Camp Rivervale - Drama Camp - July 14-19 (2013)

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Dress Rehearsal Time!

The campers had such a great time practicing their skits in dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal was not only important to actors and actresses, but everyone backstage and the lighting crew too. All the campers loved watching everyone’s performances and loved seeing everything come together after all their hard work. They are now ready to perform to all the parents tonight at 7 o’clock.

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Dance and Movie Night

The campers had a blast showing off their dance moves to songs together. They all participated in a memorable camp dance in the tabernacle just after Worship. After the dance, all the campers stayed in the tabernacle for a movie night. The campers watched the funny movie Wreck It Ralph to go along with their video game night they had on Tuesday. All of the campers had a very good time during the dance and movie night!


Dinner Party!

Tonight at supper, the campers dressed up in fashionable attire for the Oscar party. Many campers wore nice shirts and cute dresses and some even dressed as a character. They really loved the opportunity to be able to dress up for a night here at camp. The campers also really enjoyed their meal of chicken, peas, potato smiles, salad, and brownies.


Climbing and Zipping!

Campers were able to climb the rock wall and zip line down it this afternoon. Many of the campers never climbed or zipped before and they all had a wonderful and thrilling time. Many of the frightened campers trusted in God to help them with their fear of heights. Now the campers are enjoying some quiet time before they head off to supper!


Whose Got Giant Doubts?

This morning at bible study, the campers discussed doubt. They read the story of Job and Thomas from the Bible together in their study groups. They learned doubting is not a sin if they turn to Jesus for answers and trust in Him. Many campers gave testimonies about their lives and how doubt affects them. The campers are now having a tech rehearsal for their performance on Friday for all the parents.


Directors’ Message


Communion Service

Groups of campers entered the Tabernacle carrying their individual burdens in the form of their problems written on a piece of cloth. As they came in single-file, they tied their cloth to the cross and joined the rest of the group in singing All in All:

Taking my sin, my cross my shame

Rising up again I bless Your name

You are my all in all

When I fall down You pick me up

When I am dry You fill my cup

You are my all in all

After an opening prayer from Spiritual Director Paul McBee, campers sang Breathe. This song serves to remind us of how each and every individual is desperate for the salvation and comfort that Jesus brings. Tonight is about acknowledging just how lost a person is without this need of Jesus being fulfilled in their life.

Following the singing of Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) and Agnus Dei, Counselor Bethany Appleton stepped up to the microphone to share her personal testimony of the giant struggles she has faced in the past year. She told of how clinging to Christ provided her with all of the things that she needed during times of great need. Everything from the friends she spent time with to the songs that played on the radio at just the right time. God truly is amazing as He provides for us and has an awesome plan for our lives!

A moment of reflection followed as campers sang Agnus Dei yet again. Then, Paul McBee shared the story of Jesus healing a leper. Jesus is truly willing to help each and every individual with their problems – no matter how small or giant they may be. As long as we are willing to ask Him for help, Jesus will make us clean as He did with the leper.

Campers then took communion as they reflected on Jesus’s gift of salvation. Spiritual Director Paul McBee and Director Ruby Miller said a prayer for each group of campers as they came forward for communion. Many campers then took a moment of reflection at the alter as they knelt and thanked God for all that He has done in their lives.


Working Together

Today all the campers have really worked hard preparing for the performance on Friday. Many campers are working on perfecting their skits and others are working to get the stage set and organized. The stage, costumes, props, lighting, and sound are  all coming together through the hard work and dedication from all the campers.


Whose Got Giant Problems?

This morning at bible study, the campers discussed all of their problems in their life and how to solve them. The 5th and 6th grade group watched the Lifehouse skit and discussed it throughout the group. The Lifehouse skit is acted out without using words, just body language. It tells a story of someone walking with Jesus and then getting distracted with all of life’s worries and problems. When the skit came to a conclusion, Jesus was there to rescue the one distracted to continue their walk together. The group discussed what the message was and how Jesus is always there to lift them up.

The Jr. high group created a poster and a counselor wrote on the poster all the problems the campers had. They also discussed what society claims is “cool” changes throughout the years. The campers learned to realize the difference between what the world is saying and what the church is saying and to come together as one.

The Sr. high group participated in an activity where some campers had a problem written on a piece of paper and some campers had a solution written on a piece of paper. The campers then had to find their match that fit their problem or solution. For example, one camper had “joker” and another camper had “batman”. Then the counselors discussed with the campers that Jesus is bigger than their problems.


Directors’ Message

Fuel for the Day

No matter what your role in the big production is, getting the proper fuel for the day is important! Campers were treated to a breakfast of ham, eggs, and (very delicious) cheesy hashbrowns this morning. Such a great start to what is bound to be a fantastic day here at Camp Rivervale!


