Camp Rivervale – Elementary Impact – June 15-20 and June 15-17 Primary Mini

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Good Morning

Good Morning! We are excited about the last day of camp, full of fun activities leading up to Celebration Service tonight! Parents don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear all the fun your kids had this week and all of the life changing moments that God brought to Camp Rivervale over the past few days. See you at 6:00 pm in the Tabernacle!



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Winding down with Worship: Commitment Night

Tonight was a powerful night of worship. Kids learned about the unconditional love, grace and forgiveness we have in Jesus. They ended the night spending time at the alters with opportunities to make personal commitments to Christ.

Talent Show

Kids showed up tonight! Singing, musical acts, acrobatics, fun skits and story telling; your kids are full of talent and were not shy about sharing it. They did an awesome job showing off their skills for the end of the week talent show. Check out more of the acts on Smugbug!


Afternoon Adventures

Camper faced her fears and made it to the top of the rock wall. “I have never gotten to the top before” She was nervous to go off the zip line, but as her family group cheered her on, she was determined “I’ll never give up!” Look what she accomplished through Christ as her strength and community by her side.

[![Family group cheers on camper to make it to the top of the rock wall!](]( group cheers on camper to make it to the top of the rock wall!

Lunch: Chug a Lug

Menu: Cold meat sandwiches, salad, french fries, salad & chocolate chip cookies Staying safe and hydrated on this hot day!

Morning Activities

Truth from a camper, what I learned by hanging out with your kids this morning during crafts! God made all of us unique and special, we were all made in HIS image.

Hey hey its that time of the day!


Winding down with Worship

Campers this week are so blessed to have worship led by their very own counselors. This team of young people lead the kids in interactive praise songs. Not only are the kids loving praising Jesus, but they want more of him! Tonight after camp favorite “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” kids were begging and chanting for “ONE MORE SONG.” It’s so encouraging to see kids so excited and eager to praise the Lord!

Chilling Out

After fun outdoor games, campers enjoyed sweet popsicles. All day the camp staff worked hard to make sure your kids stayed hydrated and safe during the summer heat. IMG_0350

Getting into the Word

We have an incredible team of counselors and directors this week who are dedicated to helping your kids get to know Jesus. This afternoon, groups spend time searching through scripture, and counselors helped campers learn how to use their Bibles to find spiritual truths. IMG_0315


Good Morning!

It was a hot one today, so the kids spent most of the morning in the water, enjoying the pool and water slide. IMG_0386


Wrapped up in Worship

Finishing off the day, kids spent time hearing from spiritual Director Betty Anne. They also enjoyed fun and interactive worship led by counselors.

Mon afternoon 11

Today’s Activities

Today we had so much fun playing group games, swimming, and zip lining. Kids were challenged by their group leaders in their family groups to live like Jesus. They dipped into their creative sides and applied what they were taught in their spiritual lessons to fun and artistic expressions. Mon afternoon 42

Good Morning and Goodbyes


This morning, groups switched from yesterday’s activities. New groups ventured out on canoes while others spent time doing crafts that led into spiritual discussions and conversations about Jesus. Groups who stayed back also enjoy a time of prayer in the tepees.

Primary Mini:

We are sad to say goodbye to our littles ones tonight, but we’ve had so much fun with them as they learn about Jesus, their new best friend. Check out their camp video to see the highlights from their experiences.




Continued to dig into what the word says about all we can be in Jesus! Counselors led a fun and interactive time of praise and worship. _MG_7440

Primary Mini:

Kiddos sang and danced for Jesus, then had a special fireside devotional on their last night at camp.

Evening Events


Swimming & water games

Primary Mini:

Swimming & water games



Mexican Fiesta with salad bar

Afternoon Adventures


Rock wall, field games & crafts

[![](,w_300/v1423286427/MG_7423_y4tumj.jpg)]( forms of tag have become a camp favorite this week.
[![](,w_300/v1423286418/MG_7630_d4azqk.jpg)]( there, keep climbing!
#### Primary Mini:

Zipline, field games, and crafts

[![](,w_300/v1423286437/MG_7637_czpzdz.jpg)]( line
[![](,w_300/v1423286420/Mon-afternoon-28_i39pvx.jpg)]( beats camper in “Steal the Bacon”
### Lunch

Corn dogs, fruit, french fries, & salad bar

Morning Activities


While half of the group ventured on a canoe trip, other students enjoyed fun games with their counselors and time in their family groups talking about friendships and what Christ centered friendships look like.

Primary Mini:

This morning kids made their very own treasure boxes and yarn crosses during craft time.


Good Morning Campers


Primary Mini:



You Can be You in JESUS

Our spiritual theme this week is “You Can be You in Jesus.” Spiritual Director, Betty Anne, spoke on the importance of communion in our walk with Jesus. She explained how it is a physical representation of Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross, and how taking communion with other Christians shows that we recognize the loving relationship we can have with God because of the cross.

Primary Mini:

Jesus Is My Friend

This week, little ones will be discovering Jesus as their friend! Tonight Spiritual Director, Pastor Eric, asked the kids “who do you say that  [Jesus] is?” Similar to the challenge Jesus gave his disciples in Matthew 8, Pastor Eric began to have the kids think about Jesus having a different role in their life, their BEST FRIEND.

Welcome Campers

Today was an awesome first day of camp! Kids played games, made new friends and met their counselors all before our big family style pizza party. They ended the night with times of worship before heading to bed.

[![Two of our little ones sit by the pool, anxious for their turn in the water. ](,w_300/v1423286449/MG_7373_embdoc.jpg)]( of our little ones sit by the pool, anxious for their turn in the water.
[![Girls meet their counselors and get ready to take the swim test.](,w_300/v1423286445/MG_7355_nf02hr.jpg)]( meet their counselors and get ready to take the swim test.
[![Making new friends](,w_300/v1423286444/MG_7269_rv95cy.jpg)]( new friends


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