go. They have been a great first group of campers! Over the week we have become a big family and grown very close. ![](/content/images/2015/06/_MG_0451.jpg) ![](/content/images/2015/06/thursday-friday-1.png) ##SMACK! The male counselors promised their campers that they would do belly flops during swim time today! They went through with their promise! ![](/content/images/2015/06/_MG_1004.jpg)

Slip N Slide

This morning the girls of Boulder Bluff 1 trudged through the Muddy Creek trail and ended up at the slip n slide!

![](/content/images/2015/06/wednesday-thursday.png) ###A Time to Reflect Tonight at worship, the campers went around to different stations to reflect on different Godly victories. There was a station to reflect on God's creation victories, His victories within the campers, and just overall looking at how victorious God is. ![](/content/images/2015/06/_MG_0886.jpg)

Arm Wrestling

Here's a quick video of how some of our boys spend their free time!

Greeting from Ben & Glen

Godly Victory

This morning during worship, the campers looked at Luke 4:1-13. This story is about Jesus having a victory over temptation. As Glen read the scripture, a group of students acted it out. Worship this morning ended with another example skit done by the counselors.
Songs this morning were:
God's Not Dead
Trading My Sorrows


A cabin of girls got to do the zip line yesterday, but today a rowdy cabin of boys zipped across camp! Click here to check out more photos!

Good Morning from Ben

Godly Service

This morning, Director Glen talked to the campers at worship about Godly service. They looked at James 2 in the Bible. Campers were challenged to see what services they could accomplish today.
Our worship songs this morning were:
Build Your Kingdom
Happy Day

Worshipping at Camp

Tonight we are encouraging campers to come into worship with a spiritual mindset. We are asking them to calm down and really focus on what is happening.
Tonight, counsellor Kory is recapping the day's theme and scripture.
God had plans for Jesus even as a young child. We are learning what Jesus' gifts were and what our gifts are. With our gifts we are learning how God plans to use those.


After lunch, the campers made up their swim tests and then had enough time to play in the pool! There was plenty of splashing and laughing to go around!

Zip line!

Boulder Bluff 1 cabin got to be the first to test out the zip line!

A Message from Director Glen

Morning Worship

Starting our morning off by singing:
Trading My Sorrows
Come thou Font

This morning, Director Glen is talking to the campers!
Our theme, Diary of a Godly Kid, is being introduced through a fun skit put on by counsellors and Glen!
The scripture we are looking at this morning is 1 Samual 16:6-13.
Today's focus is Godly plans. How did God use David for His plans?

To close out worship we are singing one last song!
All the People Said Amen by: Matt Maher

First Worship!

Starting off our first night of camp worship with some great songs!

Build Your Kingdom by: Rend Collective Experiment
Be Thou My Vision
All the People Said Amen by: Matt Maher

Ben Cassiday is speaking to the campers this evening and kicking off camp!
The campers are learning about all of the fun activities that will be happening this week! How will we be able to find Jesus through all of that? Our challenge this week is exactly that.
Finding friends, change and encouragement this week is possible as long as we are willing to do it!

Enjoying the bits of Ben's humor he is using to keep the campers engaged. We are learning that everyone has stories and at camp all of those stories can come together. Wow! Ben has planted a great thought in these campers' head that we are all given the opportunity to share our stories with each other throughout the week!

This week we are focusing on the story of David in 1 & 2 Samuel and the story of Jesus.
Ben is encouraging everyone this week to really utilize their Bible, to mark it up and truly study the word.

Rainy Day Fun!

Our plans changed quickly with the weather rolling in, but no worries there is no short of fun to be had. The campers are learning a new game: Human Foosball. Watch the video to find out what that's about!

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Welcome Campers!

We are so excited to have your campers here with us for the week! The campers have had a little time to unpack and eat a scrumptious dinner prepared by our awesome kitchen staff! Next up are swim tests!