Camp Lakewood - Family Camp - June 29- July 1 (2018)

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Check out the video about worship this weekend and what campers learned about God this weekend!


Families did so much today! There were so many things going on today and so much learning about God! Tonight at Vesper's families talked about Luke 15 with the prodigal son and how he left his father, but returned when he was in need and his father welcomed him home wth open arms and rejoiced that his son, who he thought was lost, returned home.
Come to the Altar
Holy Spirit
You are My Peace
Good, Good, Father
Build My Life
Patience is a part of every moment of everyday. Patience comes through prayer. Sometimes it is given and sometimes it is learned. It is important to ask for patience. There are three ways of how God answers prayers: Yes, No, and Not yet. When God tells you "Not yet" He wants you to be patient because He is trying to teach you something.


Today was full of fun and learning. Families went on the AquaGlide, the zip line, the swing, archery, and many other activities. After lunch today families learned that they are all unique and they are all made different. After dinner, they learned about God's love and how His live will never run out and it is very big. They also learned how they can help grow God's love. At Vesper's tonight families recapped about what they learned today and heard 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. They were encouraged to still try to find joy in your life, even if things are going bad.
This is Amazing Grace
What a Beautiful Name
No Longer Slaves
Call Upon the Lord
Who You Say I Am