Pine Creek Camp - Elementary - June 23-28 (2013)

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End of the Week Video

This week was such a blast! Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible. We hope to see you next summer!

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The word of the day today is Live, as the campers learn about how to live their lives in accordance with God’s will. Just as Paul stood firm in his faith even in the worst of times (Acts 27:1-44), the directors are teaching the kids how to be firm in their faith as they prepare to go home and back to school and see their friends again.

Here’s Director Jenny and Mandi sharing their feelings from this week.

Don’t forget that Celebration is at 6:00 p.m. today. See you soon! :D


What Jesus Did

Today the campers learned all about what Jesus sacrificed so that they could be forgiven of their sins. His death on the cross showed God’s immense love for his people. After Director Jenny explained this profound message to them, they were invited to write one thing that they didn’t like about themselves, or that wasn’t glorifying to God. In Director Jenny’s words, “the yuck,” that they had in their lives. They wrote it on a notecard, then tossed it into the worship fire, and the smoke carried their prayer up to heaven.

It’s been a fantastic week so far. This week the scripture focus has been Colossians 2:2-3 which says,

I want their hearts to be encouraged and united in love, so that they may have all the riches of assured understanding and have the knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ himself, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

We can’t wait to see what God has in store for these campers tomorrow, and we’ll see you at celebration! :)

Goliath in Action

The video below will show you just how cool the giant swing is here, and how much the campers are loving it. Enjoy! :D

Singing Tree

Before each meal this week, campers have gathered beneath the “Singing Tree,” to sing camp songs and laugh with one another. Here’s the Johnny Appleseed Prayer as sung by Pine Creek Campers.

The Vertical Challenge

Our vertical ropes course is possibly the most harrowing rotation at Pine Creek Camp. To get to the top of the 40-feet tall rope ladder and walk across the balance beam takes guts, endurance, and the support of your cabin mates. Each kid that climbed, no matter whether they struggled at 5 feet or 25 feet off the ground, was encouraged by the rest of their cabin and pushed onward towards the top.


Chicken Dance

One of the boys’ cabins, Hickory Hill 1 a.k.a. ‘The Zombie Pirates,” showed up late for breakfast today, and were encouraged to do a little chicken dance for the kitchen staff to “earn” their food. They happily obliged. :)


Today’s Message

Today is all about Jesus, and the love He poured out onto the world. The kids are learning about the great sacrifice Jesus made for them, as well as the story of the Resurrection today.

Here’s Director Jenny with some more info.


The Power of Prayer

Today’s message has been all about prayer, and as the kids were going through their rotations they’ve been learning a little something here and there about it. At evening worship they had a chance to discuss what they had learned from the day. Some campers learned that they could pray for safety or healing, others learned you could pray for other people and don’t always have to tell God what you want. For some today served as a lesson that they don’t always have to pray out loud, sometimes they can pray silently and sometimes God can read their hearts without them having to say or think anything at all.
Tonight at evening worship Director Jenny instructed all the campers in an activity to teach them about prayer. First, each cabin had gotten a cup that was called their “Prayer Pail.”


Then, each camper got a popsicle stick and a marker to write down something that they wanted to pray for, whether it be for safety or a loved one or their friends at camp.

prayerpail 2

Finally, the prayer sticks were put into their cabin’s prayer pail and the cabins all prayed together.


Afterwards, the cabins had the choice to either look at the prayer sticks and pray for each one individually, or leave them in the pail and simply pray over it, asking God to read their hearts and know what to do.


At Pine Creek Camp we have a giant swing nicknamed Goliath to remind us that we have nothing to fear when we put our trust in God. Just as David trusted God to help him topple Goliath, boys and girls trusted God and the staff to keep them safe as they climbed up nearly 50 feet off the ground, being hoisted up by their cabin mates.

Once the campers pull the quick release they experience free fall for just a moment before swinging freely and safely in their harness. The swing is scary just to look at, and scarier when you’re sitting at the top waiting to fall. But once that quick release is pulled, it’s all laughs on the way down.IMG_5671

The Rock Wall

After a delicious spaghetti and meatball lunch the campers took some nap time then headed straight to the rock wall. For some, it was more frightening than others but many campers faced their fears and overcame them by climbing all the way to the top! I’m sure today’s message of Prayer helped them as well! :)


Horses! :D

This morning after breakfast, the boys and girls from Hickory Hill 1 and Iroquois 1 got to ride some of our horses here at Pine Creek. We had plenty of first-time riders as well as a few experienced campers who got to ride. Afterwards, they got to brush the horses and learn a lot about horse care and how much responsibility it takes to have a horse. horseridegirl horsepet horseride

There are plenty more photos of horseback riding in the Photo Gallery, so check it out!

