Camp Rivervale - Elementary Impact - July 27-August 1 (2014)

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[![Send Your Camper an Email](]( Evening Activity: Craft Games

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After dinner campers got to take part in a few craft games like making a card with some of the nature around Camp Rivervale or making bracelets that will be randomly given out  to someone else.

Swim Time



Another day at the pool is always the way to go for these campers! Another great round of chilling around at the pool as campers will soon be getting ready for dinner.

Afternoon Rotations: Drama & Craft



After campers came back from horizontal time, they went back to having a blast with learning another drama and making a new craft!



Campers snuck a few games of Gaga before lunch. Gaga for those that don’t know is a camp game thats like a cross between four-square, and dodge ball.

Morning Rotations: Climbing Wall, Craft, & Canoeing

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Campers got to face their fears and take on the Climbing Wall as others got to make a craft or go canoeing! Needless to say campers were already started to feel tired but never fear lunch will is right after and they will be getting recharged for the afternoon during horizontal hour!


Evening Activity: Messy Games



Campers took on the the classic camp tradition messy games. They took part in a variety of games like picking up marbles with their toes in jello  and making dirt pudding while being blind folded with the aid of the rest of the cabin group. Don’t let their faces fool you, by the end everyone left messy and with smiles on their faces.

Swim Time



As the heat continued the rise free swim came just in time. Campers had a blast being able to take a dip before dinner.

Afternoon Rotations: Drama, Service Project, & Recreational Walk




The weather here at Camp Rivervale is perfect for this afternoon’s activities. Today campers got to put a drama together that goes along with today’s topic. Also campers got to take time to give back by taking part in a service project that will help keep Rivervale looking. Be sure to complement them for their work! Finally another group of campers got to go explore the trails of Camp Rivervale and take in the scenery.

Morning Rotations: Tie Dye & Craft



Campers had a blast this morning Tie Dying their own design that they will get to take home to remember! Along with Tie Dye, campers made journals to write in for the week.

Daily Director


Evening Worship: Who Do You Say I am ?


Campers this evening spoke about who Jesus really is. After signing, they did an activity to illustrate this question of who. Each group created an outline of each kid on a giant sheet of paper and wrote who they thought Jesus was inside each of themselves. During the week, kids will have an opportunity to continue writing on the paper they see in Jesus. Through this, they will begin to see Jesus in themselves!

Set List

Oh Happy Day



Matthew 16:13-17

Swim Test

Mon afternoon 2

Campers took their swim test this evening. They are always excited to get their green bracelets!

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“Rivervale, Rivervale, Dear Old Rivervale. We love to laugh and play and sing at Dear Old Rivervale! HEY!!”

Nothing truer could be said about our beloved campsite here in Mitchell, Indiana! As a host to many different programs during the summer, the program this week is Drama Camp, where kids will learn to work together to produce and act in their own plays, create and organize their sets and props, display their talents in the interactive arts and grow closer to one another and Jesus as their spirits are lifted through fellowship and worship. Please, feel free to check back here throughout the week to see the progress your kids will be making as the Holy Spirit moves through them in this camp!