Camp Lakewood - Express Camp - July 29- August 1 (2018)

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Check out the video from Celebration about worship this week and what some campers learned about God this week!

Fun, Fun, Fun

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Vesper's Tuesday Night

Vesper's tonight was a bit different because of the rain, but that didn't stop Jesus from showing up. Tonight campers were able to pray with their counselors and their cabin mates to ask Jesus into their hearts. This morning in Discovery Time campers were given a wooden block to write something that they were burdened by or a sin that they were carrying. During the day, one of the directors took those blocks and made a cross out of them and wrote "FORGIVEN!" on it so signify that the things that they wrote down on their block were forgiven by God. Campers talked about how Jesus takes all of their sins away.
Tonight they sang Awesome God and Start a Fire.

Vesper's Monday Night

Tonight campers dived a little deeper about what it means to have hope in Jesus. They talked about how having hope in Jesus we can grow our faith in Him. Campers were asked how they can grow their hope in Jesus. One of them answered by going to church camp and VBS. We can have more hope in Jesus by learning as more and more about Him.
In the Bible story that they heard this morning about the paralyzed man being brought to Jesus to be healed, they talked about how his sins were forgiven because they all had hope.
Tonight campers sang Awesome God, Start a Fire, and How Great is Our God

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Vesper's Sunday Night

Tonight was a good night at Vesper Hill. Campers heard Psalm 139 about how God knows everything about them and how there is no where that they can go where God will not be with them.
Tonight campers sang Start a Fire, How Great is Our God, and This Little Light of Mine.
Campers were encouraged to look for God in everything that they do this week.