Pine Creek Camp - Middle School - July 14-19 (2013)

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Event Journal


End of the Week Video

Here’s the video from the celebration ceremony this evening. Thanks to everyone who was involved in making this camp a truly wonderful experience. We hope to see you next year! :D

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Today’s the last day of camp! We’re sad that campers are leaving today but also joyful that they were here for the week and got to experience some amazing things! This morning at worship, down by the pool, the campers all got their feet washed by the counselors and directors.

Here’s a bit more on the plan for today:


Redneck Paintball

After worship the campers got to go out into the woods around camp and play some “Redneck Paintball.” The rules are simple; each camper gets five cotton balls dipped in paint that they throw at the other team which has cotton balls of a different color. The game ended with a round of, “Capture the Chicken,” where the blue team successfully entered the red team’s base and grabbed their rubber chicken, returning it to the blue base. Yeehaw! :D


Holy Communion

Tonight the campers met for worship in the Ark in order to get out of the heat and cool off while listening to the story of the Last Supper.


Camp Director Glen shared with them the passage of Jesus’s last Passover feast with his disciples in which He cleansed their feet to show how much He loved each and every one of them.

After the feet washing Jesus took the bread from the meal and proclaimed,

Take, eat; this is my body.

After the disciples had eaten He picked up the cup and said,

Drink from it, all of you; for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. I tell you, I will never again drink of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.

Finally after this message was delivered to the campers, they got to take part in holy communion and commit their lives to Christ. For some it was re-commitment, for others it was their first experience giving their life over to Jesus.

Slip n Slide

Campers are staying cool this afternoon on this hot day by slipping and sliding their way down the camel back hills at Pine Creek Camp. Check out the gallery for more!


Horseback Riding

Hickory Hill girls were delighted to not only ride horses this morning, but also learn a little bit more about horses and grooming. More photos in the gallery! :D




The Story of Jesus

The story of Jesus is what we’ll be focusing on today at camp. Tonight is commitment night so everyone here is doing their best to make this a powerful and life-changing worship experience for these kids.

Camp Director Glen has more.


Prayer Pathway

Tonight for evening worship the kids went on a little field trip around camp, reading from God’s word. In Matthew 13 we see the parable of the sower where Jesus tells a crowd about a farmer who plants seeds on different kinds of terrain. The campers followed Director Andrew down a path before stopping and reading about the first location where the farmer tried planting seeds: a pathway. But the seeds were trodden down and birds came and ate them.

Next as the campers walked over the driveway, Andrew told them about how the farmer tried planting the seeds on rocky terrain, but they dried up and died.


Then the campers walked by tall weeds and they learned that the third place the farmer tried planting his seed was in the weeds, but the weeds choked the seeds and kept them from growing up. Finally, the campers met in the grass by the play field and heard about the one place where the crop successfully grew up, in the soft grassy soil. This was the place where God can best touch a person’s heart. To close worship, Andrew had all the kids circle up and hold hands, and each of them prayed to God about where they were spiritually, what their “soil” was like.


We’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Big Pine Creek

Muddy Creek connects to Big Pine Creek, which runs along the northern edge of camp. Today some campers tubed their way down an exceptionally Lazy River, soaking up some sun and enjoying the great outdoors. The water was the perfect temperature to cool off. This relaxing rotation left plenty of people with a smile on their face and energy to get through the rest of their busy day at camp.



Muddy Creek is appropriately named for the mud that somehow manages to find its way onto campers’ clothing as they walk along the creek :). Boys from Boulder Bluff walked down the Muddy Creek this afternoon which ended in an impromptu mud fight!


The Goliath Swing

Pine Creek Camp is known for its giant swing, nicknamed after the biblical character Goliath. Like Goliath from the Bible, the swing can be a bit scary to most people. However, just like David having faith that God would keep him safe and wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him, the campers have to face their fears and put their faith in Him as well. When the campers do that they get to experience one of the most fun things at camp, and we’re happy to see them tackle such a big scary swing.



Girls from Hickory Hill got to shoot some arrows today and for some it was their very first time. It’s always exciting when we get to introduce kids to something new they’ve never tried before, and they all had a blast!


The Path to Prayer

Centered on prayer, today is going to be an interesting and potentially eye-opening day for some campers. As they discuss how to pray and what it does, campers are going to learn more about God and themselves.

As Andrew explains, tonight the campers will be following a “Prayer Path,” that will teach them about prayer.



Tonight instead of their normal worship, the campers are going around the Ark to different stations designed to get them closer to God’s Love. Each station asks them to perform a simple task; some drawing an image of what love is to them, others involve writing a love letter to God, others are as simple as staring in a mirror and telling themselves that they are loved. The quiet procession of campers is truly captivating here as their hearts are opened up to God.


