Camp Indicoso - High School - June 28-July 3 (2015)

Camp Photo Gallery

Follow the button below to open the event photo gallery. You will need to have your password that was handed out to you during check-in. If you have lost your password, please contact the camp office at (812) 275.6925; you will need to verify your identity and connection to a camper in order to retrieve the password.

Celebration Video!

##Clue! This morning after huddle time the campers were able to participate in an all camp clue game. Checkout more photos [HERE!]( ![](/content/images/2015/07/_MG_3757.jpg) ![](/content/images/2015/07/thursday-friday-2.png) ##Good Morning! The campers had a fun filled and busy day yesterday! Today will be just as fun filled and busy. Check out what the campers are up to today! ![](/content/images/2015/07/wednesday-thursday.png) ##Variety Show! The variety show was tonight. There were tons of skits and talkented musicians! The graduates were even able to do a fun little skit at the end. It was a great time of fellowship and laughter tonight!

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Fun With Color!

The color race was a success! The campers had a ton of fun being covered with powder paint. The challenges were done in the groups. This allowed the campers to be encouraging and also have a lot of fun while working together!

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Morning Activity!

Today another huddle group got to do the high ropes course today. They had a lot of fun and were great at encouraging each other through the course!

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![](/content/images/2015/07/tuesday-wednesday-1.png) ![](/content/images/2015/07/monday-tuesday.png) ##Evening Worship Tonight the campers talked about God's love and relationships. Chris began by talking about God's dream for us. Everyone is a part of this dream, with this dream comes love and relationships. There are different types of relationships. Some are involuntary, such as sharing a locker next to someone. While other relationships are voluntary, such as friends and boy/girl friends. However, our relationship with God is a mixture of these two relationships. God loves everyone, but it is up to us to respond to God's love.

Morning Activities!

This morning the first huddle group was able to experience the high ropes course, while the other huddle groups continued to get to know each others and begin having conversations about this week.

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Good Morning!

It is the first full day of camp and there is a lot going on today. Check out what the campers are up to today!

![](/content/images/2015/06/sunday-monday-9.png) ##Campers Have Arrived! Here at Camp Indicoso we are so excited to have the high schoolers here this week. It is sure to be an exciting week that is filled with fun and growing in the Lord.

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