Camp Indicoso - Middle School - June 12-17 (2016)

Camp Photo Gallery

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Celebration Time

Camp has come to an end. Overall the campers had an amazing week. Checkout what went on this week. Also, more photos will be added so check them out!

##Final Day! Well today is the day that you get to be reunited with your camper! They have had a long and exciting week. However, the fun is not over yet! The campers still have swimming and other activities to do today. ![](/content/images/2015/05/thursday-friday.png) ##Worship! The best superhero journeys all follow the same arc. All superheroes have a different path, but they all end up at the same place. John 15:13 sums this up. >"13 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." NIV

Many people are willing to make sacrifices for those they already care for. However, many of us would be hesitant to do the same for a complete stranger. This is what a hero does though, they lay down their life for a stranger. The greatest hero there ever was did this for us. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, so that we could have everlasting life.
God made the ultimate sacrifice and sent his only and only son to say us all. Even though we are sinfully humans we have a God that took the ultimate sacrifice to show his love for us. He was the original superman! He wants to save us all. However, he would have given his life just to safe one of us, that is how much he loves us.

Pastor Hurley came down to Indicoso to prepare the elements for communion. The campers were able to take the time to get right with God, or accept him into their hearts before partaking in communion. It was a very personal and intimate time for the campers.The campers were able to stay back and talk to their counselor in they needed to talk about anything.

Afternoon/Evening of Activities!

Woah! Today was a fun filled day full of activities. The campers started the morning at the giant swing and then the low ropes course. After lunch, they had a color war, so the campers were able to throw color "bombs" at each other. Each cabin had a different colored powder to throw at their opponents. Then the next activity was marshmallow guns. This was especially fun because the staff drove around with the own pvc pipe gun shooting the campers with marshmallows. They loved have the chance to pelt the staff with marshmallows.

Beautiful Morning!

It is hard to believe that this week is almost over. Thankfully today is supposed to be a beautiful day, and we will be able to make-up a lot of the outdoor activities today! Check out what the campers have going on!

![](/content/images/2015/05/wednesday-thursday.png) ##Time of Worship! Sean talked about how people love to see the superheroes work together. John 17:20-23 says, > "20 My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. 22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— 23 I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me." NIV

We in the church should strive for unity. This doesn't mean that we all have to believe the exact same thing, but that we are trying to reach the same goal. It does not matter what church we go to, as Christians we should see that we are on the same team and that is Christ's team. We can do more together than we could ever do on our own.
Being united in mind is just one way we can be united, but we also need to be united in heart. We can do this by loving those around us. That included the Christians that are from a different church. We need to be united in love through the love of Christ. We can become like the mighty superhero teams that can work as one body.

Just Keep Swimming

This morning the campers were able to get some swimming in between the rain showers. The camper had a lot of fun swimming, even though it was cut a little short because of the rain.

Giant Swing

This morning two groups were able to ride the giant swing. They had a blast, and the best part was seeing their faces when they pulled the cord. The experience is completely priceless.

Up and At 'Em

It's now the middle of the week, and the campers are having a blast. There are a lot of fun things going on today, so hopefully it stays dry. Here is what is going on today with the campers!

![](/content/images/2015/05/tuesday-wednesday.png) ##Late Night Swim! There is only one thing better than swimming at camp, and that is swimming at camp at night. The campers were finally able to swim, and they had a blast swimming after a long day of rain! ![alt](/content/images/2016/06/_MG_6965.jpg) ##Time of Worship! Tonight the summer staff, Evan is going to be speaking on our different gifts, and how they make us special.

Evan shared how being bullied impacted how he saw himself. He began reading his Bible all the time to try to change the way he saw himself. This lead him to begin working at church camp, which is where he got his call to ministry. This calling made him feel good,and he liked knowing where he was going in life. However, his low self esteem caused him to not be able to fully use the gift God gave him. When we forget to show love we are not using the gifts that God gave us. Even though we may doubt ourselves, Evan reminded us that no matter what we have been through God loves us, and He created us perfectly in His eyes.

Rain Rain Go Away!

Thankfully we were able to get everyone through the high ropes coarse before the rain began to come down. However, even though rain may ruin outdoor activity that doesn't mean the campers can't have fun. Human Hungry Hungry Hippos is on the agenda for today because of the rain. It should be a fun time!

Morning Activity!

This morning we had two different activities going on the first on was high ropes. Group two had a great time going through the high ropes coarse today! The other activity was laser tag. The fun thing about laser tag is we moved its location. The game in now played in a building with black light and splattered painted pallets. This location has seemed to improve the game!
Checkout more photos HERE!

Technical Difficulties

Problem Solved! The Photo Gallery is working. Sorry and thanks for being patient while we solved that issue.
Yikes! This morning we were informed that our smugmug page was not working. We are working on it this morning to make sure it is up and working, so that everyone can stay informed on their camper. Thank you for your patience!

Good Morning!

Today is another beautiful morning at Camp Indicoso! Campers will be heading down to have breakfast to begin their day. Another fun-filled day is planned for the campers! Check out what the campers have in store for today!

Fun in the Sun!

For the afternoon activity the camper were able to play a couple games of slip n slide kick ball. They had a a lot of fun sliding to the different kiddie pools that were filled with water. It was a great way to have fun and stay nice and cool!

High Ropes Fun

This morning two groups had the opportunity to go through the high ropes course. Everyone that went through did a fantastic job. It is always exciting to see the kids that were a little afraid make it down the zip-line; the excitement of their faces is priceless.
Checkout more photos HERE!

Rise & Shine

Good morning everyone! It is the first full day of camp, and the campers are awake and ready for a fun day! Last night there were some internet problems here, so the photos are being re-uploaded right now. Sometimes little things like the internet not working can slow down the updating process. Here is what we have going on today.

![](/content/images/2015/05/sunday-monday.png) ##Time of Worship! Worship began with some songs to pump up the campers. The worship team talked about how it is okay to get excited to worship our Lord and Savior. After singing a few songs Sean opened up with the question of "who is the greatest super hero?" After some debate, Sean mentioned that it is about the origin of the story. The idea behind this is that it is not superpowers that create a hero, it is a drive to do what is right. The verse that was used with the idea was 1 Corinthians 13, which you can read [here]( Sean focused on how love can motivate us, and how this can be our drive in many things in life. Love can be the thing that changes everything. To start loving, we have to put others first in our life. The rest of this week they will continue to look at how love should motivate us to do the right thing. After the sermon the counselors passed out some cards. On the cards the campers were to write down what motivates them. The goal is by the end of the week to have love motivating them. ##Human Battleship! ![alt](/content/images/2016/06/_MG_6468.jpg) After the campers finished dinner, they headed over to the basketball court to play some human battleship. Basically, we split the campers into two teams. Each team chose an anchor; this is the person that throws the rockets (water balloons). The other team members lay down on the ground. There is a tarp placed between the two teams to keep those laying on the ground hidden. In order for the camper to get out they must be hit with a water balloon. The campers had a blast during this game, and were also able to stay cool in the heat! Checkout more photos [HERE!]( ##Campers have Arrived!! We are so excited here at Camp Indicoso to finally have campers here. They are having a blast already. After playing games down stairs, they headed back to their cabins to get comfortable for their week here.