Camp Lakewood - Elementary Camp - July 8-13 (2018)

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Check out the video from celebration about worship this week and how campers saw God and what they learned about God this week!

Thursday Night Vesper's

Tonight was another great Vesper's. Campers sang How He Loves, Reckless Love, Good, Good Father, and Set a Fire tonight. These campers love worship so much!
Another counselor shared a story with the campers tonight and they talked about how we were not born to blend in as Christians, we were born to stand out and to be Christ-like. We were born to make an impact in the world. In their story they talked about how they struggled with their friend group a little bit, but through it they were able to find really good Christ-like friends that helped them grow in Christ. It is so important to walk with other Christians because those are the people who will fill us with God's grace.

I am perfect in my own way because I am a child of God.

Each one of the campers is so very special in their own way. Campers learned tonight that even if they don't think they are special and if they don't hear it from people, that they are very special and very unique. They learned that they are loved so much by so many people.

Wednesday Night Vesper's

Campers sang King of My Heart, Set a Fire, Holy Spirit, and No Longer Slaves tonight.
Tonight campers met Beyond Man. Beyond Man is a person that wants to be there for you whenever you need help, in the good times and in the bad times when you are hurting. Beyond Man is just like Jesus. Jesus helps us through the scary times. God is beyond belief and He helps us go beyond everything.
But how do campers take "Beyond Man" home? They have to believe in Jesus with all of their heart. They have to admit they made some mistakes. Then they get to accept Jesus into their hearts and love Him so much.
Sometimes it may be hard for campers to not believe in Jesus. There is fear, sadness, feeling like you can't do something. We sometimes get in the way of ourselves. But God has put His greatness in each and everyone of them. With God by their side, they can do anything they put their minds to.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Check out the video of the activities here at camp this week and how some campers saw God during those activities!

Tuesday Night Vesper's

Holy Spirit, Set a Fire, King of My Heart, and How He Loves.
Tonight another counselor shared part of their story and how they saw God through that. Tonight campers learned that God always has a plan. God will always be by you side. God has a purpose for everything and everyone. That it's not Gods' fault. That God loves us all so much. The Lord has his hands on everything.
Campers were reminded to be thankful for everything in life because you don't know when/if something bad will strike.

Monday Night Vesper's

Tonight campers sang Reckless Love, How He Loves, and Set a Fire.
Tonight one of the counselors shared a little about the part year in their live and what they have learned about Jesus during that difficult period of time. They asked "How do I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus when they are filled with tears?" They felt unworthy and unqualified and they let other things define who they were instead of looking to God. They talked about Job and how he prayed when he had everything, and he prayed when he had nothing. Its not always easy walking with and trusting in the Lord. We have to learn that sometimes we have to wait for our prayers to be answered.
Sometimes God's love can be overwhelming. Campers learned tonight that they can go to their counselors this week if they are scared at all at any of their activities.

Welcome to Camp!

Check out the video of what the campers will be learning about this week!

Sunday Night Vesper's

Vesper's tonight was a night of learned what Vesper's was all about. Campers learned that God created Vesper Hill to be special and to be holy ground. It was created for campers to worship God there. They learned that God is good enough that He created our hearts to beat so that we can worship God.
Tonight they sang Holy Spirit, Set a Fire, and King of My Heart. In the song "Holy Spirit" it has a line that says Let us experience the glory of your goodness. Sometimes good isn't the best word to describe something, but when our God is SO good, there isn't another word that can possibly describe just how good God is.