Pine Creek Camp - Elementary - July 17-22 (2016)

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Last day

We cab hardly believe it is Friday here at camp, but your kids are excited to see you none the less. Luckily for us we still have almost a full day of fun to cram in before you get here!

Up, Up and Away

Five thousand

Our worship story today was the feeding of the five thousand.

Shaving Cream!

For tonight's evening games we got a bit messy! We played messy nine square and had a messy hair contest!

Horses Galore

A very unique thing about Pine Creek is our newly instated horse program. All of the cabins get two horse rotations in which they learn how to groom, saddle and ride a horse. As well as all the maintenance that comes with having a barn! They all love the horses!


On Wednesday nights we have a cookout at the cabins. They get to roast their own hotdogs and make smores!

After dinner instead of doing evening games we had a talent show. Everyone had amazing talents; we even had a contortionist!


Every day for our second rotation the kids get to have pool time! A big favorite for a lot of them!

Redneck Paintball

Our own rendition of nonviolent paintball. Each of the campers gets a baggie full of paint and cotton balls that they get to throw at the other team. They do a better job painting themselves than each other!

Strawberry Hill

We only have ten boys here this week, split in between two cabins. However, because there are so few campers, they all go to rotations together! This morning they had fun on the Goliath!

The Centurion

Our Bible story for today is about a very important man who had so much faith in Jesus! He told Jesus that all he had to do was say the word, he did not need any proof!


Perhaps an odd topic in July but meaningful none the less. During worship today we got to hear about the Christmas story and who was a hero in that story. To us it was the little shepherds who stepped out on faith and went to spread the news, even though it was not the easiest thing to do!


One of our rotations is the Muddy Creek and Slip n' Slide. Some of these boys got coated in mud! The water only helped a bit.


This may sound boring at first, but it is actually fire building. We get to teach the campers how to build, light and keep a good fire going! They were so enthusiastic that they almost missed lunch!


Every morning and evening the campers get to have worship. Tonight we got to learn about a simple servant girl who was a big hero, even though she did not have a name she was still important!

During evening worship we get to sing lots of fun, superhero themed songs like Larryboy and I'm a Superhero by the Go Fish Guys! There are always fun moves that go along with them to get the kids dancing!

Wet n' Wacky Games

Every evening after dinner the counselors adjourn to a meeting, which means the kids get to chill with the staff! Tonight we did wet n' wacky games. This ended in a free for all dodge ball tournament!

Higher Still

For this afternoons rotation we had the Goliath Swing and Jacob's Ladder running. The swing is exactly what it sounds like, excepts it is fifty feet in the air and you get to wear a harness. Jacob's Ladder is our climbing wall and obstacle course.

Bulls Eye!

For our first rotation of the week one of the girls cabins got to head down to archery! They had so much fun!

Check In

We are so excited to have your campers here this week! They are going to have so much fun doing all sorts of activities.

Already tonight we had pool time and got to play some really cool games! We even had worship and got introduced to our theme of the week, SUPERHEROES!!! That means all this week we get to learn about different superheroes in the Bible and about the biggest superhero of all, Jesus!