Camp Lakewood - Express Camp - June 24-27 (2018)

Camp Photo Gallery

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Check out the great video of worship this week and how some campers saw God through their activities!

Fun, Fun, Fun

Check out the great video of the fun activities campers did this week!

Vesper's Tuesday Night

Tonight was commitment night for the campers and they learned so much more about Jesus. Jesus is the only one in our lives that does not have any negative thoughts towards us because He loves us so much. Campers heard a story about how life can hurt sometimes, like when one of the directors stepped on the game of life one morning and it hurt. They talked about how when we sin, it is like we are stepping on God and we hurt Him. We try so hard to control our own feelings and emotions, but we still want to control those around us. We think that life should go a certain way, and when it doesn't, we get upset and that is when we start stepping on others and hurting them. Jesus didn't hurt anyone, but He payed the ultimate price for our sins when we hurt others.
They talked about the sponge again tonight. A sponge can only hold so much water at one time, so what do you have to do to retain more water? Squeeze it out. They must pour out what they learned into those around them when they get home so that they can soak up more about Jesus.
The Greatness of Our God

Welcome to Camp!

Check out this video and hear a little bit of what campers will be learning this week!

Vesper's Monday Night

Tonight's Vesper's was another good one. They sang The Greatness of Our God and read Luke 1:39-45 about how when an angel came to Mary to tell her about Jesus. Mary went to Elizabeth because she trusted her so much. Just like Mary trusted Elizabeth, we trust that the sponge that every camper was given will hold water. We don't know or understand how a sponge holds water, but we trust that it will, and it is okay that we don't know how the sponge holds water. We also have to trust God and that He will do what He says He will. We don't understand God, but we trust that God is there for us and will provide for us. God wants us to have friendships fellowship with those around us. Friends give us encouragement and they hold us accountable. When we think of how big God is, sometimes we may ask why would God want to talk to us? But He made us.

Vesper's Sunday Night

Camp was kicked off to a great start with a great Vesper's tonight. Campers sang The Greatness of Our God and heard a story from Luke 1:26-38 about an angel coming to Mary to tell her that she would have God's son. They talked about how she was scared, but not of the angel. She was scared about what the angel was telling her. Each camper was given a sponge necklace to wear each day as a reminder to soak up everything that they would learn about God this week.