Pine Creek Camp - Middle School Impact Camp - July 8-13 (2018)

Camp Photo Gallery

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Wednesday???? Already???

Right?! I can't believe it either. Your kiddos are halfway through the amazing journey that is camp and still loving it. Today we have two of best rotations happening. Tubing (like lazy river but it's a creek) and the Goliath swing. Tubing took an interesting turn during the morning class. The group took a wrong turn and ended up having twice as much fun getting stuck and trying to un-stick themselves from a mud pit that went up to their knees. Lots of shoes were lost and re-found on that 20 minute detour.

Redneck paintball

When all of the campers gather in peace to throw cotton balls covered in soap and paint at each other. The joy, the excitement, the paint!!!

After an hour and a half of running around and throwing balls of soapy paint at each other, all the camper got to go back to their cabins to a cookout waiting for them.


This group of directors does one night a week of what we call stations worship. This type of worship is, you guessed it, different stations that the campers can go to a silently meditate over what the poster says and then partake in whatever action the poster is walking them through. As crazy as it sounds all of the campers walked down to the stations area and maintained a good half hour of silent active worship.



All of the fun-ness is happening here at camp. Today for rotations the campers got to do a little archery here and a little zorbing there. What is zorbing you may ask? Oh's just the most awesome rotation ever!! The campers get to run around in GIANT blow up hamster balls. If that isn't fun enough, the campers that are not in the balls get to run around and push the campers in the balls. What more could a group of kids ask for than to have a safe environment to expend all of their energy.

Rainy day hoopla

It did indeed rain here yesterday which may have postponed our swim time but did not stop our fun in the slightest. Instead of swimming everyone went to the BIG room in the ark and we all played large group games. Human foosball was by far the favorite.

Even though it rained through the afternoon, the evening was plenty clear enough for some evening swim time and more importantly, WORSHIP. The theme for today was what is God is bigger. Bigger than our fears, bigger than our doubts, bigger than everything we can imagine.


Oh my Monday!

The first day in and things are in full swing. Some lucky campers got to start off their week with horse back riding! Other activities included Adventure Ridge, which is our own version of team building activities. What you see in the picture is the "red sea" activity. The campers start at one end of the sea and have to use nothing but the cement blocks in the ground and four 2 by 4's to get to the other end! The trick is that the boards don't connect the two vertical distances away cement blocks.

Apart from regularly scheduled activities the campers still have lots of room for fun. Outside of our dining hall we have an area called Rec zone where our campers hang out when we have in between time. One of the favorite activities in rec zone is 9-square. Which is like four square'll see.....


Evening worship

Every morning and evening the whole camp gathers for worship. The theme this week is beyond belief and God truly is that.

Helllooooo parents

We are less than a day in and already having bundles of fun. As soon as you dropped your campers off into the BIG room they all got to have some free play time. We had basketball, fisbee and uno all going on at the same time. A new way to look at organized chaos.

After all of our campers got here the directors held orientation, the cabins got to get together and introduce themselves. Then each cabin created their cabin poster for the week!