Camp Lakewood - Elementary Camp - July 22-27, 2018 (2018)

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Check out the video from celebration about worship this week and what some campers learned about God!

Vesper's Thursday Night

Camper tonight sang Broken Vessels, Great are you Lord, What a Beautiful Name, Lord, I need You, and Good, Good Father.
Tonight campers learned 6 ways to know that God loves you.

  1. God knows you by name Isaiah 43:1
  2. He will fight for you Exodus 14:14
  3. He thinks about you Psalm 139
  4. He has plans for you Jeremiah 29:11
  5. God is your refuge Psalm 62
  6. God is always, always with you Matthew 28:19-20

Vesper's Wednesday Night

Campers sang Lord, I need You and Broken Vessels tonight.
Tonight they learned more about what it looks like to speak up. We are called to be the light in the world and campers were encouraged to share what they learned this week with their family and their friends when they get home.
This morning with the bible story, campers learned that everyone is deserving of God's love no matter what. At lunch today, a camper walked up to a director and asked if he could eat lunch with the man sitting alone outside on the porch. He said that no one should have to eat along. He wanted to show that man God's love. This camper gathered a few friends and one of their counselors and sat outside and talked to the man during the rest of lunch. They learned that you don't have to go very far to share God's love with others. Serving God doesn't have to be big and it doesn't always have to be something that everyone around you will notice.

How can we serve other people?

Fun, Fun, Fun

Check out the fun video with the activities campers have done so far this week and why they love them so much!

Vesper's Tuesday Night

Tonight campers sang Lord, I need You, Great are you Lord, The Passion, and Broken Vessels.
Tonight campers dived deeper into what it means to have hope in Jesus. A counselor shared an experience where they saw hope in other people's lives on a trip that they took. They noticed how those people had so much hope when they had so little. God provided for them and took care of them.
Our hope should be in Jesus. Hope in Jesus is powerful and it brings us so much happiness and joy. Hope does not disappoint. God's love never fails and it will never disappoint us.
Romans 5

Vesper's Monday Night

Tonight campers heard a small story from a counselor about how sometimes making decisions can be heard, but we have to trust that God will show us the right way, God has a plan for all of us even when we don't see it right away. It is okay that we don't know what to do sometimes because God has that plan and we have to trust that He will show it to us.
Tonight campers sang What a Beautiful Name and Break Every Chain.

Welcome to Camp!

Check out the video of what campers will be learning about this week!

Vesper's Sunday Night

Tonight campers learned what "Vesper" means. Vesper means "Evening Worship". Vesper's is a chance for campers to listen to the Lord. God is so wonderful and so magnificent that it can be hard to understand.
Campers have so much to look forward to this week at camp. There are so many new experiences for them. Even in all of the fun, campers were challenged to look for God in everything that they do.
the Bible is the most wonderful fairytale and the best part is that it is all true. It's about a hero coming to save everyone, a prince that left his palace. Jesus is the missing puzzle piece.
Tonight campers sang Great are you Lord, What a Beautiful Name, and Good, Good Father.