Camp Lakewood - Family Fun - August 1 - 3 (2014)

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Event Photo Gallery

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End of the Week Video


Luau Beach Cook Out

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Family fun Time

IMG_7090 IMG_7122 IMG_7212


It is Taco Saturday! We had tacos, nachos and cheese, brownies, and salad bar!

Family Fun Time


IMG_2441 IMG_2449 IMG_2419


On the menu for this morning it was biscuits n’ gravy, hash browns , and the breakfast bar!

Morning Watch

IMG_2397 IMG_2401


Family Cabin Competitions

IMG_2244 IMG_2287 IMG_2356


For dinner tonight we had the classic pizza, breadsticks, green beans, and chocolate cookies!

Family Fun Time

IMG_2189 IMG_2183 IMG_2147 IMG_2136


IMG_1989 IMG_2018 IMG_2058


Today’s the day! It’s a great day for your family to make their way to camp and embark on a wonderful journey with us here at Camp Lakewood!