Camp Lakewood - Elementary Express - July 31 -August 3 (2016)

Camp Photo Gallery

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End Of Week Video

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Don't Forget To Pick Us Up!!

4:15p is coming quick. So don't forget these wonderful children can't wait to see you. We'll have a celebration together to help share some of the exciting experiences and activities that happened this week. We'll see you soon!

Morning Fun & Campfire Cookout

It's been a very fun morning full of fun & games, songs & dancing, crafts, climbing walls, & GaGa! It's been busy! We're just getting ready to head down to the beach for a campfire cookout. After lunch we'll have a short break to decompress and relax before getting back into more fun activities. After that, we'll start to prepare for the arrival of the parents!


Tonight's time at Vesper Hill began with singing the songs Come, Now is the Time to Worship; Jesus Loves Me and Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone). We ask that you all be in prayer for campers as they heard from our spiritual director, Susan, about how much God loves them and how He sent His Son, Jesus to die on the cross for us. This was a special night at Vesper Hill as campers were given an opportunity to come and pray to ask Jesus to be their forever friend. We closed with singing This Little Light of Mine.

Messy Games is next...

We're headed to messy games and it's gonna be a blast!

Dinner Time!

The menu for dinner included delicious drumsticks, potato wedges, corn and some awesomely yummy ice cream for dessert! Happy campers is what we had tonight!

Afternoon Rotations

This afternoon's rotations were alot of fun...the Mammoth Swing, Swimming, Games Galore and the Twin Eagle Ziplines kept us busy. Check out some of our photos over on our Facebook page:


It's Tuesday, so you know what that means? Taco tuesday! The kids enjoyed some tacos, nachos, salad, and churros!

Morning Rotations

The superheroes got crafty this morning!

Discovery Time!

Today at discovery time the kids heard about a hero who saved the day!
This hero comes from The Parable of the Good Samaritan
The kids heard about how they can save the day for others even at home! They got to make "Good Samaritan Envelopes" that they filled with sanitation wipes, bandages, and an encouraging note! Now they are off to save the day!

Daily Director Greeting

###Breakfast Today for breakfast the kids had a southern classic! Biscuits and gravy, potato cubes, and juice! ![](/content/images/2015/06/monday-tuesday-8.png)

Vesper Hill

Tonight the kids talked about how they stepped out on faith today by conquering their fears! They discussed how they can continue stepping out on faith this week and how they can help others step out on faith. Now they are off to get a good nights rest.

Organized Mass Chaos

Toilet paper and shaving cream were flying everywhere! The kids had a great time doing all kinds of crazy tasks! Check out the photos!

Dinner Time!

Tonight we had a classic! Pizza, breadsticks,broccoli, and dirt pudding! The kids loved it!

Afternoon Rotations

The kids stayed cool today by having a blast in the water! Check out the pictures!


Today for lunch we had breaded chicken sandwiches, chips, salad, and pears!

Morning Rotations

Some of the kids got to slip and slide on the aqua glide this morning! They had a blast!

Discovery Time

Today at discovery time the kids heard about a hero from the Bible that stepped out on faith. The hero today was a centurion who stepped out on faith and asked Jesus to heal his servant.The story comes from Matthew 8:5-13! Check it out!

Daily Director Greeting

###Breakfast Today, for our first morning together, the kids are enjoying pancakes,sausage patties, potato triangles, and juice! ![](/content/images/2015/06/sunday-monday-8.png)

Vesper Hill

Tonight at Vesper Hill the kids heard about their first hero from the Bible! They heard about how Moses took action and helped the Israelites escape slavery by parting the Red Sea. Check out the story from Exodus 14! Now they are ready to head to bed to get some rest for their big day tomorrow!

Hero Hunt

Tonight the campers searched for some heroes around camp! Check out the photos from today in the camp photo gallery!

Dinner Time!

For our first meal together we had an American classic! Hamburgers, fries, salad, and mandarin oranges.

Daily Director Greeting