Pine Creek Camp - Elementary - July 7-12 (2013)

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End of the Week Video

Here’s the video from celebration. Enjoy!

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Day Five!

We’re finally here and it seems like it’s come too fast. Parents, a reminder that celebration is at 6 p.m. today and we can’t wait to see you!


The Power of Jesus

Tonight the campers sat around a roaring fire at the new worship area at Pine Creek and learned about  what Jesus did for each one of them. Pastor Kenny showed them how their sins could feel like chains, that held them back and kept them locked in place on Earth.


Each chain represented the temptations the kids face in everyday life, whether lying about homework or being mean to one of their friends. But, as Kenny chained up Brenner, a counselor from Hickory Hill, he explained the way out of sin.


The chains were locked in place with padlocks that weighed Brenner down until he couldn’t move, but Pastor Kenny had the key to unlock them all. The key represents Jesus, and how if we just ask for Him to come into our life he will free us of our sinful burdens. We can be free to love, trust, and pray.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

After Muddy Creek!


Afternoon Rotation

Right now the campers are chowing down on some excellent lasagna and garlic bread, and they’re getting ready for some Pirate Olympics before worship. This afternoon we had campers creeking, climbing and swinging about as the last full day of camp is wrapping up.

Check out more photos in the gallery! :D


Dive On In!


Rock Wall

Boulder Bluff cabins climbed the rock wall this morning with some beautiful weather. The rock wall goes straight up 40 feet and it was very inspiring to see every kid try their hardest to make it to the very top and ring the bell. More photos in the gallery.


The Story of Jesus

Campers are learning about what Jesus did on the cross for us today. A very muddy Pastor Kenny explains.


What Prayer Does

Tonight at worship, there was a very thrilling message about prayer delivered by Pirate Captain Kenny.


He talked about how he lusted for gold, set sail looking for it, devoted his life for it, even fought others for it. Gold was his only ambition, and as he lusted for the gold, he got more reckless in his hunt for it. Eventually, he was crawling out on his plank just trying to get more gold.


This lust for gold made him stray from God, and his focus diverted onto to his own selfish wants. Eventually, crawling out on the plank he went just a bit…too…far.

But after he fell off he knew he needed to change. He prayed to God for forgiveness for his sin of selfishness, for all the wrong he’d caused in his life. He thanked God for all He had given Pirate Captain Kenny, for how much He loved him. And Captain Kenny showed the kids that when they pray to God, God always gives them a rope to climb out of their pit of despair.


Messy Games

Following their dinner, campers met behind the dining hall for some messy games. The first game involved a stylish volunteer from each cabin getting a new ‘do from their cabin mates with shaving cream as the styling mousse.


Then, campers did some cabin relays where they crab-walked through the grass to a bowl of pudding and applesauce where they had to dig grapes out of the mush with their toes and crab walk back without dropping their grape.

Finally, the campers got a little wet and washed off (thankfully :)) with a game involving the staff and counselors throwing Splash bombs to the campers as they tried to catch them and drain the remaining water into a water cooler.

After hosing off, the campers headed to evening worship.


Every Wednesday night campers get to experience a true camping experience and eat hot dogs and beans cooked by the campfire. Cooking with fire was a new experience for some campers, and while rumors surfaced that ash on a hot dog gives it, “extra protein,” everyone really loved it. And the best part was dessert: s’mores! :D


The Vertical Challenge

Hickory Hill campers climbed our High Ropes Course this afternoon, otherwise known as, “The Vertical Challenge.” It involves climbing up a 20 foot tall rope ladder, walking across some metal cables, and finishes with a harrowing walk across a balance beam over 50 feet up in the air. But don’t worry mom and dad, safety is a priority at the high ropes course.


Rainy Day Games

While the storm was passing over us before lunch, the campers all gathered in the Ark for what we call Rainy Day Games. They had a blast playing games like Duck, Duck, Animal and Sharks & Minnows where the goal is to run across the entire Ark without being tagged by one of the “Sharks.” If a camper gets tagged by a shark, they become seaweed and can’t move their legs, but they can stretch their arms out to try and tag more minnows as they come running by.


The storm has since passed and campers are enjoying some swim time. The stormy weather helped cool off camp quite a bit and it is a beautiful sunny day! :D

Power of Prayer

Prayer is today’s message as the campers learn more about how to talk to God and, more importantly, how to listen to what God has to say to them. Sometimes we struggle with knowing what we want and what we need. Prayer is one way that can help discern our feelings and discover God’s plan for each of us.

Directors Linda and Julie talk about what today is all about.



This day’s lesson has been all about love: God’s love and the love we share with each other. As Jesus tells us in John 15:5,

I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.

Jesus showed the world the great love that God offers each of us, and it is up to us to share and spread that love with each other. Pastor Kenny shared the scripture of John 15:12 with the campers where Jesus asks us to, “Love one another as I have loved you.”


Tonight at worship the counselors washed the feet of the campers to demonstrate the kind of unconditional love that Jesus shows each one of them. The campers were quiet and respectful throughout the entire service, and many hugs were had afterwards.

