Camp Lakewood - Elementary Express - June 29 - July 2 (2014)

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End of the Week Video

Well. What can be said that hasn’t already been said? Pleanty, ask your kid when they get home. No matter how many words or pictures I attempted to post to describe this fantastic week, none can compare to the individual memories each camper made. Fears overcame. Friends made. God glorified. Jesus exalted. Your camper will be missed


The last lunch included a chicken sandwich, california blend and mac & cheese. All week’s lunches there has been a mix of music quietly playing in the background, but today the temp picked up and a conga line broke out wrapping in and around that dining hall! A big cha-cha thanks to the Brave Beaver girls for breaking out in dance to get the party started!

Discovery Time

We rolled together all of the previous days lesson as Jesus as my friend, teacher and Savior like the lasagna roll-ups at last night’s dinner. It started out as a tongue twister but got untangled with God’s word and Micah 6:8.  The discovery time activity had the cabins roll play to the question “If you lived like Jesus how would you respond?”


A hike up to breakfast in the Dinning Hall with Freanch toast sticks, sausage links and crispy cubes on the menu! In another tight competition Silly Squirrel boys stuttered away with the quiet cabin award! Truly if you have been following every cabin should have gotten an award.


Vesper Hill

Tonight was a special night indeed when directors came out bearing the sin chains our campers made at discovery time. With the reading of John 3:16, Jesus appeared and removed their sins and placed them in the fire. A moving image that touched those present! We praise God that no matter what outcome of this commitment night, God’s word will not return void.

Evidence of that came at the cabin devotional time when a counselor was illustrating the point that Jesus is our friend. The camper asked why he and the other counselor were such good friends? One Turtle boy responded “because he (the counselor) produces good friends and that each of them help each other produce good fruit. These campers are picking up these Gospel messages!

Evening Extravaganza

The campers broke up into their cabins for scripture filled stations focusing on teamwork. Campers were blind folded to make smiles out of pool noodles and cones while being guided by cabin friends! They locked arms to move a hula hoop from one partner to another, among others. At the last station they blended their creative talents and intellectual might in “make your own trophy” with only a few supplies: aluminum foil, pipe cleaners, one ballon, and a long piece of tape!

IMG_7065 IMG_7083 IMG_7062 IMG_7055


Continuing with the ethnic theme of Mexican at lunch, we had an Italian at dinner. It was a flair of Sicily with lasagna rolls, breadsticks, salad bar, broccoli. Chocolate cake rounded out the dessert. I am thinking this one is more American, but hey it’s chocolate who is really gonna complain!


IMG_6985 IMG_7002 IMG_7043 IMG_7033


It is a Mexican lunch at the Dining Hall with soft tacos, nachos and cheese and spanish rice. And for dessert we have churros, Ole!

Now it is time for a siesta! (aka horizontal hour)


IMG_6902 IMG_6919

Discovery Time


After a good clean of the cabins, the campers are back for worship singing Big House and Walk in the Light of Jesus. By celebration/check out, we will have these songs rocking for you. During Discovery time, Jodi, our spiritual director, emphasized the Ten Commandments and the sins that we all carry. The activity was to write those sins and wrong doings on strips of paper and then make a chain of sin that hold us down.


Breakfast was a crowd pleaser with scrambled eggs, hash browns and bacon!

Remember I said this will be the toughest quiet cabin award? Well it came down to a couple of squealing cats, a bed sqeak and some heavy counselor breathing. These campers are making it tough on the judges. In the end it was Turbo Turtle Girls by the narrowest of margins!

Morning Watch

Morning Watch got the campers’  blood flowing! Starting out with jumping jacks, apple jacks, monkey jacks, and an assortment of other jacks! We said good morning to the lake, and to the little birdies once again. The camp classic Boogaloo returned and then things got really wild with a new repeat after me song called Alligator! The dangerous animal theme didn’t stop with the Baby Shark. Don’t fear though we all ended dancing with Jesus!

Beware parents that when 7:30 am comes on Thursday you may be awakened to the loud sounds of their own morning watch!

Good Morning Lakewood!

This will have to be the toughest quiet cabin award in years. Nature’s fireworks of thunder boomers & lightning flashes of last night’s thunderstorm had no impact on the campers! A big shout of praise to the Lord for His hand of comfort on those kids. Many of them did not know there was even a storm! God is good!


Vesper Hill

We continued to learn that Jesus is our teacher. Wait, on camper said it best.. “Jesus is our AWESOME teacher!” Tonight we learned about the tree that bears fruit from Matthew 7:15-20. The speaker used a very, very ripe banana to illustrate her point. We need to be bearing good fruit, and even we can take the bad and turn it into good, like banana bread!

