Camp Indicoso - Special Skills - July 13 - July 18 (2014)

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Pizza, Strawberries, & cookies

Good Morning

This morning we are enjoying one last beautiful day here at camp. Starting with morning worship and doing one final fun craft. Some brave campers even went on the zip line!

Winding Down in Worship

Campers spent their last night singing songs and sharing their hearts around the campfire. It was a sweet time of worship as campers shared in communion, knelt by the fire, and lifted their hands in worship to the Jesus they love!

Evening Activities

Tonight we were entertained by former director, Troy, who shocked us with is sword swallowing, fire breathing, juggling, and other side show acts. It was so much fun, but also used to remind kids of the gospel and God’s amazing love for us.


Beef n Noodles, Peas, Mashed Potatoes, & Brownies

Afternoon Events

Outdoor activities  & horizontal time


Corn dogs, potato wedges, raw veggies & cookies

Morning Activities

Today campers heard the story of Saul and encounter with Jesus that transformed his name, his life, and the church. Campers shared their favorite hymns and decorated wooden crosses with reminders that Jesus Loves them!

After, they enjoyed the nice weather outside playing basketball and getting to know a new group of Jr High campers.

_MG_6181 _MG_6169

Good Morning


Evening Events

Tonight was the much anticipated dance! Campers loved rocking out to classic tunes as staff joined them in a late night dance party!

_MG_6758 _MG_6742


Ravioli, garlic bread & Caesar salad.

Afternoon Activities

Swimming, crafts & outdoor games

Campers get time each day to hang out with the middle school campers who are also here this week. Today kids played basketball and enjoyed the cool summer breeze getting to know one another.

_MG_6381 _MG_6317


Hamburgers, fries, fruit, & chocolate chip cookies

Morning Activities

Morning Worship

Today we are talking about ways to **honor God’s name. **

Scripture focus: Matthew 7:12 & Galatians 5:22-23

Today we are focusing on others by writing letters to some camp friends in nursing homes & praying for our soldiers overseas!

Later we get Special Friends time with Jr High Campers

_MG_6381 _MG_6317 _MG_6204

Good Morning

tuesday-wednesdayEvening Activities

Carnival & Evening Worship

_MG_6051 _MG_6026 _MG_6022


Taco Tuesday!!

Afternoon Activities

Crafts & Swimming

_MG_5509 _MG_5512 _MG_5633


Grilled Cheese, Pineapple, chips & Salad

Morning Activity

Learning fun names from the Bible

Zerubabble: Ezra 2:2, 3-5

Haggai: Zacheriah 4

Mephiboseth: 2 Samuel 4

& more!

Look through baby books to see what campers names mean!

Morning Worship

Today we are learning that our names have meaning, particularly what it means to be a CHRISTIAN,  a little Christ. God knows each persons’ name, and knows everything about us Psalm 139 & Matthew 16:15-18



Biscuits & Gravy

Good Morning


Evening Activities

Group board games, coloring and puzzles

_MG_5167 _MG_5160 _MG_5156


Baked Chicken, Rice, Carrots, Rolls & Chocolate Cake

Afternoon Activities

Horizontal time, games, crafts


Pulled Pork, Mac n cheese, Watermelon & salad

Morning Worship

Each day we will focus on a different name for God. Today we are looking at Jehovah Jireh: “The Lord will provide”

Scripture Focus: Genesis 22: 6-14

Morning Song: Jesus in the morning

Theme song: “The Only Name,”  with sign language motions

Spiritual activity: Name that tune- groups get together and compete to see who can identify songs sung by Director Alex!

_MG_4671 _MG_4717


Eggs, sausage, & muffins


Good Morning


Winding Down in Worship

Tonight campers focused on the name of Jesus. They learned about a few different names of Jesus and how their meanings describe different characteristics of who he is. After, campers heard the song “The Only Name,” that declares that Jesus is all we need. Whenever we are feeling happy, sad, angry, homesick or lonely we can call on the name of JESUS and he is with us!

Finishing up the evening, campers wrote down what they were thankful for as prayers of worship.

_MG_4528 _MG_4542


Baked Ziti, garlic bread, vegetables, fruit & snickerdoodles

Evening Activities

Tonight campers met one another and enjoyed outdoor crafts.



Welcome campers, we are so excited to have you here at Camp Indicoso. Get ready for an awesome week!