Camp Indicoso - High School - June 30-July 5 (2013)

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Event Journal

End Of The Week Celebration Video

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Afternoon Bash: One Last Time

I4022 58 (1)

Before the end of the week celebration, campers wanted to sing one last time together.

Morning Activity: Make Up On the High Ropes

I4022 19 (1)

Groups that missed out on the high ropes course Monday due to a storm were given the chance to climb high and go down the zip line. We always try to leave one free day open just incase a group doesn’t get the chance to climb.

Day 6: July 5th


Evening Worship: Communion

The last night of camp ended with Communion. Pastor Craig left it up to the senior class to set how the evening would go. Pastor Craig spoke what communion is all about in its meaning. He had campers enter with their shoes off to show respect for this tradition.

Afternoon Activities: Giant Swing

Morning Activities: Service Project/High Ropes/Laser Tag

I4022 62I4022 39I4022 75

Campers had an eventful morning. Some had a service project that consisted of painting some of the interiors of the cabins. Others conquered their fears on the high ropes course. The rest enjoyed many different types of games at the laser tag course. It may be the last full day of camp but the fun won’t stop.

Director Overview for Today

Day 5: July 4th


Worship: The Image of Christ

I4022 2 (1) I4022 9 (1)

Tonight’s Scriptures:

Psalms 2 (follow along here)

Psalms 110 (follow along here)

Campers were challenged with the question of “Who is Jesus to you?” Pastor Craig explained that God is different for each of us but “ultimatly we can’t disagree what Jesus has done for us.”

Evening Activity: Cross Walk

I4022 6

Campers were led on a walk that represented the walk that Christ made leading up to his death. Along the path that campers walked, there were scriptures posted at different stations. This gave campers a closer look and better understanding of what it was like.

Afternoon Activity: Color Wars

I4022 164 I4022 275

Campers had the first ever Color War at Indicoso. They had to battle through different obstacles through this insanely fun race. At the end they had a free-for-all color throwing war. The results, as you can see, are vert colorful. They all came with white shirts, but none left with even a spot of white.

Morning Actvities: High Ropes/Lazer Tag

I4022 57I4022 28 (1)

Campers had a blast this morning getting to challenge themselves on the high ropes course. They also had the chance to try out the new laser tag course.

Director Overview for Today

Day 4: July 3rd


More Photos

I4022 36

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Evening Worship: Being Attacked Vs. Complaining

Scripture Focus:

Psalm 140 (follow along here)

Set List:

Undignified – David Crowder Band

How He Loves Us – David Crowder Band

Tonight’s focus was on seeing the difference between being attacked and complaining. The difference is the focus and the emotion attached. Being attacked is out of our hands and is done towards us or a group of people. When complaining, the focus is more self-centered with the ‘why me?’ type attitude. “We all have a choice to complain or to be a vessel for God,” Pastor Craig said.

Pastor Craig went on to tell campers that whether attack or serious complaint, we should take them to God for wisdom on how to deal with these situations.

Evening Activity: Free Time Hangout

I4022 31 I4022 13

Campers bonded by the basketball court to hangout for awhile before evening worship,

Afternoon Activities: Giant Swing

I4022 28 I4022 80

Campers got to enjoy the first day on the Giant Swing. It’s amazing to see how they will try to do the most crazy, insane stunts in the air. Don’t worry mom and dad! We approve what they can and cannot do on the Giant Swing. Everything you see is perfectly safe!

Morning Activity: High Ropes

I4022 19

The weather has made a complete turn around and campers were able to face the high ropes course. Every camper made it through with ease and lots of laughter.

Morning Worship: Reflection

I4022 2

Set List:

Our God is Greater – Chris Tomlin 

Revelation Song – Philips Craig and Dean

Morning Scripture:

Psalm 69 (follow along here)

Director Overview for Today

Day 3: July 2nd


Evening Worship: Connect to History

I4022 51 I4022 58

Campers dove right into what history means as a Christian. Tonight was taught both by Pastor Craig and campers at different times. Pastor Craig wanted campers to realize that our past plays a huge part of our future. “When you look in the past sometimes it teaches us how to correct the way we live in the future,” he said. Pastor Craig then went on to share how the past can connect us to the present. He shared a story about how God had placed in his heart to do something in his life but he wasn’t sure what. He then told campers about how his minister showed him the book of Isaiah and that when he read a specific part he felt connected spiritually.

After Pastor Craig spoke, he left the front of the room open for people to share stories and testimonies of their lives.

One camper told how she is nervous around people and doesn’t know exactly how to talk to them . She went on to say that when she discovered music it became a form of communication that she can use without feeling nervous about it.

Tonight’s Scripture Passages:

Psalm 105 (follow along here)

Jeremiah 29:11 (follow along here)

Evening Activity: Court Fun

I4022 15

The rain may have paused some of the more appealing activities, but campers still find ways to have fun with the simplicity of classic games like basketball.

Family Time

I4022 5

Family Time is when campers meet in a small group type setting and discuss more about the topics that are mentioned throughout worship.

Afternoon Activities: Volleyball/Gaga/One-On-One

I4022 137 I4022 83

The thunder and rain held off for awhile, so in the meantime, campers got to enjoy some outdoor fun by having a volleyball tournament and playing Gaga (a combination of four square and dodgeball)

I4022 134 I4022 132

Another activity that goes on during the afternoon is called One-On-One. Campers sign up each day for a chance to hang out with different counselors and talk about anything and everything. This is an awesome opportunity for campers to have spiritual mentors throughout the week.

Morning Activity: Indoor Fun

I4022 1

Campers stayed inside while a storm was passing through. They played the classic game Mafia as they stayed safe.

Morning Worship: Reflection

I4022 9

Campers spent the morning reflecting on who they are and where they have been in their lives spiritually.

Director Overview for Today

Day 2: July 1st


Evening Worship: Introduction

I4022 40 I4022 47

Campers met at the Tabernacle for evening worship. Tonight’s purpose was to introduce the campers to what they would be exploring throughout the week, spiritually. This week, campers will be going through the book of Psalms. The night ended with a campfire in the fire place at the Tabernacle.

Evening Activity: Ice Breakers

I4022 17 (1)

Campers started the evening after dinner with some ice breaker games. One was called Tellestrations (Similar to the classic game telephone but done when the person in the back gets to see the picture and then has to use his finger to draw what he/she saw on the back of the person in front of them. This continues all the way to the person in the front and that person draws using a marker what he/she thought the picture was.)

Check In: First Wave of Campers

I4022 17 I4022 55

Welcome our first wave of campers! We’re excited to see what God will speak to them throughout this week.

Day 1: June 30th


Almost There!

It is almost time for camp to begin. Check back soon for all of the exciting adventures!