Changing Roles and Serving God

At tonight’s worship, Spiritual Director Paul McBee discussed the change that takes place once an individual decides to follow Christ. He used the metaphor of how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. In order for this to happen, it must esentially die as it turns into a chrysalis and then leave behind anything it ever was in order to become a new creation. It was a beautiful example of the amazing changes that God makes in our lives once we decide to truly follow him and give up on putting our own needs first.


Talent Night

img_2930     img_2645     img_2981     IMG_2622

There’s no longer a doubt in the world that the kids here at Rivervale have talent! Drama campers put on a fantastic talent show tonight as campers sang, danced, performed skits, and (of coruse) laughed! Acts included a story about a family who is “just like everybody else,” a special song for counselor Bethany Appleton, and an opera performance of the classic camp song Brown Squirrel. It was such a fun night for campers to share their talents and encourage one another!

Dinner and a Show


Everybody from Pikachu to Zelda showed up to dinner tonight as campers dressed up as their favorite video game characters. It was such a great opportunity for campers to express their artistic sides and practice costuming skills as the creativity flowed. Of course, creativity seems to be the theme of the week here at Rivervale as will soon be seen in the evening’s talent show.

Swim Time Fun

IMG_2475This afternoon the campers had a blast during their swim time at the pool. Campers also loved going down the slip-n-slide to see who could make it the farthest. Tonight the campers will have another workshop and have a time of fellowship at Vespers.

Morning Study

This morning the campers talked about responsibility. They discussed their own responsibility, Jesus’s responsibility, and disciples’ responsibility. They learned that Peter denied Jesus three times which proved that Peter was not very responsible in that situation. The campers really enjoy bible study because it gives them a time to discuss their relationship with Jesus Christ with other campers.

Directors’ Message


Whose Got Dreams?

Tonight at Vespers, Spiritual Director Paul McBee, talked about how we all had dreams and want to accomplish our goals. He opened with the scripture Mark 10: 46-52,  which talks about Bartimaeus receiving his sight. Paul also discussed James and John to the campers. Bartimaeus, James, and John all were asked by Jesus, “What is it I can do for you?” The campers learned Bartimaeus asked for his sight and James and John wanted riches and popularity. Bartimaeus was blind, but his heart was not. James and John could see, but their hearts were blind. The campers then had to ask themselves what they were suppose to do for Jesus.

Working Workshops

This evening, the campers worked on skits, costumes, paparazzi, props, and lighting. The skit groups went to their designated areas and practiced their lines. The campers in charge of costumes worked on organizing all of the needed costumes. The paparazzi went around and shot pictures of all the campers working together. The props crew started setting up the stage with the curtain. The lighting crew put together the spotlight and tested it. The campers are all excited to start work for their ending performance.

Afternoon Act

This afternoon, the campers enjoyed themselves at the pool. Many of the campers participated in a competitive and fun basketball game. The campers also played the game Ships & Sailors lead by Rivervale staff. The campers are now enjoying their supper of chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, salad, and cupcakes. They still have a full night ahead of them working in their groups and a worship service at Oak Tree Shrine.

Roles Are Chosen

Today during the campers first workshop, they picked their role for the skits. Many roles include: costumes, lights, props, paparazzi and speaking parts. Whoever decided they wanted a speaking part drew out of a hat for their skit selection. Now that the campers know their roles, they are diligently planning and practicing for the performances.

Directors’ Message


Directors’ Message

Slaying the Giants…Take One!

Tonight Vespers gathered at Oak Tree Shrine for fellowship and worship. Oak Tree Shrine is an outdoor worship area with limestone seating. Oak Tree Shrine also overlooks the White River for a breathtaking view. The first song sang at worship was “You Are I Am” followed by the scripture Mark 10:46-52.  The second song sang was “You Are My All In All” right before 2 Corinthians 5:13-21. The third song sang was “Amazing Love” prior to the scripture reading Matthew 8:1-4. The last song sang at Vespers tonight was “Agnus Dei” followed by John 1:43-51. The scripture read tonight will be read throughout the week to the campers.

Relaxing in the Pool

The campers are enjoying their time in the pool this evening. For the first day of swimming, the campers and counselors had to participate in swim tests. When all swim tests were over the campers enjoyed the pool swimming with other campers, playing basketball, and sliding down the slide.

Let the Show Begin!

The campers are all checked in for a memorable week here at camp Rivervale. While waiting for all campers to arrive, they participated in some silly games. The campers took their group photo right after check-in and went over camp rules. They are now getting suited in their housing and anticipating supper. Tonight supper consists of pizza, breadsticks, and dirt pudding. The campers are excited for a week of fun!


It’s finally time for the week of Drama Camp to get started! Registration is today from 3:00-4:00pm. There is so much fun planned for this week!

Almost There!

It is almost time for camp to begin. Check back soon for all of the exciting adventures!