We’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Serve It Up!

A camper known for making others laugh, Kaidyn wanted this picture to be forever memorialized on Pine Creek Camp’s blog. We’re honored to share it with you now! :D


Glamour Shots :D

After walking down our Muddy Creek today, some girls decided that they wanted some glamour shots taken :). More photos in the gallery.


Zipping On By!

Before lunchtime plenty of girls from Hickory Hill got to go zipping on down the zip-line! Check it out for yourself!

What Are You Looking At?

Some boys from Boulder Bluff 2 doing their best tough guy impressions.


Loving One Another

Today’s message is centered on Love. As Camp Director Glen explains, they’ve got some pretty special ideas for showing this message tonight at worship.


Why We Shouldn’t Worry

Before the campers got to play Slip n’ Slide kickball, they learned a little about Paul and why we shouldn’t worry. First, the directors showed how worrying can create baggage that weighs us down. All this extra emotional weight makes it hard for us to do the things we want to do, and it keeps us trapped in the same place.


Then the campers learned the story of how Paul got shipwrecked in Acts 27, but how his trust in the Lord saved the crew. Had Paul worried instead of put his faith in God like he did, the outcome may have been very different. The centurion in the story is analogous to us; he’s faced with the choice to either believe in God and what Paul’s saying or give into his fear and do something irrational that might kill him.

Worry weighs us down. It also hurts us and others around us when we make rash decisions because we’re worried. The lesson tonight taught campers to be calm and trust that the Lord our God has everything under control.

Nine Square–In the Air!

One of the very fun games we have at camp is called Nine Square In the Air, which is a combination of 4 square and volleyball. The person in the center serves the ball up in the air where it must clear the bars and fall into someone else’s square who has to either hit it back up and into someone else’s square or else they lose their position. The campers rotate clockwise after each play, starting from the outside and working their way in with the goal being to get to the be the “King,” the person in the middle square who gets to serve every time.


Vertical Challenge and Rock Wall

Trusting the staff and the equipment to keep them safe, campers climbed the rock wall and high ropes course (Vertical Challenge) this afternoon. While some overcame fears bigger than others, everyone exceeded their own expectations and made it higher than they themselves thought they could go. It was great watching them face their fears and be brave enough to overcome them. More photos in the gallery.



Zip Lining

We’re so excited this week for middle school camp because it’s our first Impact camp that can ride the brand new zip line! :D To ride this high adrenaline thrill ride, campers first have to climb up to a 60-feet tall platform, clip their zip line pulley onto the line and then take that very first step off the wooden platform looking down at a 65+ foot fall. Talk about trust!


Horseback Riding

At Pine Creek Camp we take pride in our horses. Thankfully, this also means we get to share our horses with the campers and everyone will get a chance this week to ride one of God’s beautiful creations. This morning, campers from Boulder Bluff got to ride and groom some horses. Check out the gallery for more photos.


Trusting in God

Today the campers are learning about putting their trust in God and freeing themselves from their everyday worries. God has a plan for everyone, and letting go of our worries and following Him is the way to spread God’s love and be the person He wants us to be. Camp Director Andrew tells us more about today.


What Camp Is

At worship tonight the directors Glen and Andrew explained to the campers some things about camp they may not know. For instance, they started with naming off six “campers” that nobody wants to be around, like Debbie Downer and Anxious Annie.


After demonstrating how each of these Negative Nancy’s bring the camp experience down, Andrew told the campers that at camp they are free to let go. In a world concerned with image and appearance (middle school especially), camp is a free zone, away from social constraints and as Andrew said the campers, “need to let go and have fun!”


Reading scripture from the Bible to show two contrasts in beliefs, Andrew told the kids about how Jesus approached a few fishermen and told them to drop their nets and follow him. They willfully obliged, quitting their jobs and becoming disciples of Jesus because they felt that this is what God wanted them to do. However, there’s another story with a slightly different message in Matthew 19:16-24, where a rich young man asks Jesus how he can enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus replies,

If you wish to be perfect, go, sell your possessions, and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.

Unlike the fishermen though, the rich young man hung his head in sadness and walked away. He was more reluctant to follow Jesus, and the story ties in with the campers’ attitudes this week towards camp. They need to let go of their worries and be free, listening to God and hearing what He has in store for them.

We’ll talk to you tomorrow!

Swim Time!

After devouring some delicious cheeseburgers, the campers took their swim tests and got some extra swim time. Check out more photos in the gallery!


Internet Difficulties

Parents, we wanted to let you know that we are having a little trouble with the internet here at Pine Creek. We will be updating the blog as often as we can but ask for your patience as we try to resolve the issue. Thanks!


Campers are on site and getting ready for camp!