Camp Indicoso - Middle School - June 19-24 (2016)

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At the end of camp it is a time to celebrate the week, and what all the campers have done. They may have conquered a fear of heights, made new friends, or grew way closes to God this week. This is the time that we celebrate all of those! Check out the video from this week!

Final Day!

It does not seem real that today is the campers final day at camp. This week has been amazing, and God has truly worked in the lives of the campers. The campers have field games today, and then some time in the pool.

Good Morning!

This week has just flown by so quickly. The campers will be headed back home tomorrow, but before we send them home they have a few more super fun activities to get through. Hopefully the weather stays nice today for the campers! Check out what the campers have going on today!

Time of Worship!

Perry talked about the importance of making friends, and how hard it can be. He also talked about friends he lost along the way to becoming a pastor. He learned that he had to sacrifice the friendships to make himself better. He has since been able to be a light in the friends lives. He has been able to help them in hard times. Perry talked about it's okay to let friends go that are bad for us, and that sometimes we have to let them go to better ourselves. However, there will be other Christians looking for friends along the way that we can meet.

Puddin' Wars!

Thankfully the storms have passed for the day, and we were able to continue with pudding wars. The campers loved getting covered in the pudding. What they loved even more though was covering their counselors and some of the staff in the pudding.
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Hungry Hungry Hippos!

This morning the campers played human hungry hungry hippos. They had so much fun, that they didn't seem to mind that they were supposed to do the giant swing this morning!
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Rain Rain Go Away!

It is storming here at Camp Indicoso, but that is not a problem, because the fun will continue in rain or shine. The campers had to wait a little longer to come down for breakfast because of the storm. They are headed this way now and should get back on schedule. The campers have another fun day ahead of them!

Slip n' Slide Kickball!

Today the campers played slip n' slide kickball for their evening activity. They had so much fun sliding around the bases trying get to home base.
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Choice Activity!

Today the choice activities were swimming and ultimate frisbee. There was a great game of ultimate frisbee going on. However, at the pool staff member Dylan "Bambi" was giving turtle rides. This became known as the Bambi Express. It entertained the campers, while exhausting Dylan. Later, they also decided to make a whirlpool in the shallow end. Overall, it was a fun time at the pool today. Check out one of the turtle rides!

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High Ropes

This morning the girls were given an opportunity to go through the high ropes course. They did a great job going through the course and encouraging each other along the way!
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Rise & Shine!

Today is going to be another exciting day for the campers! Check out what they are doing today!


Perry asked the question of who do we belong to? The campers answered God. The next question was why do we act different around different people? The campers gave a bunch of different answers that had the theme of being judged. Perry talked about how sometimes it's hard to admit that we are Christ followers because we fear that we will be watched at all times. That we will be held to a higher standard. However, at home we can be ourselves. So, we develop secret identity to protect ourselves. We shouldn't have to worry about what will happen.
Perry brought up labels that people get, examples were geeks, jocks,and and nerd. However, all of those labels can be hurtful to people. People can judge us based on our labels. God doesn't judge us though, all he does is love us.
Tonight the campers will be burning papers at the campfire that represent their burdens. This is a moment for campers to be able to let go of the things holding them back.

Tye Dye!

This evening the camper had the opportunity to tye dye. They did awesome, and their stuff looks GREAT!

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Afternoon Free Time!

This afternoon the campers were able to choose between a few different activities. They could go swimming, play gaga ball, basketball, and board games. The campers had a good time switching between the different options they had!
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Treetop Fun!

This morning the boys had the chance to go through the high ropes course. They had a great time this morning. The best part is the encouragement they provide each other. It makes going through the high rope course a ton more fun when your friends are down below cheering you on. While the boys were at high ropes the girls were at low ropes, and then nerf gun wars.
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Good Morning!

Today is the first full day of camp, and we have a lot of fun things planned for the campers! Check out what the campers have going on today!

Woohoo Camper Are Here!

The staff is so excited to be into our second week of camp! The campers have a fun and exciting week ahead of them. Also, God is going to be doing some amazing things this week of camp. Thank you for trusting us with your campers! So far today the campers were able to play some games to get to know each other better, and they also were able to swim today!
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