Camp Lakewood - Elementary - June 30-July 3 (2013)

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Deli subs, chips, and carrots are for lunch today.

Message from the Director

Discovery Time

Today at Discovery Time campers learned that the Bible shows them the way to Live. The story from Acts 27: 1-44 talks about Paul standing firm in his faith during a shipwreck.

The Bible verse today is “If you love me, you will keep my commands.” John 14:15


Today campers had french toast sticks, sausage, and hash browns.



Tonight at Vespers Jodi talked to the campers about how much Jesus loved each and every one of them. Campers were given the opportunity to ask Jesus to be their best friends. Jodi also talked about what to do if Jesus already was their best friend. She said they need to GROW.

  • G – go to church
  • R – read the Bible
  • O – obey God
  • W – witness to others

Treasure Hunt

Photos from Treasure Hunt are up and can be seen here!



Tonight at dinner campers are having lasagna roll ups, breadsticks, and green beans.

Afternoon Rotations


All the activities from this afternoon are up on the photo gallery here!


Today for lunch the campers had tacos with rice and churros.

Morning Rotation

Photos from thisIMG_7562 morning can be seen here!

Discovery Time

Discovery Time started with:
- Trading my sorrows - Jesus Cheer - Big House
After worship Jodi reminded the campers about the theme for the week, “Yo Ho Ho, Treasure”, the Bible is our treasure map to Jesus, the ultimate treasure.
Jodi gave the campers something to think about today. She asked the campers what they treasure in their lives.
To finish up Discovery Time the campers went on a treasure hunt and were looking for Jesus.
### Message From the Director



Tonight at Vespers campers started with singing I Love You Lord. Jodi told a story from John 13. Jesus washed his disciples feet as a way to show them that they must love one another as he loved them.
After Vespers the campers are going back to their cabins for cabin devotions.
###  Dinner

Dinner tonight was chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

Messy Games

Photos from Messy Games photos are coming up right now. Click here for photos.  Campers are getting cleaned up and getting ready to head to Vespers.



Today’s lunch is corn dogs with chips and carrots.

Morning Rotations

Photos from Discovery Time and this morning’s Kayak rotations can be seen here!


Message from the Director

Discovery Time

Discovery Time at camp is where the campers learn the morning lesson and enjoy worship time.
Today during worship, the campers sang:
- Every Move I Make - Jesus Cheer - Big House
The Bible verse for today comes from John 13:34, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” The theme for today is “The Bible Shows Me The Way To Love”. Jodi told the campers about 5 different kinds of love and different ways we can love one another.
### Breakfast

Today for breakfast, the campers had pancakes and sausages. After breakfast, the all-camp photo was taken, followed by time to clean cabins.



Vesper Hill is a sacred place at Camp Lakewood where the campers have a time to hear a story and have one on-one-time with God. Today the Bible story comes from Matthew 14: 22-33. Jesus walks on water to the disciples and tells Peter to join him. Peter is walking on the water with Jesus, but when he takes his eyes off of Jesus, he starts to sink. Tonight’s theme is “The Bible Shows Me The Way To Trust.”

Big Group GamesIMG_7116

Tonight the campers played big group games and took their swim tests. Some photos from the evening can be seen here!


The campers are all checked in and are at the Dining Hall enjoying Cheeseburgers. Tonight, campers are taking their swim tests and playing big group games.