Camp Rivervale - Primary Grades - July 10-12 (2013)

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Directors’ Message


Evening Campfire

Tonight’s evening worship is beginning with campers singing Every Move I Make. Worship is being led tonight by Assistant Program Manager Matt Hacker and Director Jessi Morton. It’s such a great evening to be gathered around the camp fire and praising God!

Next up, campers are singing I’m Trading My Sorrows! Campers are singing “YES, LORD! YES, LORD! YES, YES, LORD!” with so much enthusiasm! It’s such a joyful noise!

Campers took some time out of this evening’s worship to make S’mores around the campfire and sing classic camp songs such as “Herman the Worm” and “Little White Box.”

Fun in the Sun

After a great morning of activities, campers are taking some time to cool off in the pool. It’s such a great day for swimming! The sun is shining and the temperature is just right. After swimming, it’s time for dinner and then back to some other activities!

Directors’ Message

Searching for God’s Treasure

Campers went on an adventurous hike through the camp to look at all of God’s treasure. The campers had a blast looking at the river and all of the nature that surrounded them. They learned that God made each and every one of us different just like he made all of the trees different. The campers had a fun and exciting time looking at God’s treasure!

Creating Works of Art

Today the campers got out their creative side with some crafts. They painted their very own wooden boxes and created a wire cross, which they decorated with beads. The campers really enjoyed interacting with their family groups as they created the crafts!

Climb On!!

The campers experienced the rock wall and zip line today! Many of them conquered their fears and tried to make it to the top. Some campers were able to ride down the zip line! The brave campers claimed that they trusted in God to help them with their fears!


Evening Worship


Greg has closed out his message for the evening with yet another “THANK YOU JESUS!” It’s time for campers to head to bed and prepare for the exciting and full day of camp that God has in store for tomorrow!


The message is beginning with campers thanking Jesus for everything that has taken place in their day. Greg is reminding everybody of just how many little things we overlook on a daily basis: everything from our T-shirts to the nice weather. Campers responded to each with an enthusiastic “THANK YOU JESUS!”


Campers are settling into their seats for a message from Spiritual Director Greg Davis.


It’s time for another song of praise: Lord, I Lift Your Name on High.


Campers are starting out the worship session with Every Move I Make.


It’s a great evening at Camp Rivervale as campers are gathered at the Tabernacle after their first swim of the week. Tonight’s worship will be lead by Assistant Program Manager Matt Hacker and Director Jessi Morton. It’s time to praise God at the end of an awesome first day!

Directors’ Message

Camp has Started!

Camp is finally getting underway as campers continue checking in! Right now, the campers that have already arrived are playing games and getting pumped for the few days ahead. After all of this fun, they’ll definitely be ready for the lasagna roll-ups at dinner tonight!

Time for Camp!!!

It’s time for camp to begin! Registration is today from 3:00-4:00. Join us as we become pirates and explore the wonders of God’s treasure.


Almost There!

It is almost time for camp to begin. Check back soon for all of the exciting adventures!