Camp Indicoso - Middle School - June 21-26 (2015)

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Celebration Video!

##Last Day! It has been an exciting week. There were times of extreme fun, and also times of reflections and coming to God. Today the campers will continue to have fun by going to the pool this morning and learn about God during their family times. It should be a good last day!

Rainy Day Activity

Today the campers were able to play a lifesize game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. It was such a fun game to watch, and the campers had a great time playing the game on this rainy morning.

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It's going to be a rainy day here at Camp Indicoso, so check out what the campers are up to today!

![](/content/images/2015/05/wednesday-thursday.png) ##Pudding Wars Today the campers got to play the messiest games ever! The campers were able to play various games that involved getting covered in chocolate pudding. The campers were covered from head to toe with chocolate pudding. The campers had a wonderful time and were able to get super messy here at camp.

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Afternoon Fun Time!

The campers had the chance to go on the giant swing again, and then were able to go swimming, or play some Gaga Ball. One thing the campers seem to really love is Gaga Ball. Whether swimming or playing the campers had a fun time interacting with each other and the staff.
Also if you have never heard of Gaga check it out!

Checkout more photos [HERE! ](![](/content/images/2015/06/_MG_2351.jpg) ##High Rope Fun! Today was a great day for high ropes. The campers had so much fun today, and there were even numerous campers that were able to make it through the whole course that were not able to make it through last year. It was so great to see the encouragement that the campers gave each other! Checkout more photos [HERE! ](![](/content/images/2015/06/_MG_2266.jpg) ##It's Wednesday! Well we are about half way through the week, and the campers have been having a wonderful time. Last night was such a good and emotional time at the campfire. Today they will continue to learn and have fun. Check out what the campers are doing today! ![](/content/images/2015/05/tuesday-wednesday.png) ##Evening Worship To begin they watched a video about how God can encounter us through our sins. We all have messy lives and it doesn't matter who we are, our lives can still be messy. No matter how messy our lives get we still have Jesus. The campers separated after hearing about Perry's messy life. The campers were given cards to write on. On the card they wrote their role in the family. They were able to write if they had a role model to talk to. What is the hardest thing for them to deal with in their families. This was a special time when the campers were able to reflect on their lives. The campers then went to give everything to God at the campfire. It was a wonderful time spent with God.

Morning Activities

This morning the campers were able to try a new activity than yesterday. Some of the girls got to do the high ropes today, while some boys and girls got to play laser tag. The girls did an amazing job going through the high ropes course and the other campers had a blast playing laser tag. Later this afternoon will be swim time and the giant swing!

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Rise and Shine

Check out what the campers are up to today!

![](/content/images/2015/05/monday-tuesday.png) ##Evening Worship This week we are so thankful to have a band from Asbury university to lead the campers in worship. How do we find God's will in our lives? How to we make decisions in our lives? Challenges will come and when they do we have be prepared.

The campers sang the song "How He Loves" which is an incredible song about God's love for us.

Swim Time!

Today the campers were able to finish their swim test and even have extra time to spend swimming around. They had a lot of fun getting to spend time in the water without having to worry about any storms ruining their swim today.

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Some campers even got to show off their diving abilities in the pool today. Check it out!


This morning after breakfast the campers were able to enjoy different activities with their groups. Two groups went to the high ropes course, one group went to the laser tag field, and the final two groups were able to do some crafts. All the campers will get to experience all the different activities throughout the week.

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Here is what we have going on today!

![](/content/images/2015/05/sunday-monday.png) ##Scripture Focus

Tonight the band shared the verse Acts 20:24.

"However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace." NIV

Rain Rain Go Away!

With all the rain that has come tonight, the swim tests have been postponed. Also, some of the activities planned had to be moved inside.

Welcome Campers!!

The staff here at Indicoso is extremely excited to have campers here! We are excited for all the fun and growth that this week will bring!

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