Camp Lakewood - Elementary Impact - July 20 - 25 (2014)

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End of The Week Video


Afternoon Rotation

IMG_1219 IMG_1226 IMG_1239


Sub sandwiches, carrots, chips, and the salad bar were on the menu this afternoon!

Morning Rotation


IMG_1193 IMG_1196 IMG_1211

Discovery Time

In Discovery Time we focused on The truth: Jesus is our healer!

Director Jessica taught on John 5:1-9. In this passage Jesus heals a man who had been waiting at the healing pool for 38 years. Then when Jesus came to him Jesus asked him if he wanted to get well. The man told Jesus that he didn’t have anyone to help him up. Jesus said “Get up and pick up your mat and walk!” The Bible says that the man was instantly cured!

We can and should look to Jesus to be our healer too!


On the menu for this morning it was biscuits n’ gravy, crispy cubes, and that breakfast bar!

Morning Watch

Morning Watch started out with a fun game called “Poop Deck!” Yes, Poop Deck. The kids loved it! Ask your camper how to play!


Vesper Hill


Cabin Competitions

IMG_1066 IMG_1084 IMG_1116


Tonight we had a home classic, beef and noodles, with mashed potatoes, and california blend veggies! Yumm!

Afternoon Rotations

IMG_0925 IMG_6949 IMG_6955 IMG_7010


 The lunch included a chicken sandwich, california blend and mac & cheese!

Morning Rotation


Discovery Time

Today’s focus is: Jesus is my savior!

Bible story of the day: The disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus. They were so sad because Jesus had died. Jesus came and began walking beside them. They didn’t recognize him as they were walking and talking. They finally went into a house to eat together and as Jesus broke bread they finally recognized who he was!

Luke 24:36 ” Look at my hands and look at my feet. It’s really me.”

Director Jessica challenged all of the campers to lift their heads up and open their eyes and hearts so that they could see Jesus.

At the end of discovery time campers met in their cabin groups. They talked about things that they were scared of, or that made them nervous, they wrote thee things down on a piece of paper. This paper will be a part of Vespers this evening. Campers also played a “walk to Emmaus” relay game. They linked arms with a partner, walked with their heads down across a field, and then turned to their cabin and yelled what they wanted for dinner to the rest of their cabin. This was the signal that the next group could go. A few of their dinner choices:

Cabbage with bacon, cake and twinkies, churros, dorito pizza, and some other crazy things!


A hike up to breakfast in the Dinning Hall with Freanch toast sticks, sausage links and hash brown triangles on the menu!


Vesper Hill

At Vesper Hill we had a powerful worship time led by our band. Then, counselors Caroline and Trevor shared about times in their lives when they had each been like the wise man and like the foolish man. Their stories about running on their cross country teams illustrated the importance of following Jesus and making wise choices. Director Ryan closed our time by reminding us of our lesson for the day: Jesus is our teacher. Ryan told the campers that Jesus teaches him two main ways-through reading the Bible and through that “tug” at his heart. He also encouraged campers to let Jesus be their teacher.


Messy Games

Tonight’s evening activity was the legendary…Camp Lakewood MESSY GAMES!

The campers headed to Pine Meadow after dinner in swimsuits and their messy clothes. The staff pulled the Gator in filled with eggs, pudding, kool-aid, spaghetti noodles, frosting, fruit loops, and chocolate syrup! Is that a winning combination or what!?

Heres how all of those things came into play:

  1. Egg Roulette- The kids sat in a circle with one member of their cabin holding an egg on the outside of the circle. While Director Dane sang a song the camper with the egg in hand walked around the circle. When the music stopped, the caper squished the egg on the head they stopped in front of! And then that camper got to be the one to squish the egg!
  2. Drip Drip Drench- Imagine duck, duck, goose with Kool-aid! But the person the gets goosed gets drenched with green Kool-aid!
  3. Pudding Relay: Campers sat in a line with a bowl of pudding at the front and and empty bowl at the back. The campers used their hands and passed the pudding over their heads to the bowl in the back. There was definitely as much pudding on the kids as in the bowls!
  4. Frosting Face- One counselor from each cabin put on goggles and then covered their face in frosting. Their campers took turns throwing fruit loops at their faces!
  5. Messy Slip and Slide- Campers took turns on two slip and slides filled with spaghetti noodles, chocolate syrup, kool-aid, and pudding!

