Camp Lakewood - Elementary Camp - July 15-20 (2018)

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Thursday Night Vesper's

Tonight's Vesper's was so great. Tonight campers dived deeper into how to become the salt of the earth and the light of the world and why those words were chosen. When this part of scripture was written, salt was used for three main reasons: preserve meat, flavoring for food, and for medicine. We are called to add the "God flavoring" to those around us. Lamps in that time needed a source to survive. We can't be a great lamp for God without a source. We all have the light of God in our hearts, but we need Jesus to be the source of that fire.
Tonight campers had the opportunity to pray with an adult about asking Jesus to be their forever friend tonight.
Holy Spirit, Reckless Love, and This Little Light of Mine.

Wednesday Night Vesper's

Tonight campers learned more about how powerful God is. God has power over all things. Campers heard a few stories about how someone had seen God's powerful work in their lives in the big ways, and the little ways. They learned that they were created out of love and that they serve a very powerful God and that God can do anything.
Tonight campers sang Holy Spirit and God of Wonders.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Check out the video of some of the activities campers have done this week and why they love them so much!

Tuesday Night Vesper's

Tonight campers sang Holy Spirit, Break Every Chain, In Christ Alone. They talked about how in Holy Spirit they say "Holy Spirit you are welcome here" and how God is always welcome here at camp and everywhere we go.
Tonight they dove more into the story of the paralyzed man. They talked about how the man and his friends had so much faith and hope in Jesus. They knew that Jesus would be able to take care of the man. The words that Jesus spoke to the man were enough to heal the man and they knew that.

Vesper's Monday Night

Campers sang The Stand and Break Every Chain tonight. The campers talked about how big God is tonight. In the story they heard this morning about Mary and Elizabeth, Mary magnified the Lord, she did everything she could to praise God. When Mary went to see Elizabeth after the angel came to her, the baby in Elizabeths womb leapt when Mary came because of Jesus.
God is bigger than anything and there is noting that is too much when we have God by our sides. Campers talked about how we are the only things that God sculpted from dirt, everything else was just spoken into existence. God created us so special that He sculpted us with His own hands. How great is that!

Welcome to Camp!

Check out the video of campers getting settled into camp and what they will be learning about this week at camp!

Vesper's Sunday Night

Vesper's tonight was great. Campers learned about Psalm 139 and how God knows everything about us. There is no where that we can go where God cannot find us. Tonight they sang Holy Spirit, This Little Light of Mine, and God of Wonders