Camp Lakewood - Elementary Impact - July 13 - 18 (2014)

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Discovery Time


Today campers learned that Jesus is our Savior! We learned about Bible stories from Romans 5:1,5, and Luke 24:36-49!

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. – Romans 5:1,5


On the menu for this morning it was biscuits n’ gravy, crispy cubes, and that breakfast bar!


Vesper Hill

Director Jen led vespers tonight. She talked about how we all have hurts in our lives but because Jesus is our healer, he wants to heal us and our hurts. She also talked about how sometimes Jesus’ way of healing isn’t always ow we want something/someone healed. She then had everyone thing about a hurt that they have in their life, and write them down on a piece of paper. We then took those hurts and threw them in the fire!


Who Hunt

Tonight for evening extravaganza we play “Who Hunt”, which is the biggest game of hide n seek! The campers were so good at finding the directors, band and staff that we were able to play twice! The second time, one of the band members hid sooo well that no one found him till Vespers!


We had a wonderful dinner of beef n noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, and brownies!


[![This little guy was found during a nature rotation at the pond!](]( little guy was found during a nature rotation at the pond!
[![IMG_8790](]( [![IMG_8848](](


Today’s lunch included a chicken sandwich, california blend and mac & cheese.


IMG_1855 IMG_8910

Even though it was a chilly day everyone had fun at their rotations, even the water ones!

Discovery Time

Director Amanda led our discovery time today! She talked about how Jesus can heal us physically. Just like that man by the pool was healed. We talked about the different ways that we personally can be hurting as well as people all over the world. The cabins went in front of that dinning hall to pray fro each other and was given a band aid with Jesus written on it to remind us that Jesus heals our hurts!


A hike up to breakfast in the Dinning Hall with French toast sticks, sausage links and crispy cubes on the menu!


Dinner and More

For dinner we had a taste of Italy. The menu included lasagna rolls, garlic topped bread-sticks, and broccoli.  To top off our bellies after a wonderful meal, we had chocolate cake for dessert! After dinner, the campers grabbed their towels to head out to clean games!!! Shaving cream hair-dos, balloon pop, toe-marble grab and you can’t forget about the slip and slide that were awaiting the campers arrival!!!!

[![IMG_1729](]( counselor bravely sacrifices his flowing locks to win the best hair do!
### Afternoon Rotations

After horizontal hour, the campers were refreshed and excited to continue on with the rest of the day! Laughter was heard all across camp from campers facing fears at the zipline and swing, and the joyous noise coming from the beach. Campers were anxiously learning archery, and supporting each other as they aimed for the target.  Some campers enjoyed a nice round of bean-bag toss, giant jenga and lawn twister!

IMG_1534 IMG_1548 IMG_1667


Taco Tuesday!!! There are always empty plates for Taco Tuesday! What gets better than creating your own taco with beef, lettuce, cheese, rice, and salsa! If that isn’t delicious enough, warm churros that were coated in cinnamon were for dessert!!!

Discovery Time

Jen led discovery time this morning. She spoke about how Jesus is our teacher. We talked about our favorite teachers and what they did to make them out favorite. We learned about two parables today. The first was how fruit may look good on the outside but once you start to eat the fruit we discover that the fruit is really bad. Jesus was talking about how a person can look like a good person but when they start to interact with you the really aren’t a good person. The other parable was about building your house on a solid rock, and how they need to build there lives on Christ to have a solid foundation.


We had a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs,cheesy hash browns, and BACON!

Morning Watch

The sun was greeting the campers as they arrived at the beach 7:30 this morning. Before reading into scripture, the campers sang the “Little Birdie” song to send away their early morning tiredness and get them energized to conquer the day! The morning scripture was Matthew 7:15-20,24-27



The fire was crackling to welcome the campers as they walked to Vesper Hill. Tonight’s worship was focused on Jesus being our best friend. Director Amanda shared  about some of her friends and the reasons why they are her friends. She talked about different qualities each person has, and why they are an important part of her life.

Then Amanda shared the book “The Giving Tree,” by Shel Silverstein. In the book, a boy befriends a tree. In his times of need, the tree provides him with apples, leaves, branches, and finally, her trunk. At the end of the book,  the tree is nothing but a stump. All she can provide to the boy is a place for him to sit and rest, which is exactly what he needs. The book symbolizes our relationship with Christ. Christ continues to give us what we ask for, without expecting anything in return. Christ shows us what it means to be a true friend. A true friend is there to spend time with and to provide support in our times of need. A true friend is there when you have nothing left to give, and just need someone to sit with.


Dinner and More!

For dinner, we took a tour down south; fried chicken legs, mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans! The salad bar was prepared with lettuce and a variety of vegetables to help give us energy for Cabin Competition that followed dinner. OH! We can’t forget about our freshly baked spiced apple slices for dessert!

Cabin Competition was filled with the classic three-legged race, egg-relay and tug-a-war!




Afternoon Rotations

We were off to our activities this afternoon eager to have some fun!  We were tubing and swimming down at the waterfront, climbing on the 25 foot wall at the Rec Center, zipped down the Twin Eagle Ziplines and flying high on the Mammoth Swing.    A little rain has moved in so crafts and the climbing continue while other campers are building community with some fun games and activities in the dining hall.

[![IMG_8586](]( brave camper gets ready to Zipline!
[![IMG_8747](]( is fair when playing with water guns at the beach!
[![IMG_1313](]( fives for the Squirrel Boys for going to the top of the Mammoth Swing!
### Lunch & Horizontal Hour

Corn dogs, potato chips, carrots and pears for dessert gave us our “yummy for the tummy” today! And of course, the salad bar as used by lots of us for some more veggies!   We jammed with the band for a couple songs before we headed to our cabins for Horizontal Hour to rest up for our afternoon rotations!


Campers got to create their cabin signs for our Evening Extravaganza activities and they got to know their staff buddy for the week with some get to know you fun!

Discovery Time

Penny led us in our discovery time. Our story was based on Jesus bringing Lazarus back from the dead! Jesus loved Lazarus sooo much that he couldn’t allow him to stay dead! We watched a scene from ‘Toy Story’ that talked about how Buzz Lightyear mattered to Andy and that he chose Buzz and he loved him no matter what because he wrote his name on his foot! We did a fun activity to show who we belong to and who loves us no matter what! We wrote Jesus on the bottom of our foot because he loves us and we belong to Him!


Up for breakfast with smashed “birthday cakes”(pancakes), pig tubes (sausage) and fried ice(crispy potato cubes)!

Morning Watch

Our morning started with morning watch down by the lake. We sang some camp songs together to get our blood flowing! John 15:9-17 was read whish is the focus of our theme today! We are learning how “Jesus is my friend!”  We also sang the birthday song to one of our campers from Fox A!


Vesper Hill

We went to vespers and sang praise songs. Such an awesome time with God! Sherri talked about how we are going to learn who Jesus is! Pray for your campers as they are learning “Who Jesus Is!” Tomorrow we will be learning that “Jesus is our friend!”


For the evening meal the kitchen took a cow, made patties and grilled them to perfection! It of course included all the trimmings with lettuce and tomatoes for the “rabbits” in all of us! Topped with fries and corn, it was like a backyard BBQ! Many plates appeared to be clean, but with dirt pudding for dessert who can blame them!


Today’s the day! It’s a great day for your campers to make their way to camp and embark on a wonderful journey with us here at Camp Lakewood!   sunday-up