Camp Lakewood - Elementary Impact - July 27 - 30 (2014)

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End of the Week Video


Vesper Hill


Clean Games

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So what was on the menu? Chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes, and green beans!


IMG_1532 IMG_1591

Discovery Time

This morning for discovery time we heard the Bible story about the Last Supper and the feet washing ceremony. We also wrote our sins and burdens in our lives on strips of paper. They put them on their wrists while they prayed for their sins and for forgivness. “Jesus took our sin and took that pain on the cross for us!”  They then broke those paper bracelets off their wrists because they do not have to carry the sin around any longer. IMG_1813 IMG_1824 IMG_1829


Breakfast was a crowd pleaser with scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon!




Corn dogs, potato chips, carrots and pears for dessert gave us our “yummy for the tummy” today! And of course, the salad bar as used by lots of us for some more veggies!   We jammed with the singer for a couple songs before we headed to our cabins for Horizontal Hour to rest up for our afternoon rotations!

Discovery Time

One of the directors spoke about how Jesus is our teacher. We talked about our favorite teachers and what they did to make them our favorite. We learned about two parables today. The first was how fruit may look good on the outside but once you start to eat the fruit we discover that the fruit is really bad. Jesus was talking about how a person can look like a good person but when they start to interact with you the really aren’t a good person. The other parable was about building your house on a solid rock, and how they need to build there lives on Christ to have a solid foundation. The activity was to write things on a brick that will help remind them that Jesus is with them. Some also wrote things like faith, hope, Jesus is my best friend, etc.


Up for breakfast with smashed “birthday cakes”(pancakes), pig tubes (sausage) and fried ice(crispy potato cubes)!


Vesper Hill

Every night campers go to vesper hill to round out the eventful day with worship and time with God! Campers learned that Vesper Hill is a holy place at Camp Lakewood. It’s a special place where we come to specifically worship God and experience Him. Lives have been change here for many years, and this week God is going to do amazing work in our hearts and lives!

Who Hunt

IMG_1444 IMG_1404 IMG_1380


For the evening meal the kitchen took a cow, made patties and grilled them to perfection! It of course included all the trimmings with lettuce and tomatoes for the “rabbits” in all of us! Topped with fries and corn, it was like a backyard BBQ! Many plates appeared to be clean, but with dirt pudding for dessert who can blame them!


Today’s the day! It’s a great day for your campers to make their way to camp and embark on a wonderful journey with us here at Camp Lakewood!   sunday-up