Camp Indicoso Special Skills June 9-14 2013

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Final Message from the Spiritual Director


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The last night of Vespers was a special one. The craft from today’s bible story was given as a surprise going away gift to the two people that lost their loved ones recently. It was an emotional sight to witness to see these campers show so much love to people they respect and care about. After the revealing communion ended the night.

Afternoon Activity: Last Day at the Pool

Randy and Henry wanted to tell everyone that they’ve had a fun week at camp.

Camper Email

Parents, our Camper Email system encountered a glitch earlier this week and a number of emails that were sent this week were not able to be retrieved by our staff in order to give them to your campers. Our sincerest apologis. The problem has been rectified so as no to be a problem for the future. Thank you for understanding.

Bible Story of the Day Craft

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Campers wanted to show two counselors that lost loved ones recently that they cared and loved them in this time that they were going through. Pastor  Jeanie made two big hearts that were blank to represent the hole in their hearts. Campers then traced their hands and signed each one to put onto the blank heart. This was to show that they were not alone.

Bible Story of the Day: God Fills People That Are Empty

Campers learned that if we go to God in prayer when we feel empty he will fill us.

The first story was about Hannah and how she prayed for a long time to have a child.

This story can be found in 1 Samuel Chapter 1 and 2 (Follow the verses here)

The second story was about David’s cry to God for deliverance.

“1I cried unto the Lord with my voice; with my voice unto theLord did I make my supplication.

2I poured out my complaint before him; I shewed before him my trouble.”
This story can be found in Psalm 142 (Follow the verses [here](
Pastor Jeanie asked campers if any of them had felt empty and prayed to God to fill that emptiness. A camper named Randy told everyone about how his mom passed away and that sometimes he feels alone. He then went on to say that he prays when he feels like this and he feels better because he knows that someday he will get to see his mom again in heaven.
### Program Director Overview for Today

Day 4: June 13th


Night Activity: Dance Party


After dinner campers had a blast dancing the night away until they were worn out and ready for bed.

Afternoon Activity: Fun in the Water


It was another hot day here at camp so campers wanted to go back into the pool to relax. When some of the campers were drying off they wanted to show how strong they were.

Bible Story of the Day Craft


Todays craft added a silly touch to the lesson but got the point that even though you make look different still loves you and you should love all people no matter how different they are.

Bible Story of the Day: God Made Him/Her Different


Pastor Jeanie taught campers if God has made many people different but loves each and everyone of them as equally we should to.   A few of the stories that were talked about was the Good Samaritan and Mary Magdalene.

Todays scriptures came from Ruth (Chapter 1)

1Now it came to pass in the days when the judges ruled, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of Beth–lehem–judah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, he, and his wife, and his two sons…(Follow the rest of this scripture here)

The next scriptures came from Luke 10:25-37

25″And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” (Follow the rest of this scripture here)

Day 4: June 12th


Vespers: Camp Fire Style


Campers got to enjoy a night of worship and smores with a cozy camp fire.

Tonight’s Set List

Worship ended in another moment where Pastor Jeanie asked how the campers saw Jesus today. One camper said “I saw Jesus in the weather.” It’s truly amazing to see how observant these campers are to many wonders of our Savior.

Night Activity: Carnival

_MG_0029 _MG_0061

After dinner, campers had a blast at the carnival. Games like ring toss, bowling, putt putt, and ball toss to name a few were enjoyed by all. Every game played had a chance for campers to win tickets for some cool prizes at the prize table. Needless to say, there were a lot of smiles by the end and everyone walked away with something to take back.

Afternoon Activity: Pool Time

_MG_0429 _MG_0440

It kept getting hotter today so campers didn’t mind when they found out it was another afternoon at the pool.

Bible Story of the Day: Rags to Riches in God’s World

As Pastor Jeanie mentioned in the video, campers learned about how not only stories of people in the bible were seen as rags  turned to riches, but also people in modern society as well could have similar stories. She told campers a few stories like a man who lost his arms but didn’t let that stop him from competing in the Olympics in Archery.

Today’s Bible Passages were Genesis 37 and Luke 1:26-45  

Morning Activity: Hoops


We knew today was going to be a hot one so we wanted campers to be able to shoot some hoops before it became too hot. Campers practiced their three-point shot and then got creative by doing some trick shooting.

Program Director Overview for Today

Spiritual Director Over for Today

Day 3: June 10th


See You Tomorrow

Another great day of camp has concluded.

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Evening Activity: Movie Night


After dinner campers got to enjoy a nice relaxing movie of Happy Feet.

Afternoon Activity: Swim Time


Although it rained earlier, the weather turned out to be perfect just in time for an afternoon dip at the pool.

Bible Story of the Day: Crown Day

_MG_9939 _MG_9991

This morning campers were taught about how Saul and David rose to become king. Both stories showed how these under dogs were chosen and how they rose to lead the nation. Part of the lesson involved campers making crowns to show that everyone is a king and queen for God.

Today’s scripture was 1 Samuel 9-16 (Follow along with the verse here)

Program Director Overview for Today

Spiritual Director Overview for Today

After Breakfast Activity: Bonding on the Deck


Campers started their morning out on the back deck singing songs and making jokes as they got ready for the camp photo.

Day 2: June 10th


Vespers (God I’m Giving You…)

Campers concluded the evening at vespers. Pastor Jeanie asked campers what they wanted to give up to God. With hands cupped together and raised to the sky, campers gave their prayers to God.

Some prayers that were brought up consisted of family members’ health, friends, and for a good week of camp. Be sure to keep those in your prayers as we progress through out the week.

Tonight’s music set list

  • Sanctuary
  • Amazing Grace
  • Lord God Almighty

The night ended in one more word of prayer.

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Game Night

_MG_9886 _MG_9880 _MG_9876

After the evening devotional campers got to enjoy a nice night of various games of their choosing.

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Evening Devotion (Under Dogs)


Campers were introduced to this week’s theme “Under Dog” where they got a small glimpse of the story of Saul before he became king. The main message to be taken from this theme is that no matter how small you think you are, God can use you in big ways.

Tonight’s verse was in 1 Samuel 9:21 (follow along in the verse here)

A question that Pastor Jeanie is going to be asking campers often is “How have you seen Jesus today?”

One camper replied that he saw Jesus when he watched his friend open the door for everybody.


First Wave of Campers


We’re excited to kick off the summer with this week’s Special Skills Camp. The first wave of campers has already been getting to know each other and they wanted to say hello to all the parents.

Day 1: June 9th