Pine Creek Camp - Middle School Impact Camp - July 16-21 (2017)

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End of the Week Video!

Here's our wrap-up video summarizing our week! Enjoy!

It's Thursday, our last full day of camp! Today started off kind of rainy, but that didn't dampen spirits any! Worship was held in the basement of the dining hall. Today's theme focused on God working through us, so we discussed the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 (or more accurately, 5,000 men plus women and children) using five loaves of bread and two fish.

Some gloomy weather prevented us from going to morning rotations, but it didn't prevent us from having fun! We headed to the Ark, where we played Human Foosball...

...Race to 100...

...and had some free time!

Weather cleared up enough for us to have lunch, squeeze in some BOB time, and head to afternoon rotations: muddy creek-ing/slip'n'slide and tubing!

Instead of having pool time, we squeezed in the rotations we missed earlier, archery and Jacob's Ladder. Next was dinner, then pool time. We closed out the evening with evening worship, where campers were given the opportunity to pray with a counselor/adult.

Campers were also given the opportunity to take communion.

We closed out the day with snack'n'chat, then a late night game of Capture the Flag (with glow-in-the-dark bracelets, of course!)

It's so hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day! We're excited to have a great day tomorrow, but we're also excited to see friends and family tomorrow!


Happy Wednesday! Camp today started off with some silly morning songs and French toast sticks!

Our theme for the day has been Grow With God, so this morning's worship focused on Jesus' parable of the mustard seed, which we acted out, of course!

Jesus told his followers that even if someone has a faith as tiny as a mustard seed, God can still use that person; after all, tiny mustard seeds grow into large mustard plants, and likewise, God can grow our faith and do mighty things through us.

After Cabin Beautiful/cabin devotions, campers headed to morning rotations: horses and Goliath swing!

For some, lunch was chicken sandwiches; others, however, preferred the watermelon!

Afternoon rotations were zorbing...

...and Jacob's ladder!

Our evening schedule was considerably shifted; rather than going to the pool after rotations, campers headed into the woods for redneck paintball!

Click here for before and after pictures!

Afterwards, we had our cookout, where we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and enjoyed each others' company around the fire.

Rather than evening games, campers spent time at the pool after dinner was finished. We then went to evening worship, where Glen shared how he has many spiritual gifts but tends to struggle with doubts and maintaining faith. He described himself as an agnostic growing up, but then related how God worked on his tiny, mustard seed faith to grow him into something bigger. We closed out worship with the very relevant song "Oceans"...

...then finished off the night with snack'n'chat and a game of Ultimate Frisbee!

It's so hard to believe that tomorrow is Thursday! We're starting to feel a little fatigued, but know that campers are being taken care of and will be drinking lots of water tomorrow as temperatures rise! Check back in later for updates!


It's Tuesday!! We started our second day of camp with biscuits and gravy, then moved into morning worship, where we talked about our theme for the day: Build With God. Glen had campers act out an abridged version of numerous Bible stories about building.

Our memory verse of the day is Isaiah 64:8b:

We are the clay, and you are our potter. All of us are the work of your hand.

Next was Cabin Beautiful/cabin devotions, and afterwards we went into morning rotations: horseback riding/barn time and ziplining!

After a yummy lunch of hamburgers, campers headed back to cabins for BOB time! Meanwhile temperatures began to rise, but campers were in luck: both afternoon rotations involved water! Half the campers went muddy creeking (a slosh through a stream followed by time on the slip'n'slide)...

...and the others floated down tubes on our namesake, Pine Creek!

Next was pool time, where some fun water fights, as well as a game of keepaway Frisbee, broke out!

A fried chicken dinner was shortly followed by evening games, which involved some shaving cream fun!

Evening worship was different tonight; rather than sitting and listening to a message, campers were asked to roam between a number of prayer stations, where they were given the opportunity to pray for the needy, friends, family, and themselves, both in traditional and non-traditional ways.

Campers then returned to the dining hall, where we had snack'n'chat. We forewent late night games tonight in favor of resting up for tomorrow; it'll be another busy but great day!


It's our first full day of camp! We started off the morning right with some early morning silly songs and breakfast sandwiches, then moved into morning worship, where we learned about the story of Queen Esther. Our awesome counselors added to the story by acting it out!

Our theme for the day was Imagine With God, and we focused on how Queen Esther used her imagination in order to save her people, the Jews, from facing a terrible, bloody death.

Afterwards, campers headed back to their cabins for cabin devotionals/Cabin Beautiful! Cabin Beautiful is a daily competition that takes place between cabins to see who has the cleanest cabin; directors judge the winner, which is announced at meal time.

Next up was morning rotations: ziplining and Adventure Ridge! We had lots of teamwork occurring at Adventure Ridge, as the group worked together to solve numerous challenges.

Ziplining was also awesome to watch because we had several campers who were intimidated by the tall jump-off platform and yet jumped off anyways!

Lunch was corndogs, then it was off to the cabins for BOB time: Body on Bunk! After resting up, we had our afternoon rotations: zorbing (giant hamster balls)...

...and archery!

Next came pool time, where the campers and counselors got a good game of water volleyball going...

Afterwards was dinner, and then evening games, which are led by the staff. Tonight was wet'n'wacky, so the campers got drenched! We played Drip, Drip, Drop (a wet version of duck, duck, goose)...

...then had a competition between cabin groups to see who could relocate the most splash balls from their kiddy pool, then had dodgeball..

...and finally finished with a free-for-all!

Campers next went to evening worship, where Director Glen and Camp Manager Grant shared examples of scenarios where they've had to be creative, open-minded and imaginative in order to carry out God's will.

Glen works at Purdue University where he ministers to college students, and he shared how he's had to be creative in finding ways to organize and feed volunteers that come out for a massive annual service project. Similarly, Grant shared how he didn't have a directing team for mini-camp that took place here a couple of weeks ago until a youth group offered assistance with camp and eventually became the directing team for the week. Such real-life stories help us see that God has given us imaginations not only to help us out with problems we face, but to bring Him glory.

We closed out the night with snack'n'chat and a late night game of Ultimate Frisbee!

It's been a great first day! Check back in tomorrow for updates!


Our campers are here! We are so excited for the awesome week in store for them!

After saying some happy see-you-laters, campers hung out in the Ark waiting for everyone to arrive. In the meantime, they played a game of elbow tag...

...and Pass the Slap... well as just hung out!

Afterwards, campers quickly moved into their cabins, then took a group picture (which you can see here), and then broke back into cabins to create a cabin covenant for the week.

Dinner tonight was chicken nuggets, then it was off to the pool for swim tests! We had a bit of a delay due to some faraway thunder, but we were able to get everyone in and have some free swim afterwards too!

At worship tonight, Ella opened us with "10,000 Reasons" by Matt Redman. Then, each of the counselors introduced themselves and introduced a "Pine Creek Mantra;" for example, "be yourself," "try new things," and most importantly, "build relationships," both with other people and the Lord. Director Glen brought up how this week is the only point in time when this specific, exact group of people will ever be gathered together, and we're aiming to make the most of our time together. Director Lacie then read from 1 Corinthians 12, a passage in the Bible that compares different believers to the different parts of the body and explains that because no two parts are the same, each has a special unique function and purpose. Likewise, no two believers are alike, and that's okay! We've each been blessed with different gifts, and we should neither abandon our gifts to try and imitate someone else nor discredit the gifts of others.

Campers then had snack'n'chat at the dining hall, then turned in for the night. Tune in tomorrow for more updates!