We’ll talk to you tomorrow. :D


Afternoon rotations included some archery where campers got to impress each other with their marksmanship skills. But perhaps the biggest lesson learned here was how to make sure we stay safe when we interact with each other.


Rock Climbing

Climbing a 40-foot rock wall seems like a daunting task at first, but as campers from Strawberry Hill discovered this afternoon, it’s not so difficult once you get started. The wall is very intimidating and more than a few campers were scared to even try and climb it, thinking they would fail , but the love of their counselors, cabin mates and staff pushed them to new heights as kids who never even thought about putting a foot on the wall were at the top ringing the bell triumphantly. More photos in the gallery.


Hickory Hill and Horses

Girls and boys from the Hickory Hill cabin cluster got their turn to ride and pet some horses. Here we can see Okie, a new horse at Pine Creek Camp, is more than happy to be the center of their affection.


Muddy Creek

Pine Creek Camp is named after Big Pine Creek which runs along the western edge of camp. Each week campers get to go stomping through a little tributary to Big Pine getting plenty of mud on each other in the process. Today the Iroquois girls, while being afraid of getting dirty at first really had a lot of fun with an impromptu mud fight as they tried to win the contest of, “Who can get the muddiest?”muddycreek

Hay Ride

Today is a special day at camp because it’s the first time all summer we got to use our new hay wagon to take kids to the barn. Everyone really loved it, see for yourself!

Loving One Another

Today’s message is centered on Love, what it means to love, be loved by others and be loved by God. The kids are in for another exciting day here and they can’t wait to get started.

Pastor Kenny explains what today is all about.


Trusting in the Lord

Evening worship taught the campers what trust really means. In Matthew 14:22-33 we hear the story of Peter walking on water. What allowed Peter to do this? Trusting in Jesus with all his heart. He focused on Jesus and took a few steps out of the boat miraculously. However, as Pastor Kenny demonstrated last night by falling backwards into a kiddie pool filled with water, sometimes we fail. Just as Peter failed when he took his eyes off of God, we too can fall and make mistakes when we don’t trust in God.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

Goliath Swing

For their afternoon rotation campers from Strawberry Hill got to go on the giant swing, nicknamed Goliath. Reminding us that we can overcome fear if we trust in God and that no fear is too big to conquer, campers took on Goliath and had a lot of fun and plenty of thrills. The encouragement the other campers gave the swingers helped them fight their fear and go all the way to the top.


Swim Time!

Following some B.O.B (Body On Bunk) time, the campers got to swim around and dive into Pine Creek’s pool. More photos in the gallery!



For their morning rotations, a few campers from Boulder Bluff got to ride and groom some of the horses here at Pine Creek. While being a fun and for some new experience, it was also a learning experience as the kids learned about caring for animals and responsibilities. Check out the gallery for some more photos.

horsepet horsepetting horseride

Good Morning!

Hello parents! Today the kids woke up and gathered around for some singing before breakfast to help wake them up. Everyone had a great night of sleep and they’re ready to kick the day off with some morning activities.

Today the focus is on Peter and how he was able to walk on water when he trusted in Jesus. Here’s Camp Director Kenny with some more info for you.


The Treasure Hunt

At Pine Creek’s new worship area the kids were led in worship singing “Every Move I Make,” and “Happy Day.”



Then Captain Kenny got up and began telling an old tale of some hardships on the sea. Once when he was out sailing he had no food to eat, he had to catch rats that were on his ship. But one day he caught a baby rat, “just a’wigglin’ in his trap!” and the Momma rat came out from the shadows and took his eye!


After he lost his eye, Captain Kenny began reading in the Bible about a great treasure in Colossians 2:2-4:

I want their hearts to be encouraged and united in love, so that they may have all the riches of assured understanding and have the knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ himself, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

After reading this passage to the campers, he made a call to arms that they would each come back to this spot and continue helping Captain Kenny search for treasure. The forest resounded with the campers’ “Aaarrrgghhhss!” as they all agreed to meet back again tomorrow and hunt for treasure.

We’ll see you tomorrow!

Testing the Waters

After dinner the campers all joined together to take the camp photo and then got to go swimming! First, campers that wanted to swim in the deep end had to pass a swim test, which involved swimming from the deep end to the shallow end of the pool. After everyone went through the swim test that wanted to, the campers got a bit of free swim time before evening worship. Check out more photos in the gallery!


Check In!

As the campers entered the “Arrrrrk!” this afternoon they got some free time to get to know one another as they prepare for all the excitement this week. Campers were seen playing Duck, Duck, Goose and shooting some hoops as they met their counselors and fellow cabin buddies for the week.

As they settle into their cabins, dinner is being prepared and afterwards their swim tests. See you soon!

girl ark

Waiting on Campers!

Hello everyone! The theme for this week is pirates, and we’re so excited for camp this week we went a little overboard on our decorations! Check out this Gator Galleon!