Camp Lakewood - Family Camp - August 3-5 (2018)

Camp Photo Gallery

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Fun, Fun, Fun

Check out the video recap of the fun activities this weekend!


Check out the video from Celebration and how some campers saw God this weekend and what they learned!

Vesper's Saturday Night

Tonight was another great night at Vesper's. The songs King of My Heart, Sinking Deep, Reckless Love, and How He Loves were sang tonight.
The message tonight was about standing up for things like Noah when he built the ark. They talked about how families do things together no matter what. Sometimes when one stands up about something, they need support and they will bring their family along with them or their friends for support. God calls us to take action and to stand up for God. God's promise to us is Heaven like God's promise to Noah was a rainbow.
1 John 5:3

Vesper's Friday Night

At Vesper's tonight families sang King of My Heart, Sinking Deep, Reckless Love, and How He Loves.
Tonight families heard part of Psalm 78 and how parents should be showing a faith that encourages their children to be an excited follower of Jesus.