Camp Indicoso - Middle School - June 23-28 (2013)

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Final Message to Parents

Morning Activities: Last Call On the Giant Swing

I4022 20 (1)

As the last day of camp ends, campers were given another chance to the Giant Swing.

Day 6: June 28th


Evening Worship: Communion

The last night of worship is reserved for Communion. Pastor Perry explained what it meant and offered to anyone that wanted to partake.

Evening Activity: Capture The Flag

I4022 2

Campers enjoyed this classic outdoor game. We’ve come to learn that a lot of them are very sneaky and will do almost anything to get that flag.

Afternoon Activity: Water Olympics

I4022 97

The sun was beating down heavy so we thought the perfect fix would be the water olympics. Campers competed in several water games such as the Gauntlet (water game where campers run through a small path and try and dodge wet sponges).

Morning Activity: High Ropes

I4022 5

Morning Worship: Today’s Thoughts Are Tomorrow’s Actions

This morning’s topic was used to help campers use their minds to think about their pursuit with a relationship with God. Director Amy spoke about different things that might try to pull us away from our walk. The main question asked was, “What keeps you from God?”  She then played a clip from online where the two main characters were speaking to an audience about how people put God in a corner in a way. The one thing that campers took from this whole clip was in the end, maybe it’s ourselves that is in the way of our walk.

Today’s centering was a reflection to the song How He Loves Us by David Crowder Band

I4022 1 (2)

Program Director Overview for Today

Spiritual Director Overview for Today

Day 5: June 27th


Evening Activity: Dance/Karate

The rain may have returned but that doesn’t mean the fun stops for campers. Campers danced to their hearts content, and learned some basic self defense moves from counselor Kyle, who is a Martial Arts teacher in Evansville. Campers had so much fun that they forgot  it was even storming.

Afternoon Activity: Movie Time

The rain came  and we had to postpone the scheduled activities. Campers still had a smile on their faces as they watched the movie Despicable Me .

Morning Activities: Giant Swing/Gaga Pit

I4022 48 I4022 31

The rain from last night didn’t stop campers from having fun in the Gaga Pit. Also, today was the first day campers could try out the Giant Swing.

Morning Worship:Praying

I4022 109

Director Amy discussed how and what prayer should look like this morning with campers. As simple as prayer may seem, sometimes we have to take a step back and reevaluate how we pray, what we pray for, and what the motive behind the prayer is. Amy went on to say, “Prayer is not about the big words we use. It’s talking like you would with your friends.” She then discussed why we pray and the importance of prayer. “We are dependent on God to survive in this world. Praying is showing that dependency,” she said. The tricky part of prayer is thinking about our motives behind the words we share with God. Prayer can contain words to God that shows our wants or our desires, and at times that can be difficult to define those motives within ourselves because we are imperfect people.

Program Director Overview for Today

Spiritual Director Overview for Today

Day 4: June 26th


Evening Worship: Qualities of a Good Friend

I4022 16

Tonight’s Set List

Undignified – David Crowder Band

I am Free – News Boys

Oh Happiness – David Crowder Band

Big House – Audio Adrenaline 

We Won’t Be quiet – David Crowder Band

God’s Not Dead – News Boys

Never Let Go – David Crowder Band

Tonight’s topic dealt with qualities we try to find in our friends. Director Amy asked campers, “What qualities do we look for in friends that we want to keep?” The main traits that kept coming up from all the groups were honesty, loyalty, caring, and respect. After that Amy asked, “With what you answered, are these same things that your friends find in you?”

Another part of the discussion looked at the different clicks people form. Amy discussed that although clicks can help us be with our friends, at the same time, we have to think about if we are leaving some out of our circle of friends. “Leave no one out,” she said repeatedly.

Tonight’s Scriptures:

1 Corinthians 15:33

Proverbs 13:20

James 1:19

Evening Activity: Pudding Competitions

I4022 72 I4022 80

It couldn’t be camp without having pudding competitions. Campers played various games that involved pudding and them getting messy. When it was all over they got sprayed down with a hose then shower time.

Afternoon Activity: Pool Time

I4022 39

As the day got hotter campers were glad to jump in for a dip at the pool to cool off.

Morning Activities: Lazer Tag/High Ropes

I4022 8 I4022 15

Campers took to the high ropes course and lazer tag for round two of fun.

