Camp Rivervale - Elementary - June 14-19 (2015)

Camp Photo Gallery

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End of Week Video

###Water Carnival Campers participated in many different water games, such as Drip Drip Drop and Giant Volleyball. ###Friday Daily Greeting Today' lunch consisted of: Hot Dogs Chips Celery Carrots S'mores ![alt]( ###Daily Greeting ![alt]( ###Fiesta Wednesday Dinner this evening was tacos along with rice and Churros. The campers walked into a dining hall fully decorated for the occasion. There was even a Conga Line. ![alt](/content/images/2015/06/IMG_8512.JPG) ###Canoeing Day 2


Breakfast Includes:

Biscuits and Gravy
Tater Tots
Cereal Bar
Toasting Station
Apple Juice

This Morning at Rivervale


"Best Summer Ever"

Out on the river, the campers enjoyed canoeing. One camper even said that this was the best summer ever. When the canoe trip was over campers were smiling from ear to ear.

Theme of the Day

Today's theme is Godly Service. The campers looked at 1 Samuel 16:14-23, which is where David Enters the Kings Service. King David would have to make important decisions, lead many people, along with meeting and greeting other leaders and visitors from other places. David was asked to play a harp for Saul's troubled soul. Hearing this music eased his mind. This was a ministry for Saul. So even doing the smallest acts asked by God, someone could have a huge impact on one or many people.

Today the Campers will be looking at 1 Samuel 16:1-13 in their designated family groups. This scripture is about Samuel anointing David. The campers will be acting out a skit about David's brothers reacting to Samuel annointing David. Later they will play a trust game called Blind Babysitter. This is a fun, simple game where 2 campers are blindfolded and fed pudding. This is a race between the two as well. Can't you just imagine all the campers giggling and having a fantastic time?

Santa Came to


It is safe to say that Santa Claus is a lot like a Super Hero. Camp Counselor Byron showed up at camp in his very unique "sled". Well, his sled for summertime at least. He is a great addition to our counselors and it is only a matter of time before the campers realize who his true identity is. alt


The First Day

Today your campers took part in many things they may never have done before. They are making new friends along with learning new games. They played 9 square, GaGa, and Frisbee Golf. Meeting new people can be hard for some of your children, but our counselors did a fantastic job at including the kids in all the activities. There will be much more fun and exciting things to do tomorrow.

Sunday Worship

During Sunday's worship the campers listened to the story Signs of God's Love written by author Jeanne S. Fogle. They learned the significance of communion, participated in praise and worship and headed to their cabins for their evening devotions. Each camper was asked two simple questions: Why are you excited about camp and what is something you hope will happen at camp?