Pine Creek Camp - Family Camp - July 29-31 (2016)

Camp Photo Gallery

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For our final worship we got to make bracelets. On each bracelet we had to put five different color beads to represent ourselves in Christ. Yellow, because we are all sinners. Black, because we sin we deserve death. Red, because Jesus still loves us even though we sin. Blue, because we have faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. Green, because we believe in him we shall have life.


After dinner we got to do an interesting little evening game! Because it was so hot we decided to go down to the pool again, but this time we had a plan. We all split up into four groups and were tasked with making a boat out of cardboard, trash bags, string and duct tape! The end result was crazy!


Throughout the day the families got to roam around at attend different rotations. Some of the ones we had were archery, the climbing wall, the giant swing, horses and zip line!

Morning Worship

Going with the theme of being intentional, this morning we talked about cell phones, and how they can get in the way. For the craft each family decorated phone boxes in which there phones will go during worship. Or whenever their family wants to be intentional with each other.


Day 1

As our lovely weekend begins so do our activities! Today was all pool time!

Our worship theme this weekend is being an intentional family. Each session will go deeper into what being an intentional family means, which will be followed by a craft.