Camp Lakewood - Elementary Express - June 25-28 (2017)

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End of the Week Video

####Last Call for Fun Campers spent some more time at rotations this afternoon at the climbing wall, the zip line, and the swing. ####Lunch The last meal of camp was a cookout by the beach! We had hotdogs, baked beans, carrots, potato chips, and juice. ####Fun, Fun, Fun Campers enjoyed a little bit more time out and about this morning having some fun on the zip line, swing, and the AquaGlide. ####Discovery Time The campers learned about the Bible story of "Walk to Emmaus" when two men were walking and Jesus started walking with them after He had risen from the dead and how Jesus encouraged them to share the good news and how the campers should share the good news with their friends when they get back home. ####Breakfast On the menu for breakfast this morning was sausage gravy and biscuits, hash brown triangles,grapes, cereal bar, and juice. ![alt](/content/images/2015/07/tuesday-wednesday-4.png) ####Vespers Tonight was commitment night out at Vespers. Some of the counselors shared part of their story and how they came to ask Jesus to be their forever friend. The strips of paper that they wrote on this morning during discovery time, they were put into the fire to represent that their sins were forgiven by God. ####Talent Show The campers here at Camp Lakewood the week have some awesome talent. They were blown away with amazing singers, skits, and jokes. Make sure you check out more photos from the week [here](! ####Dinner Chicken drum sticks, smile potatoes, corn, salad, and chocolate chip cookies were on the menu for tonight. ####Afternoon Adventures The day was packed full of adventures for the campers. They climbed high on the rock wall, swung on the swing, flew down the zip line, and swam in the lake. ####Director Greeting ####Lunch TACO TUESDAY!!! Campers really enjoyed having tacos and nachos for lunch today. They also had a salad bar and juice. And for desert... CHURROS!!! ####Morning Madness The morning was full of craziness! Campers were everywhere at camp with the AquaGlide, the climbing wall, and the swing! ####Discovery Time! The campers learned about Jesus feeding the 5,000. They even shared a loaf of bread together to engage their senses while being with friends. Their prayer activity this morning was writing down something that they wanted to give to God and they will be in for a surprise tonight at Vespers to see what they will do with their prayers. ####Breakfast Campers this morning enjoyed chowing down on eggs, bacon, cheesy hash browns, cereal bar, and juice. ![alt](/content/images/2015/07/monday-tuesday-2.png) ####Vespers Vespers started out by sharing some of their favorite things from the day. They stretched from the Mammoth Swing at the very front of camp all the way to the lake for swimming. Campers learned that everything that they see is all part of God's miracles and that they should always praise Jesus. [1 John 3:19-24](

Here are some of the songs we sang!

This Little Light of Mine
Step by Step


Organized Mass Chaos Campers enjoyed running around in Pine Meadow dumping water on others and themselves, getting shaving cream all over and in their hair, and doing other silly challenges with friends.


Dinner tonight was lasagna rollups, breadsticks, green beans, salad bar, and yellow cake!

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon was packed full of fun! Campers enjoyed having swim time, climbing the rock wall, swinging on the Mammoth Swing, and ziping down the Twin Eagle Zipline!


Campers enjoyed munching on breaded chicken sandwiches, tater tots, pears, and a salad bar for lunch.

Director Greeting

####Morning Fun Campers jumped right into activities with the climbing wall, the AquaGlide, and the zip line. They are having tons of fun! ####Discovery Time **Grow With God** is todays phrase. The campers pretended to be mustard seeds by curling up in a ball and then stretching out pretending that they were growing big and tall just like the mustard seed would do. Their prayer activity this morning was braiding or twisting three strands of yarn together to signify that God and Jesus was always with them. ####Breakfast Breakfast this morning was pancake and sausage on a stick, triangle potatoes, grapes, cereal bar and juice! ![alt](/content/images/2015/07/sunday-monday-2.png) ####Vespers **Build With God**. The campers participated in a hands on activity as part of their story time tonight. They added pieces of styrofoam peanuts to "rebuild" the wall of Jericho [Ezra 3:8-13](

This Little Light of Mine
Step by Step

Treasure Hunt

Tonight campers embarked on a treasure hunt all while escaping the pirates water guns!


Tonight the campers enjoyed hamburgers, french fries, apple sauce, and a salad bar!


Check-in went great and campers have already begun having loads of fun here at Camp Lakewood!