Camp Lakewood - Family Camp - June 30- July 2 (2017)

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End of the Week Video

####Last Call For Fun Families gathered together one last time this morning for Zipline, AquaGlide, kayaking, and the swing. ####Breakfast Breakfast was eggs, bacon, and cheesy hash browns with juice. ![alt](/content/images/2015/05/sunday-7.png) ####Vespers ["You are my peace"]( ["O Come to the alter]( [Good Good Father]( [John 15:1-11]( **S**-Scripture **O**-Observation **A**-Action Step of Obedience **P**-Pray about it **S**-Share Using the SOAPS acronym, we went through John [15:1-11]( Abide is written 10 times in 11 verses. In this section, we learned that Jesus is the tree and we are the branches. If a branch, us, gets disconected fron the tree, Jesus, then the branch dries up dies. When we get disconected from God, we start to lose our faith. **Remain in Him**. ####Late Night Fun Because the rain postponed a rotation last night, it was made up tonight. Families were able to enjoy the biplane and boat rides. ####Cookout! For dinner tonight everyone gathered down at the beach for a cookout with hotdogs, corn on the cob, s'mores, and lots of yard games! ####Afternoon Fun Families were able to enjoy some much anticipated swim time today along with the climbing wall, kayaking, and some more archery. ####Lunch Taco's were on the menu and a big surprise to everyone today. Nachos were also enjoyed with churros for dessert! ####Fun in the Sun Families this morning enjoyed some togetherness as they conquered their fears on the Mammoth Swing. Boat rides, AquaGlide, and archery were also available for families to enjoy. ####Time to Learn This morning campers learned that while there are many different types and sizes of acts of kindness, they all add up and can create a gigantic ripple effect in others. ####Breakfast Breakfast this morning was French toast sticks, sausage, grapes, and juice. ####Big Splash Bright and early this Saturday morning, there was a big splash at Camp Lakewood. Campers ran full on into the lake and some even jumped off the raft! ![alt](/content/images/2015/07/friday-saturday.png) ####Vespers Tonight there were quite a few changes. We had Vespers inside the dining hall since everything was wet outside. ["Here I am to Worship"]( ["Jesus Paid it All]( ["Heart of Worship](

If God has so much in store for the little mustard seeds, imagine what He has in store for us.

"Crown Him"
"Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone"


Because of the rainy weather, we switched our evening events to a carnival in the dining hall! All of the families had tons of fun.

Grow With God

The children were all given a tiny, tiny mustard seed to start out the lesson as they learned about the Parable of the Mustard Seed in Matthew 13:31-32.

They learned that just like the mustard seed, their faith may start small, but over time it will be big and strong.


Chicken strips, potato smiles, green beans, salad, dirt pudding, and juice were on the menu for tonight.

Afternoon Adventures

Families this afternoon were able to climb right into fun activities like crafts, learning about nature, and climbing on the rock wall and bouldering wall.

Jesus Time

After lunch this afternoon, the families gathered together for a time of worship and learning. Build With God was the theme for the afternoon as the children were given some play dough to mold into whatever they wanted. This molding of the play dough represented the verse Isaiah 64:8. God is molding us and working on us everyday just like the children molded their play dough.


For lunch today we had hamburgers, french fries, mandarin oranges, salad, and juice.


All of the families are here and they are off to a lot of fun.