Camp Lakewood -Primary Mini- June 5-7 (2016)

Camp Photo Gallery

Follow the button below to open the event photo gallery. You will need to have your password that was handed out to you during check-in. If you have lost your password, please contact the camp office at (260) 351.2331; you will need to verify your identity and connection to a camper in order to retrieve the password.

Final Video

Take a look at the recap video from these past few days! It was amazing to see everyone grow in such a short period of time! See you next year!

###Lunch Time! It is time for our last camp lunch! Today we are having hotdogs,chips, baked beans, and s'mores. There are some more photos up on the blog of our cookout and some other fun activities so check it out!

Last Breakfast At Camp!

This morning the kids will have their last breakfast at camp of some yummy eggs, bacon, cheesy hashbrowns, and juice!

Daily Director Greeting

![](/content/images/2015/07/monday-tuesday-9.png) ###Messy Games! Last night we had a lot of fun at messy games and even more SHAVING CREAM!!! ###Dinner Tonight we ate lasagna roll ups,breadsticks, green beans, and yellow cake! Now they are headed to play some messy games! ###Boat Ride! The Fox A boys took a boat ride before we headed to dinner! Here is one of the pictures! For more pictures, check out the camp photo gallery! [![](/content/images/2015/05/photo-button-4.png)]( ###Lunch Time Today we had chicken sandwiches, tater tots, and pears. Now we are ready for Hoopla and then horizontal hour! ###Morning Rotations The kids had fun at nature, zip line , and cabin choice this morning! Make sure to check out the camp photo gallery to see more pictures! [![](/content/images/2015/05/photo-button-4.png)]( ###Discovery Time Today during discovery time the kids learned about how heroes step out on faith through the story of the centurion who needed Jesus to heal his servant and stepped out on faith. The story is from [Matthew 8:5-13]( ###Breakfast Time! Today the kids had a yummy breakfast of pancakes, sausage, potato triangles, and juice. Now they are off to save the day! ###Daily Director Greeting ![](/content/images/2015/07/sunday-monday-8.png) ###Vesper Hill Today at Vesper Hill, a holy place where we worship each night, the kids talked about how they can be a hero to other people. The focus was on how they can find ways to help others in big and small ways. Katie, the camp director, read a book called [Maddi's Fridge]( .

Let The Fun Begin!

Today the kids got to experience some of Camp Lakewood's fun games! Check out some of the pictures from today on the camp photo gallery!

Our First Dinner at Camp!!

The kids got to eat some yummy hamburgers, french fries, salad, and applesauce to start off their time at camp!

Daily Director Greeting