Camp Lakewood - Elementary - June 16-21 (2013)

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Message from Directors

Discovery Time

Today the campers learned that the Bible teaches them the way to live. The Bible story comes from Acts 27: 1-44. Paul stands firm in his faith even through a ship wreck. The verse for today is John 14: 15 “If you love me, you will keep my commands.”



Tonight the campers sang Amazing Love and Heart of Worship. After worship several counselors shared how they came to know Jesus and how he became their best friends.

The last night of the week for Vespers is called commitment night at Camp Lakewood. At the end of Vespers the Directors gave campers the opportunity to invite Jesus to be their best friend. There were many prayers said tonight by campers. and there are photos from Vespers on the Smugmug Gallery.

Wacky Water Relays

Wacky water Relays were tonight and you can see all the action here!

Kayaking Pictures

IMG_4982Photos from Kayaking are up and can be seen here!

Message from the Director

Discovery Time

Theme: The Bible Shows Us The Way To Jesus

Worship songs this morning included:

After singing, the campers were introduced to the theme today, “The Bible Shows Us The Way To Jesus”. The directors showed the campers that Jesus is always with them and he makes their sins go away because he died for them. The story today came from John 19: 1-2 0:18, and talks about Jesus being crucified and rising before appearing to Mary Magdalene.

The verse comes from John 3:16

“For God so loved the world he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in  him shall not parish but have eternal life.”



The Directors are asking everyone to pray for the campers tomorrow as they are thinking and praying about making Jesus their best friend.


Tonight at Vespers campers sang three songs:

The Directors reviewed the Bible story and Verse for the Day. Two counselors shared a time when they needed to pray for God to help them through situations.

Talent Show

Camp Lakewood hosted a camper talent show tonight after dinner click the photo to see all the photos from the show!


After Dinner Worship

After dinner the campers sang:

Check Out the Photo Gallery

The photo gallery can be accessed here.

After Lunch Worship

After lunch the campers sang:

Daily Message from the Director

Discovery Time

Discovery Time at Camp Lakewood is a time in the morning for the campers to worship together and then the director introduces the theme and verse of the day. Every day has a bible story that goes along with it as well. Today during Discovery Time worship the campers sang:

Today the Directors told the story, from John 17: 1-18, of Jesus praying for himself and his disciples before being taken away by the guards. Since the theme of the day is “The Bible shows me the way to pray” the campers went on a prayer walk to different locations around camp whle praying for themselves and their cabins.

The Bible verse for the day is Philippians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”



After singing Amazing Love, the directors reviewed the Bible verse, why Jesus washed the disciple’s feet, and that we should all treat others the way we want to be treated. Director Abby asked if anyone saw people acting this way during the day and Ava from Turtle Girls said, “At Adventure Trail, we were all encouraging each other at the low ropes.”

The directors finished with a prayer asking that all the campers could learn more about Jesus and his love and also safety for the rest of the week.

Messy Games





Tonight was Messy Games and all the photos can be seen right here!

After Dinner Singing

After dinner campers got to sing:


A new batch of photos from swim time are up and can be seen here!

Discovery Time

Today during Discovery Time, the campers learned about the time when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. The story can be found in John 13: 1-17. In the campers’ hunt for the ultimate treasure, our treasure map, the Bible, shows them the way to love. The counselors showed the campers the way Jesus loved his disciples by washing their campers’ feet. Click here for pictures of Discovery Time.

The setlist for Discovery Time worship included:

The key Bible Verse comes from the book of John:

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34

**A Message From The Director



The worship set for Vespers included:

After a review of the Bible story from this morning and reviewing today’s Bible verse, Rochelle, one of the directors, told a story about a time when she had to trust God through a storm.

Cabin Competition

Photos are up from Cabin Competition! Click here to check them out.

After Dinner Worship


The after dinner worship set included:

Afternoon Rotations

Photos from this afternoon’s rotations are uploaded and can be viewed here.

After Lunch Worship

Campers had another opportunity to Worship today after lunch, and the setlist included:


Photos from this morning’s rotations are uploaded and can be viewed here.

Pirate Play

Ian and Alex from Fox Boys want to tell you about a pirate treat they made during Pirate Play.

Directors Message to Parents

Discovery Time

Today at Discovery Time, the band started with worship. The set included:IMG_3335

Today’s theme is the Bible shows me the way to Trust. The Bible story for today is from Matthew 14: 22-33. Jesus calls Peter to walk on the water to Him, but when Peter takes his eyes off of Jesus he begins to sink.

The Key verse for today is Psalm 25:1

“In you, Lord my God , I put my trust.”




Tonight was the campers first time at Vespers. The directors talked about how special Vesper Hill is. It is a place that is quiet and is good for one on one time between them and God. They also discussed the theme for the week: Yo Ho Ho Treasure. The Bible is the treasure map and the treasure is Jesus.

The set list for Vespers included:

Open the Eyes of my Heart

God of Wonders


Some pictures have been added to the Smugmug Gallery and can be viewed here.


After Dinner Worship

After dinner the campers had a short worship session. The set list included:


Check In starts in just a little bit. Check back for photos of the first days activities.