Camp Indicoso - Elementary - July 6- July 11 (2014)

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Event Photo Gallery

[![Send Your Camper an Email](]( Afternoon Activities

Kickball, family groups, packing up

Kiddos are having a great day, but we know they are just as excited to see you as you are to see them!



Sandwiches, smilie fries, fruit, & salad bar

Morning Activities

Last day to enjoy the pool! Its beautiful outside and the kids are taking advantage of the sunshine.

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Morning Worship

We’re learning about the early church today!



Beth’s special Pancakes & sausage!

Good Morning


Winding Down in Worship

Tonight, kids finished their creative spiritual craft by weaving in their last two colors, purple & white. The colors represent the royalty of Christ, but the purity that comes with salvation. After a day of learning about the life of Christ, kids had the opportunity to take communion tonight. Director Linda talked about how communion is a community activity that represents Christ’s love for us. We ended the night by the kids singing sweet songs to Jesus.

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Evening Events

Scavenger hunt!

_MG_4160 _MG_4200


Ravioli, broccoli, garlic bread & brownies

Afternoon Activities

Swimming, Zip line, High Swing & Outdoor Games

[![_MG_3867](,w_300/v1423285516/MG_3867_cglzla.jpg)]( Hunt
[![_MG_3865](,w_300/v1423285515/MG_3865_jfnq4r.jpg)]( her team search for treasures from the family scavenger hunt
[![_MG_3869](,w_300/v1423285558/MG_3869_fwyms8.jpg)]( did they find?!
[![ 76](,w_1024/v1423285559/untitled-76_sj55sg.jpg)]( “Throwback Thursday” with silly games
### Lunch

Corndogs, mac n cheese, fruit, & salad bar

Morning Worship

Counselor Hannah explains the spiritual activity that is going along with each daily lesson. Be sure to ask your kids about their weaving projects and what each color means to help reinforce spiritual principals and stories from this week!

Kids wrote down their prayers or thanksgiving and forgiveness. See what’s on their hearts this week.

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Good Morning

Winding Down in Worship

Before bed, kids enjoyed a yummy popcorn snack!


After a fun and interactive time singing praises to our God, kids learned about Jonah and the importance of listening to God. Although Jonah ***heard***God’s call on his life he chose not to listen and obey God’s instructions. Through a creative counselor skit, a short message from director Linda, campers were challenged to listen to God’s voice and pay attention to his words.

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Evening Activities

Outdoor games


Beef n Noodles, mashed potatoes, peas & dirt pudding!

Afternoon Activities

Tie-dye & Marshmallow games

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Hamburgers, fries, grapes & salad bar

Morning Activities

Family Groups

Today during family groups, kids learned about Jonah and David. Both were great leaders of Israel who learned how to hear God’s voice. Kids were challenged to hear the voice of God and develop a heart like David.

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Crafts, high swing & campfire

[![Kids created their own prayer journals to use this week](,w_300/v1423285641/I4062-63_d80ivr.jpg)]( created their own prayer journals to use this week
[![Counselor & camper flying in the sky](,w_300/v1423285640/I4062-45_h1eukz.jpg)]( & camper flying in the sky
[![Camper enjoys a sticky campfire treat](,w_300/v1423285639/I4062-28_v7wnmu.jpg)]( enjoys a sticky campfire treat
### Morning Worship

Today kids are looking at the lives of Old Testament leaders, King David & Jonah. During morning worship, director Linda introduced kids to David’s early life and how God raised him up as a king at a young age. Throughout the day they will continue to learn more about his life and his significance in the story of God’s love for humanity.

[![I4062 83](,w_300/v1423285642/I4062-83_qicnrg.jpg)]( perform a skit during morning worship.
[![I4062 24](,w_300/v1423285643/I4062-24_kmriuv.jpg)]( love dancing for Jesus
[![I4062 18](,w_300/v1423285644/I4062-18_thorv1.jpg)](


French toast & bacon

The kitchen couldn’t keep up, these kids love french toast Wednesdays!

I4062 1

Good Morning


Winding Down in Worship

After singing praise songs, each family group performed a skit demonstrating one of the ten commandments found in Exodus 20. This concluded today’s lesson on the life of Moses and how God constantly had his hand on Moses’s life. From keeping him safe in the Nile as a baby, to calling him to greatness at the burning bush, to parting the Red Sea and leading the Israelites out of Egypt, God showed his greatness and power through the life of Moses. Isn’t it cool that God calls these campers to himself just like he welcomed Moses?!

Evening Activities

Outdoor group games



Tacos, chips & cheese, salad, watermelon & churros

Afternoon Activities

Zip line, Gaga & swimming

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Pizza, breadsticks & cheese, watermelon, & salad bar.

Morning Activities

Laser tag & zip line

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I4062 4

Kids are getting into the word and learning about Moses in their family groups this morning.

Good Morning


Winding Down in Worship

Tonight kids continued in their discussion of creation. Each group acted out or drew a representation of one of the 7 days of creation. After time in worship campers started their creative projects that follow each day’s lesson. Kids are weaving loom into different patterns. Each day they will add a new color to their creation. Focusing on the creation story, today’s color was green and each day campers will add a new color and pattern for the lesson learned. Make sure you ask your kids about their projects at the end of the week and what each color represents!

I4062 6

Roll-A- Prayer

Director Jen discussed different ways of talking to God. We can come before him with different attitudes, needs, feelings and emotions. In order to teach campers different kinds of prayer, they completed this fun activity and spent a few minutes in prayer lifting their requests and thankfulness to Jesus

I4062 11

Evening Activities

Adjusting our schedule because of the weather, kids are enjoying indoor games, relays and a glow stick party with their counselors and directors!

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Baked Ziti, Green Beans, Garlic Toast, Salad Bar & Cake for Dessert :)

Afternoon Activities


I4062 110 I4062 120 I4062 62


Grilled Cheese, Mandrin Oranges, Salad, Potato Wedges

Morning Activities

Campfire Fun: Peach VS. Cherry

I4062 3 I4062 9

Indoor Games while we wait out the rain!

[![I4062 30](]( Shutes N’ Ladders
![I4062 39](,w_300/v1423285732/I4062-39_dxwqdu.jpg)Uh Oh…. someone is getting close to UNO!!

Morning Worship

After a rockin’ worship set, kids enjoyed silly games and a skit that introduced today’s spiritual lesson; the creation story. Green is the color for today that goes with the story. Each day a color will accompany spiritual activities and lessons to help campers remember major themes to distinguish daily Bible stories. They will be learning about major spiritual leaders, leading up to Jesus later on this week.

Be praying that each child hears God’s voice as he reveals himself each day in a new way!

Song Set:

Every Move I Make

Lord I Lift Your Name on High 

Good Morning


Winding Down in Worship

After some time singing songs, campers looked at the life of Abraham and how God keeps his promises. Counselors performed a skit sharing the story of God’s promise to Abraham, that he would have as many descendants at the stars. It’s great to know that God is always faithful and that we can always count on him!


Chicken fingers, corn, mashed potatoes, salad bar

Kids eat family style, meaning they learn how to eat together in their family groups and serve one another. Check out one of our sweethearts getting her family group water.

I4062 5


Welcome campers, we are so excited to have you here at Camp Indicoso. Get ready for an awesome week!

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