Camp Indicoso - High School - July 3-8 (2016)

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At the end of camp it is a time to celebrate the week, and what all the campers have done. They may have conquered a fear of heights, made new friends, or gave their life to Christ this week. This is the time that we celebrate all of those things! Check out the video from this week!

##Final Morning Today is the last day of camp. The campers are going to be extremely tired after lasts night vespers and the party. The seniors put on a beautiful communion service, and as usual it was hard for the seniors to say their goodbyes. However, they were able to also celebrate with their friends with a fun dance party. It was an emotional night, but also a night of celebration and excitement! ![](/content/images/2015/05/wednesday-thursday.png) ##Synchronized Swimming This afternoon was the synchronized swimming competition. Each huddle group performed their routine to the song of their choice. The variety of songs chosen made the competition a tough call to make. Overall, the campers had a ton of fun and all did a wonderful job with their routine! ![alt](/content/images/2016/07/_MG_1107.jpg) ##Good Morning! It is another wonderful morning here at camp. The week is quickly coming to an end, but that does not mean the fun is coming to an end just yet. Today the campers have a lot of fun activities planned, so we hope for great weather today. Check out what the campers are up to today! ![](/content/images/2015/05/wednesday-thursday.png) ##Color Games! This afternoon the campers were more colorful than normal. They had a relay type of game that involved getting covered in colored chalk dust. The campers had a absolute blast getting covered in colors! ![alt](/content/images/2016/07/_MG_0558.jpg) Checkout more photos [HERE!]( ##Prayer Stations This morning two groups were able to participate in prayer stations. The prayer stations were set up to focus the camper on different things. It was an awe inspiring moment. To see all different campers praying and so focused on each station they went to. God was really present during this time! ![alt](/content/images/2016/07/_MG_0391.jpg) Checkout more photos [HERE!]( ##Up and At Em' Can you believe that it is already the middle of the week? Well, today the campers have a lot of fun activities planned! Check out what the campers are up to today. Also, make sure to check back for photos from today! ![](/content/images/2015/05/tuesday-wednesday.png) ##Hanging Out in the Trees! Today, all the campers had an opportunity to go through the high ropes course. The staff worked incredibly hard to get seventy campers through the course today! Normally we break it into numerous days, but because of the chance of rain we worked hard to get them through today. It is because of this that photos are going to be primarily high ropes for today. If a camper was missed, keep checking back because tomorrow will be all about every activity that is happening. Thanks for your patience!

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Rise & Shine!

Today is supposed to be a beautiful day without any rain. The campers are going to have another fun filled day of activities. The campers that want to will even get to hang out up in the trees on our high ropes course throughout the day. Check out what else the campers are going to be doing today!

![](/content/images/2015/05/monday-tuesday.png) ##Time of Worship! Worship is such a beautiful time with high school campers. To see them worshiping God is a wonderful experience!


Tonight after worship a clip was played asking how God can be good when so much bad is in the world. The clip then talked about the hope in Christ and what Christ sacrificed for us here on Earth. It posed a great question and topic for tonight. The topic tonight is about bringing the good news of Christ to the poor, which is all around us.

One of the directors this week, Linda, talked about the statistics of the poor and hungry. She said that every eleven seconds a child under the age of five dies from severe hunger.

To live out our faith we have to stop being "stalkers" and start living like Jesus. She means that we need to stop being on surface level with others and start to care and do for others.

Let's just not read the Bible but actually live out the Bible. This is moving from a Jesus stalker to living like Jesus did. Poverty is one of the things that we can move from talking/ just knowing about it, to doing something about it.

Luke 6:46-47 says,

"46 “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say? 47 As for everyone who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice, I will show you what they are like." NIV

Rainy Day Fun!

Today, the rain poured down across camp. However, that did not stop the campers from having fun. Instead of outdoor volleyball we moved it to inside volleyball. The campers had just as much fun being inside as they would have outside. Thankfully, the rain stopped and campers had a choice of swimming, ultimate frisbee, or watching the movie "Tangled". The campers had a blast moving between the activities and bonding with their fellow campers!
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Good Morning!

Today is the campers' first full day of camp. It is a little rainy right now, but that doesn't stop the fun activities for the day. Check out what the campers have going on today!

![](/content/images/2015/05/sunday-monday.png) ##Campers Have Arrived! Woohoo! High school week has finally arrived, and the staff could not be more excited. The campers are excited to be reunited with their old camp friends and excited to make new camp friends. Today is just a relaxed day of getting to know each other and those that will be in their family group. ![alt](/content/images/2016/07/_MG_9619.jpg) Checkout photos [HERE!]( ![](/content/images/2015/05/sunday-7.png)