And then…They took a dip in the lake and washed off!

IMG_0662 IMG_0738 IMG_0761 IMG_0780


Continuing with the ethnic theme of Mexican at lunch, we had an Italian at dinner. It was a flair of Sicily with lasagna rolls, breadsticks, salad bar, broccoli. Chocolate cake rounded out the dessert. I am thinking this one is more American, but hey it’s chocolate who is really gonna complain!

Afternoon Rotations

IMG_0645 IMG_0615


It is a Mexican lunch at the Dining Hall with soft tacos, nachos and cheese and spanish rice. And for dessert we have churros, Ole!

Now it is time for a siesta! (aka horizontal hour)

Morning Rotation

[![IMG_0604](]( our new bunny Bo!

Discovery Time

During this mornings’s discovery time we looked at Matthew 7:24-29. This is the story of the wise and foolish builders.

A few campers were asked what they have learned at discovery time so far?

“Jesus is my teacher. Do not build your house on sand or it will break. Build our house on rock. If your friends are on sand and you are on the rock, you need to bring them to the rock. You bring them to the rock so they can learn more about Jesus!


Breakfast was a crowd pleaser with scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon!


Pictures are updated! Check here for more!

Vesper Hill

Tonight we spent time worshipping the Lord with music and then two counselors shared about how Jesus is their best friend. Once again, this was an amazing time with God. God is surely shining through the faces of our counselors and campers and it is so awesome to watch and capture these moments! It was one incredible first full day at Lakewood!


Wacky Water Relays

Campers had a blast doing relays races with sponges and t-shirts! They tried to plug trash cans full of holes while their counselors used buckets to fill them (the counselors worked harder on getting the campers wet than filling the buckets!) The evening activities ended with a counselor/director/staff belly-flop contest!

IMG_0370 IMG_0484 IMG_0490



So what was on the menu? Chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes, and green beans!

Afternoon Rotations


IMG_0294 IMG_0318 IMG_0345


Today it was corn dogs, carrots, and chips for lunch. After lunch it was back to cabins for a little rest and relaxation gearing up for the three afternoon rotations!

Morning Rotation

IMG_0139 IMG_0153

Discovery Time

After breakfast each day our campers get ready for “Discovery Time.” This is the time of the day that we dig into the Bible to “discover” God’s truth. Director Jessica made this teaching time fun for everyone. Today we looked at the story of Jesus and his friend Lazarus. Jesus modeled how to be a good friend and showed us that we also have a friend in Him.  Discovery Time ended with cabins studying the Bible together and doing an activity that reminded us of the characteristics of Jesus our Friend.


Up for breakfast with smashed “birthday cakes”(pancakes), pig tubes (sausage) and fried ice(crispy potato cubes)!


Vesper Hill

Director Lauren shared this about  Vesper Hill with campers:

In the Bible God spoke to Moses at a burning bush. God told Moses to take off his shoes because he was in a holy place. It was a holy place, not because  of the ground he was standing on, but because it was where God was speaking to him. Director Lauren continued , Vesper Hill is a holy place at Camp Lakewood. It’s a special place where we come to specifically worship God and experience Him. Lives have been change here for many years, and this week God is going to do amazing work in our hearts and lives!

During Vespers the campers began singing, and their singing quickly turned to passionate worship to the Lord! It was an amazing sight to watch these little hearts pour their hearts out to God- on the FIRST NIGHT! God is surely present and working! We are incredibly excited to watch what happens the rest of the week!


Tonight there was not a lot of talking but a whole lot of worship!


For the evening meal the kitchen took a cow, made patties and grilled them to perfection! It of course included all the trimmings with lettuce and tomatoes for the “rabbits” in all of us! Topped with fries and corn, it was like a backyard BBQ! Many plates appeared to be clean, but with dirt pudding for dessert who can blame them!


Today’s the day! It’s a great day for your campers to make their way to camp and embark on a wonderful journey with us here at Camp Lakewood!