Camp Indicoso - Middle School - July 21-26 (2013)

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Day 6: July 26th


Evening Worship

I4062 169

Set List:

Pharaoh, Pharaoh

God’s Not Dead

Scripture Focus:

2 Corinthians: 3

Evening Activity: Wacky Olympics

I4062 136 I4062 156 I4062 141

After dinner, campers participated in Wacky Olympics. Each family group competed on the entire course to see who could get the best time. Campers performed tasks like putting a flashlight together while wearing a blindfold.

Free Swim

I4062 81 I4062 104 I4062 77

The weather was just right for one last free swim. Campers spent their time trying to see who had the best cannonball and dive.

Afternoon Activity: Giant Swing

I4062 7 (1) I4062 48

It was another great afternoon of the Giant Swing. Every camper that got on challenged themselves by going to the top.

Morning Activity: Low Ropes/High Ropes

I4062 2 (2) I4062 7

Campers challenged themselves mentally on the low ropes and challenged themselves physically on the high ropes.

Morning Worship

Morning Set List:

Every Move I make

Scripture Focus:

1 Corinthians 12:7

Day 5: July 25th


Evening Worship

I4062 90 I4062 72

Evening Activity: Fire Show

I4062 34 I4062 15

Tonight was a special performance put on by Troy, who is a preprofessional fire juggler, sword swallower, and fire breather. Campers had a blast at this sight.

Free Swim

I4062 142

Campers enjoyed another day of free swim right before dinner.

Afternoon Activity: Giant Swing

I4062 46 I4062 14

This afternoon campers climbed the heights of the Giant Swing and conquered it.

Morning Activities: Laser Tag/ High Ropes Course

I4062 37 I4062 105 I4062 83

This morning was the perfect temperature for Laser Tag and the High Ropes Course. Campers are having a blast already!

Morning Worship

I4062 4

Set List:

Every Move I Make

Day 4: July 24th


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Evening Worship: Love Is..

I4062 237

Tonight’s Set List:


I am Free

Scripture Focus:

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (Follow Verse Here)

Tonight, campers were asked what they thought love was after learning about it during their family group time earlier today.

One camper said that love is patient, another said kind, and the one that stuck out the most was unconditional.

Free Swim

I4062 208 I4062 164 (1)

Campers missed out on free swim due to the storm. So they got a second chance after the evening activities before worship.

Evening Activities: Volleyball/Ultimate Frisbee

I4062 30 (1) I4062 76 I4062 129

Once the storm ended, it was dinner time. After dinner the weather did a complete 180 and became very nice for a few games of ultimate frisbee and volleyball.

Afternoon Activities: Canceled

Due to severe weather, we canceled all afternoon activities and brought all the campers to the basement to watch the movie “Horton Hears A Who”.

They enjoyed it so much that they didn’t even pay attention to the weather outside. All activities that were canceled will be made up later during the week.

Morning Activity: High Ropes

I4062 31

Campers had their first chance to take on the heights and the obstacles of the high ropes course.

Morning Worship: Shine Bright With Love

I4062 2 (1)

Set List:

Every Move I Make

Scripture Focus:

Luke 10:25-28

Day 3: July 23rd


Evening Worship

I4062 115

Tonight’s Set List:

I am Free

We Won’t Be Quiet

God’s Not Dead

Here I am To Worship

Scripture Focus:

James 2:14-16 (Follow Verse Here)

Evening Activity Capture the Flag

I4062 32 I4062 51 I4062 58

After dinner, campers played a classic camp game of capture the flag.

Free Swim

I4062 164 I4062 175 I4062 212

After getting hot from the afternoon activities, campers got to cool off in the pool. Campers took their swim test first and most, if not all, passed. Once all the tests were completed, they all enjoyed the nice relaxing water at the pool.

Afternoon Activities: Giant Swing/ Laser Tag

I4062 21 I4062 94 I4062 133

The rain finally went away just in time for the afternoon activities. Campers got to try the new laser tag course and conquer new heights on the Giant Swing.

Clean Cabin Awards

Campers had their first clean cabin awards after lunch.

Morning Activities: Postponed Due to Weather

I4062 2 I4062 3

Morning activities are postponed due to weather conditions. Campers are hanging out at different locations with their family groups until the rain has passed.

Day 2: July 22nd


Evening Worship: Introduction to Theme for the Week

I4062 30

Tonight’s Set List:

Marvelous Light

You Are The Light

Jesus Take All Of Me

Scripture Focus for the Week:

Mathew 5:14-16 (Follow Verse Here)

Tonight was an introduction to this week’s theme: Shine Bright.

Evening Activity: Gaga Pit

I4062 26 I4062 17

Campers had their first experience with the new gaga pit (combination of dodge ball and foursquare). This game helped bring all the campers together so they had the opportunity to meet new people and start new friendships.

First Round of Campers

I4062 9

Campers have arrived and have started bonding already. We’re excited to see what God has planned for all of them this week!

Day 1: July 21st


Almost There!

It is almost time for camp to begin! Check back soon for all of the exciting adventures!