Pine Creek Camp - Family Camp - July 1-3 (2017)

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Our final breakfast was a sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich! Shortly afterwards, everyone finished packing their things and moved to the Ark for our final celebration. We sang This Little Light of Mine one last time, heard from Pastor Ben, and watched our end-of-the-weekend video. See it for yourself below!

Thank you, family campers, for attending this weekend! We had a blast, and we hope to see you back next year!


Today started off with yummy breakfast casserole and hashbrowns! We then jumped into our second round of wilderness games, where we had to work together in pairs to move volleyballs without using our hands...

...and fight off "mosquitoes" in a variant of freeze tag where "anti-itch solution" is applied to people who have been bitten!

Next we had worship in the Ark led by Pastor Ben; we had several visitors from nearby churches come and join us!

Ben talked about love and reminded us all how important it is for us to love God and love others, the two greatest commandments in the Bible.

We broke for a lunch of brats and potato salad and then had BOB time: Body On Bunk! Having a time to rest allowed campers to refuel for a second round of awesome activities!

Activities offered included pooltime, ziplining, archery, horseback riding, and the giant swing. We had several campers who overcame their fears to try some of the more challenging activities, and we couldn't be more proud of them!

Afterwards, we switched things up and had dinner over the campfire: the classic hot dogs and s'mores!

After dinner, the staff ran water games for the kiddos, and everyone had a blast and got soaking wet - including staff!

Worship was initiated once everyone was once again in dry clothes. Tonight we focused on God's love for us in spite of our sin, or things that separate us from God. His love is so great for us that He was willing to send His son, Jesus, to die for us to take away that separation caused by sin. To remind us of this, we drew hearts on each other's hands; we also each wrote down something we felt had been keeping us apart from God and tossed it in the fire.

After worship, we continued with our Projects With a Purpose; families decorated what will make up the interiors of the lanterns and will be taking their projects home to assemble them there!

Campers then went back to their cabins for family devotionals and have turned in. It's so hard to believe that we only have a few more hours left of Family Camp! It's been a blast!


We are so excited to have our families here for the weekend! After checking in and getting settled into their cabins, our campers enjoyed lunch and had fun at various activities around camp, including swimming, climbing the rock wall, and riding horses!

We had wilderness games at 5:00, where we had to work together as families and act like animals to direct blindfolded kiddos through a "minefield," along with other creature-themed games.

Next was a yummy dinner of tacos! Afterwards, we rolled around in giant hamster balls...

...and then had worship, where we talked about reflecting Jesus' light to others and loving them, even when we're told not to. We also talked about how Jesus served his disciples by washing their feet, and we practiced serving each other by washing each others' hands.

After worship, we began our Projects With a Purpose! The end result will be a beautiful lantern with contributions from each family member.

Having finished devotionals, the campers are now turning in after a long first day. Check back in tomorrow for more updates; see more photos from the weekend here!