Morning Worship: Friendships

I4022 11I4022 17

Today’s topic  was about having a deep friendship that will last a lifetime and further. Director Amy told campers about her friend, Kendra, and how they have been best friends since second grade. Although they don’t see each other that much anymore, the bond they have is still strong and lasting. This same concept of having a strong deep bond that lasts forever can be applied to the relationship we have with Jesus.

Morning Set List:

Me Without You – Toby Mac

Blessed Be Your Name – Chris Tomlin

You are my Joy – David Crowder Band

Today’s Centering art reflection was done to the song* Hold Me Jesus* by Rich Mollins

Program Director Overview for Today

Spiritual Director Overview for Today

Day 3: June 25th


More Photos: Smugmug

I4022 81

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Evening Worship: Pain and Disappointment

Tonight’s Set List

Steal My Show – Toby Mac

We Won’t Be Quiet – David Crowder Band

I am Free – News Boys

Never Let Go – David Crowder Band

Pastor Perry spoke about the different times we can all feel pain and disappointment. He  then went on to tell the story about how he lost his wife in a car accident. He went on to tell them that he felt pain but after awhile realized that because of what he’s gone through, he can talk to others that have gone through similar situations. He told campers that after the accident it was one of the things that gave him a bigger push to become a pastor.

Pastor Perry then went on to tell campers that God does not want us to feel pain so when we do to pray to God. He also stated that the times we have felt pain could turn into something positive. “God takes our pain and turns it to a positive. It may not happen right away but one day it will,” he said.

Evening Activities: Amazing Race

I4022 85

Campers were faced with many trials and obstacles such as guessing the four ingredients in iron chef’s glass. One of the boys’ cabin groups won but know it was literally down to a few seconds.

Afternoon Activities: Ultimate Frisbee/ Swim Time/ Balloon Animals

I4022 1 (1) I4022 9 (1) I4022 91

Campers had plenty of chances for fun this afternoon. Whether it was a game of ultimate frisbee, a jump off the diving board during swim time, or balloon animals at Crawford.

Morning Activities: High Ropes/Lazer Tag

I4022 89 I4022 77

Campers got to conquer fears on the high ropes course and learn to work as a team in the new and improved Lazer Tag course.

Morning Worship: The Mask We Wear

I4022 1 I4022 26

Set list for this morning:

Good Morning – Mandisa 

Get Back Up – Toby Mac

Undignified _ David Crowder Band

Oh Happiness – David Crowder Band

Today’s topic dealt with people having different types of masks to hide their true side to people for many different reasons. Director Amy spoke about how in life we should all be the real version of ourselves. “Jesus can see through it all,” she said. She stated that maybe some campers have been wearing a mask and don’t even know what it feels like to be their true selves. “Here at camp, you don’t have to hide behind a mask,” she said. She then went on to challenge campers to try and be the best real version of themselves. After that, campers watched clips of what was being captured from car dashboard video cameras. Director Amy then asked campers what they noticed. One camper said ‘Their a lot of rude people in the world so to see random acts of kindness is surprising. ”

Today’s Bible Verses

Boys: 1 Samuel 16:17 (Follow Verse Here)

Girls: 1 Corinthians 10: 31 ( Follow Verse Here)

After the lesson, campers were given their first Centering Activity. Centering Activities are the part of the morning worship when campers are shown a song or a bible verse, then given some time to make an art reflection of what the song or verse means to them.

Spiritual Director Overview for Today

Program Director Overview for Today

Day 2: June 24th


Evening Worship: Introduction

Tonight’s Set List

Never Ending – David Crowder Band

God’s Not Dead – News Boys

Forever Reign – News Boys

Tonight was used for counselors to introduce themselves to all the campers and for them to tell why they loved camp.

Swim Test

I4022 33 I4022 20

Campers took the weekly swim test. Most, if not all, passed and got the green bracelet that lets them have all access to the levels of depths of the pool, as well as the diving board.

Evening Activity: Photo Scavenger Hunt

I4022 9

A photo scavenger hunt was organized to help campers start to recognize some of the different locations around camp and staff members that they will need to know throughout the week. Results of the winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

Campers Are Here

I4022 7

Campers are pouring in and starting to meet new friends. These two campers wanted to say hello to all the parents.

Day 1: June 23rd


Almost There

It is almost time for camp to begin. Check back soon for all of the exciting adventures!