Good Morning!

The storm passed over worship last night as everyone was safely inside the Ark, and while a bit of thunder was heard throughout the night everyone got a fitful night of sleep and is ready to start today with the first opportunity to ride horses and climb the rock wall! :D

Daily Director Video

Here’s Director Mandi filling you in on the message today: Prayer.


Feet Washing

Just as Jesus showed love by washing the disciples feet, last night at worship the directors washed the feet of every camper, counselor and staff member. It was done in complete silence except for I Will Follow playing softly in the background. After the ceremony, the directors asked the campers to look around at everyone in the room and reminded them each of them are loved unconditionally. The counselors and staff are here to shower love on each of them.

Mud Fight!!!

For more from today’s afternoon rotation, check out the Parent Gallery!

Archery and Adventure

Shortly after morning worship, where the campers learned that the focus today is love, they got to play the part of Cupid, shooting arrows into targets and spreading love to one another by being encouraging and supportive of each other.


Good Morning!

Hello everyone! We’re happy to say that most of the storm missed us last night and we had no severe weather at Pine Creek Camp. The campers and staff were all praying for God’s protection and He truly answered our prayers!

Today’s message centers on Love and what it means to love one another as well as love God. The scripture the campers will be reading is John 13:3-11 where the Bible talks about Jesus washing the feet of the disciples, showing his Love for them and for all of humanity.

Here’s Director Jenny explaining what today’s all about.

monday-tuesdayEvening Worship


Focusing on trust and trusting God, last night at worship the campers were told to trust the directors as they held a cup of water over their heads upside down with the only thing keeping the water from splashing all over their heads a small piece of cardboard. Just like Peter didn’t get splashed when he trusted in Jesus and walked on water, the campers stayed dry as well and put their trust in the directors.

Afterwards the cabin did “trust falls,” falling backwards with their eyes closed while the counselors caught them before they could hit the ground. The exercise taught them that while sometimes putting your faith in God is hard and maybe even a little scary, He will always be there to protect you.

We’ll talk to you tomorrow. See ya!

Muddy Creek

At camp we have a small stream that runs into Big Pine Creek that the kids get to walk down, learning about nature and getting plenty muddy as they go.

muddy creek

A few more photos from Muddy Creek as well as the Slip n’ Slide have been uploaded to the gallery. The campers are headed off to dinner currently, which happens to be fried chicken legs! Then it’s off to Evening Games and Evening Worship.

Swim Time!

Campers cooled off in the pool after their hour of B.O.B. time (Body On Bunk). There were some pretty impressive dives and cannonballs, as well as a few perfect form belly flops. Check out the gallery for more. :)


Morning Rotation

The Adventure Trail and Archery were scheduled for today’s morning rotation as campers had a blast encouraging each other on. Trust was key as campers climbed up a cargo net that the rest of their cabin held up for them. You can find a few other things in the photo gallery.


Coming up next is lunch and then some swim time. Yay! :D

The Message Today

Good morning everyone! Today’s the first full day of camp and today is all about trusting God. As it says in Matthew 14:29, “Jesus said, ‘Come.’ So Peter got out of the boat, started walking on water, and came towards Jesus.” When Peter trusted Jesus he was able to accomplish incredible things just as we can today by putting our faith into Him.

Here’s Director Mandi giving you a little scoop of what’s happening today.


Evening Worship


Campers got to meet their directors last night at our new worship area, and they talked about the rules here at camp. Also, the directors showed the campers their “Treasure Map,” that they’ll be following all week to find Jesus the greatest treasure of all! The campers are excited to get started tomorrow with some activities and the counselors and staff are excited to guide them through a fun week of camp.

Campers are here!

We’ve got campers on site now and they’re meeting their counselors for the week. Hopefully some old friendships will be strengthened and some new friendships will form this week as the kids learn and play this week.


Checking In!

Campers and their parents are on their way to camp as we speak! Remember that check-in begins at 3 p.m. today. We’re so excited to meet all of you and for this fun week of camp to start. See you soon! :D