I got the privilege to hear about a cabin devotional, and it was amazing! These campers know what is going on. Just as the counselor was wrapping up, one of the campers asked if they could read more. They are at camp, with lots of activities and this cabin group wanted to read more of the Bible! Hold on this camp is going to be rocking with the Spirit! Jesus is alive here tonight!

Clean Games

Up first was the frozen t-shirts. Here individual cabins were given a t-shirt that had been frozen and was told to thaw the shirt out by the end of Clean Games. Cabins wasted no time figuring out that putting that shirt under their arm pits was the quickest way. Next came a game called drip, drip, drench! You should ask them about it! In shaving cream hairdo, one counselor from every cabin stood in front while their cabin styled  funny hairdos. Did that last too long? Eighty plus kids with handfuls of shaving cream. Not at all! Pandemonium broke out with no one spared from the onslaught of cans of shaving cream spraying everywhere! Rounding out the games was a soapy slip and slide! Showers tonight? Hardly, this is the cleanest the kids will be all week!

IMG_6515 IMG_6552 IMG_6627 IMG_6567


Hunger set in early tonight at Lakewood as three cabins showed up early for dinner. no they didn’t skip a rotation, they just love the camp food! So what was on the menu? Chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes, and green beans!

Well it is off to dinner then Clean Messy Games! Stay Tuned!

Does anyone need more evidence that this place is spirit filled!? A counselor shared that a camper was homesick, but upon waking this morning they said , “Jesus wanted me to be here because He got me through the night.” Praise God! He is Good!


Camp Lakewood was in full swing, literally especially at the Mammoth Swing! During instructions and rules one of the staff asked if the campers knew what the three H rules were?  “No hot water?” was a reply! Gotta love those Beaver Boys and their jokes!

Down at the Zip Line the only ting that was heard was Whoaaaaaaaaa! Squeals of delight was heard all the more! One first time zip liner from Raccoon A said “that was the best thing ever!” But that’s not all from the zip lines, where a camper from Squirrel B overcame his fear, harnessed up and went down the line! Get this not once, not twice, but three times! I know that he will not be the only to overcome their fears this week at camp!

IMG_6441 IMG_6455 IMG_6459 IMG_6469


Today it was corn dogs, carrots, and chips for lunch with a side of tunes from veggie tales to set the eating mood! After lunch it was back to cabins for a little rest and relaxation gearing up for the three afternoon rotations!



IMG_6188 IMG_6300

Discovery Time

The campers went full out with worship to start Discovery Time. they danced to Big House and went for a stroll with Walk in the Light of Jesus. Things mellowed out during the lesson with a quiet rendition of Jesus Built His House on the Rock, where we learned that Jesus is our teacher!

Right now the kids are focusing on discussing the lesson with their cabin groups. These campers are amazing! Bright eyed, engaged with their Bibles open! Pens and pencils scribbling notes, and markers ablaze writing on a rock the name of Jesus to remind them of what they can do to draw closer to him!


IMG_6095 IMG_6131 IMG_6136


Up for breakfast with smashed “birthday cakes”(pancakes), pig tubes (sausage) and fried ice(crispy potato cubes)!

The award for the prestigious quiet cabin was given after a very competitively “quiet” night. It was neck and neck between the boys of Brave Beaver and Friendly Fox. In the end it came down to a pinwheel that was not spinning! Yes it was that close! With the energy from breakfast campers were off to clean cabins!

Morning Watch

Do you think the campers got enough sleep last night from their first night at camp? The overwhelming majority from campers was NO! But these campers were not sleepy anymore once they got to Morning Watch! They began with some jumping jacks and a big shout out to the lake to wake the neighbors. It didn’t stop as we sang to the bananas in the Banana Song and to the birds with the Bird Song! The campers flopped like fish and sizzled like bacon in the Boogaloo! They rounded Morning Watch out with Little White Box. Ask them about smashing the devil, you will be in for a treat!


Vesper Hill

Tonight we learned that Jesus is our friend. Our scripture was looking at the story of when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. During the message one camper chimed in that “pirates want to be like GOD because they want to talk like him!” In reference to the KJV version when in scriptures it says “ye.”

After Vespers, campers went back for some cabin devotionals. Not sure if they all talked about sailing the high seas with Jolly Rogers but I do know that they dug deep into the Bible with a passage from John 15:9-17.

You are my friends if you do what I command you…you did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit-fruit that will last.  John 15:14-17



For the evening meal the kitchen took a cow, made patties and grilled them to perfection! It of course included all the trimmings with lettuce and tomatoes for the “rabbits” in all of us! Topped with fries and corn, it was like a backyard BBQ! Many plates appeared to be clean, but with dirt pudding for dessert who can blame them!



IMG_5812 IMG_5879 IMG_5922


Today’s the day! It’s a great day for your campers to make their way to camp and embark on a wonderful journey with us here at Camp Lakewood!